Canada The fruit not to be missed in November: the quince

10:15  28 october  2020
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These foods must not be put in the refrigerator.

 These foods must not be put in the refrigerator. There are foods that cannot withstand the cold of the refrigerator at all. We'll tell you what these are here.

Fruits – Fruit eaten raw or cooked. Fruit exposed to cold temperature softens and can be used in the place of lemons. Fruits contain high levels of pectin In 2010 they founded the Balkan Ecology Project the goal being to reach a wider audience by providing tried and tested models of food production that

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Le fruit à ne pas manquer en novembre : le coing © Getty Images / ISTOCK The fruit not to be missed in November: the quince Little-known fruit that is sometimes mistaken for a pear, the quince gives off a bewitching fragrance that cannot be forgotten. Learn how to choose it and especially how to cook this fruit that we (almost) never eat raw. How to choose the right quince?

The quince is not very familiar to us, so it is not easy to tell if it is ripe. To choose it well, feel free to smell it , to make sure it is fragrant, or to discreetly rub the down that covers it because it comes off easily when the fruit is ripe.

On the other hand, you should know that is always hard to the touch, even when it is fully ripe .

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Fruit tree orchards were planted. Also mentioned were pines, cypresses and junipers; almond trees, date trees, ebony, rosewood, olive, oak, tamarisk, walnut, terebinth, ash, fir, pomegranate, pear, quince , fig, and grapes. A sculptured wall panel of Assurbanipal shows the garden in its maturity.

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A tip: as it takes a long time to cook, buy at least 1 good kilo (or even 2) to make the most of the time you devote to it.

How to prepare the quince?

To prepare the quince, you will have to start with the rub under a stream of water to remove the velvety parts.

In general, it is better to keep the skin because it gives it flavor, except for a compote. Peeling is known to be difficult, but don't make a big deal out of it: you can do it with a good vegetable peeler.

Finally, when you poach the quince, do not remove the core, because it will be easier to remove after poaching . Most importantly, the pectin it contains will dissolve in the cooking water which can then be used to make an jelly .

How to cook quince?

Most lovers of this fruit only talk about quince paste which inevitably reminds them of their childhood!

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Nevertheless, and even if the quince paste is a real treat, think about preparing it in other ways: for example, roast them in the oven with vanilla , water and a knob of butter, 1h with cover and 30 minutes without. A long time certainly, but necessary for the quinces to become tender and lightly toasted on the edges, bathed in a small base of syrup . The result is sumptuous. A dessert in itself, and if you add a scoop of ice cream and big cookie crumbs, you can touch the stars!

Among the other desserts in which the quince can be featured, we can mention the quince compote with cinnamon , the quince tart or even the quince crumble . In short, use it in the same recipes as apple or pear.

Also remember that the quince goes perfectly with salty flavors : in an tagine , with lamb or veal, it has a little effect!

The quince to eat always cooked ... except sometimes

The quinces of our regions are so hard and astringent raw that they are always eaten cooked, it is a rule. A rule that has its exceptions since in hotter climates (for example in Morocco or in the south of Portugal), you can find softer and softer, juicy quinces, which can be enjoyed raw.

What are the benefits of quince?

Friend of the fragile intestines, it regulates transit if it is too fast and has a recognized anti-diarrheal action. All this thanks to its richness in soluble fibers, known as soft fibers, which can absorb a large amount of water, as well as its tannins with antiseptic and astringent properties.

Sa high in pectins also regulates blood sugar and may help control blood cholesterol.

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