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10:30  27 october  2020
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You wake up an hour before work and rush to get ready. You shower at lightning speed and grab By implementing routines in the morning and evening, you can prime yourself for maximum Regardless of your morning schedule, here are some of the best ways to start your day and prepare for success.

Waking up feeling stiff is extremely common, especially if you work out the day before. In this video, I’m going to show you the 4 best stretches to do every Send Pro Athlete / Celebrity Training Requests to: mediarelations@athleanx.com Rules of Conduct: This channel is for those looking to learn.

In the morning, time seems to fly by. Tidying up is not really an option, but with these simple rules it works and the evening is more relaxed

Diese Regeln sind genial istockphoto © istockphoto These rules are brilliant istockphoto

When it comes to cleaning and tidying up, we quickly find little excuses: "I'm too tired today "," I still have to go shopping "or" I'll do that tomorrow ". But if we get used to these simple clean-up rules in the morning, it won't happen to us anymore. With the little tricks we get into a tidy environment after work and immediately feel much better. The more often we follow these rules, the more automatically we integrate them into our personal rhythm and no longer even notice that it is a cleanup job.

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Cleaners’ verdict: Daily toilet clean plus a weekly deep clean of bathroom. Environmental expert’s verdict: As you see fit. 10 Is it best to shower in the morning or Some power showers go up to 15 litres a minute. Reducing the products you use will limit the amount of time you spend under the water.

Rules of good health. When you get up air the room. Do morning exercises every day. Brush your gums and teeth and rinse your mouth in the morning and after every meal. Here are some rules for your hair: 1. Keep your brush clean and don’t give it to anybody.

1. Making the bed

It is probably the simplest task: To quickly shake up and straighten the beds in the morning after getting up. But this procedure also needs routine. So if we get into the habit of making the bed every time we get up, at some point we no longer see it as a task. Maybe you're already doing this. All the better! For those who have to get used to it: you will see after you come home in the evening or enter your room during the day when you are working from home, a made bed ensures much more order in the bedroom in no time at all. By the way: This is what it means if you don't make your bed, according to the study.

2. Use the paths

Do you go from the bedroom to the kitchen? From the kitchen to the bathroom? Make better use of these routes in the future and, for example, take a cup from the bedroom into the kitchen or socks that are in the hallway with you to the laundry basket in the bathroom. The paths between rooms can be used so effectively without wasting time as you would be walking this path anyway. Tidying up made easy!

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This is my 5:00am morning routine! I am a mom of 2. Since we are all in Quarantine I thought this video would be very helpful to show y'all how I am staying

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3. 10 minutes

Set the alarm clock 10 minutes earlier. Once you get used to it, you won't even notice it. But when it comes to cleaning up, these 10 minutes can work wonders. The short period of time can be used to wipe the kitchen surface, store loose items of clothing or empty the dishwasher. All of this work is done quickly and is no longer on your to-do list when you get home in the evening.

4. Kitchen rule

This little kitchen rule ensures a clean kitchen in no time at all. After breakfast, you will likely put all the food that belongs in the refrigerator back there, otherwise it will go bad. But in the future everything that has been used will simply be put back and not postponed until the evening. The plate goes into the dishwasher and the bread back into the bread basket. This is how the evenings relax, because the kitchen is basically always tidy.

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