Canada Mandryk: Big differences between Meili and Moe evident in the vote

07:51  27 october  2020
07:51  27 october  2020 Source:   leaderpost.com

Mandryk: Meili's last week scramble underscores uphill battle

  Mandryk: Meili's last week scramble underscores uphill battle Where New Democrat Party Leader Ryan Meili is spending the final days of this 2020 election campaign is telling, but so is the group he seems to be addressing. Meili’s last-days messages have been squarely aimed at larger voting blocs that NDP strategists hope will boost popular votes on Oct. 26. That certainly could help in relatively close seats where those extra votes might make a difference. But any leader’s focus at this point of the campaign should be less about broad-based messaging than simply being in those close seats the party needs to win.

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The differences between Scott Moe’s Saskatchewan Party and Ryan Meili’s NDP go well beyond that difference in seats still being tallied after Monday’s election.

a man wearing a blue shirt talking on a cell phone: Premier Scott Moe says people letting down their guard at social gatherings is his biggest concern as Saskatchewan enters its seventh month of fighting COVID-19. © Provided by Leader Post Premier Scott Moe says people letting down their guard at social gatherings is his biggest concern as Saskatchewan enters its seventh month of fighting COVID-19.

Both may have come from a farm, but that’s about where their similarities end. One stayed on the farm, remaining immersed in Saskatchewan’s traditional and rural conservative values that appeared to serve him well Monday as his Sask. Party seemed headed to settle in at 48 seats in the 61-seat legislature _ exactly where they were before the two Regina seat vacancies.

Stars turning 30 in 2020

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For Moe it was an unprecedented fourth majority.

The other left the farm to become a family doctor and urban social activist who on Monday night — after his third attempt at the NDP leadership — led his party to what appears to be  the same 13 seats it had. This  will largely depending on late counts and, potentially, 60,000 mail-in ballots still to count.

Monday revealed the massive gap as to how the Saskatchewan voters perceive the two men and their parties. It was a display of the dominant support the Sask. Party still enjoys among the rural/resources/business crowds. Notwithstanding social and economic challenges we all face as we emerge from this COVID-19 pandemic, Sask. Party support was unfazed.

Ryan Meili et al. holding a sign:  NDP Leader Ryan Meili reacts to the news of another Sask. Party majority with his wife Mahli Brindamour at the Delta Hotels by Marriott in Saskatoon on Oct. 26, 2020. © Michelle Berg NDP Leader Ryan Meili reacts to the news of another Sask. Party majority with his wife Mahli Brindamour at the Delta Hotels by Marriott in Saskatoon on Oct. 26, 2020.

This produced a Sask. Party election night win of historic proportions — that fourth consecutive “unaided” majority government in this province that Saskatchewan hasn’t seen since the Tommy Douglas Co-operative Commonwealth Federation six decades ago. (The Roy Romanow/Lorne Calvert four-term run came with the help of an NDP-Liberal coalition in 1999.)

Mandryk: Parties' records in government a key campaign battleground

  Mandryk: Parties' records in government a key campaign battleground Slovan Liberec v Gent

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Why this really happened may be the most pertinent difference between the two: It all has to do with how they were embraced by their respective parties after being selected as leader.

Video: Ontario Premier Doug Ford praises Kathleen Wynne after her decision to not run for re-election (Global News)

  • With the 23 sitting MLAs supporting his leadership bid. Moe weaved his his way through the wildly cheering crowd on Jan. 27, 2018 after taking the Sask. Party leadership on the fifth ballot. It could have been a moment of split in a party that saw a feisty challenger from outside caucus, Alanna Koch, who was supported by many who supported the charismatic outgoing leader Brad Wall, this party quickly came together. A lasting image from that day was Moe being embraced by leadership contenders Gord Wyant and Tina Beaudry-Mellor, now deputy premier and innovation minister, respectively.
  • Immediately after defeating Trent Wotherspoon in a much lower-key NDP leadership race on March 2, 2018, Meili faced questions from the media on supporting the federal carbon tax and approach left of past NDP leaders. A lasting image is what you did not see on camera —  a small group of the NDP caucus (most of whom had supported Wotherspoon) siting exhausted at the table off to side.

How effectively Moe pulled together the Sask. Party compared with the struggles of Meili’s NDP is the big story of Monday night’s election.

Analysis: Old hostilities take new forms in 2020 Sask. election

  Analysis: Old hostilities take new forms in 2020 Sask. election However nasty we may think this 2020 Saskatchewan election campaign has been, it’s likely worth recalling that politics here has never been considered a pleasant stroll in the park. Political lore includes tales of old members of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) supporters being called communists as they were chased out of farmyards. Whiskey bottles were tied to posters of Ross Thatcher (implying he was a drunk), even though the diabetic Liberal premier abstained.

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Here are nine of the most important differences that set leaders apart. They think beyond what individuals do. They activate people to be part of something bigger . They know that high-functioning teams can accomplish a lot more working together than individuals working autonomously.

There has been an unwavering buy-in to Moe’s relentless hammering of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax and all things Liberal — even from those supposedly from the “Liberal” side of the party that came into existence just 23 yeas ago as a Progressive Conservative/Liberal “coalition.”

That buy-in afforded the Sask. Party not only an ability to present a cohesive message, but also the opportunity to get to work: There were 39 Sask. Party incumbent MLAs running Monday including 18 cabinet ministers; new candidates were quickly nominated with few hiccups; lots of money raised for election fight, and; an effective organization installed to get out the vote.

Yes, there was “Kate from the Sask. Party” texting you for months in advance to identify the vote. Given the large advanced-poll and mail-in vote in the pandemic, it’s hard not to think that made a difference.

By contrast, Meili struggled to get candidates and constituency organization in place and — more importantly — getting both the caucus and especially the old guard of the Saskatchewan NDP to buy in. And Meili struggled Monday night, behind in his own Saskatoon Meewasin riding,

Mandryk: Moe, Meili, wake up today to problems of their own making

  Mandryk: Moe, Meili, wake up today to problems of their own making Premier Scott Moe and Opposition Leader Ryan Meili woke up Tuesday morning to big problems — perhaps problems not completely of their own making but, nevertheless, ones to which they have mightily contributed. Those big problems stem from the election results and election results are just a reflection of public mood. However, it’s how each has contributed to this public mood that may be a big part of their problems that we all now have to deal with. Admittedly, no one is likely to shed too many tears for Scott Moe after a historic 50-11 majority government win.

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Nothing really changed after the Oct. 14 debate and the Leader-Post/Angus Reid Poll that saw a 27-percentage point narrowed the point where it looked like Meili and the NDP might pick up additional city seats.

But maybe the biggest difference between Scott Moe and Ryan Meili is, for Meili, things didn’t come together soon enough.

Mandryk is the political columnist for the Regina Leader-Post and Saskatoon StarPhoenix.


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