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12:55  28 october  2020
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British companies plead for a Brexit with agreement

 British companies plead for a Brexit with agreement © Jeff Overs / BBC / Handout via REUTERS Michael Gove, British Secretary of State, has ensured that the door is left ajar to Brexit negotiations. Negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom are slipping, with less than three months of a difficult Brexit. Boris Johnson threatened Friday (October 16th) to end talks with EU negotiators. A threat certainly tempered today by Michael Gove, the British Secretary of State, who ensures that the door remains ajar.

Rival European financial centres are seeking to steal its crown.

Brexit supporters have long argued that allowing the UK freedom to set its own trade policy will benefit the economy - although critics say it's more However, the arrangement will mean that certain goods arriving in Northern Ireland from other parts of the UK (England, Scotland and Wales) will need to be

Liz Truss, la secrétaire d’État britannique au Commerce international et Toshimitsu Motegi, le ministre japonais des Affaires étrangères, euphoriques après la signature de l’accord de libre-échange entre le Royaume-Uni et le Japon, le 23 octobre. © Kim Kyung-Hoon, Reuters Liz Truss, British Secretary of State for International Trade and Toshimitsu Motegi, Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs, euphoric after the signing of the free trade agreement between the United Kingdom and Japan on October 23.

As negotiations drag with Brussels, the UK is rushing to forge new trade deals with countries outside the EU. But “good clients” are slow to sign.

It's the deal of the century, according to Boris Johnson . By sealing a trade deal with Japan on Friday, October 23, he swears he got more than the European Union got with the island! Certainly, the producers of the famous Stilton cheese are licking their chops: their blue cheese will soon be exempt from customs duties in the land of the rising sun. But for the rest ... If it is not a few advances in digital, this agreement is only a duplication of that concluded between the EU and Japan, tempers Elvire Fabry, specialist in trade policies and Brexit at the 'Jacques Delors Institute . And the country's trade with Japan (16 billion euros) weighs very little compared to that with the EU (740 billion), its main partner.

Brexit: Brussels and London discuss the "format" of their negotiations to break the deadlock

 Brexit: Brussels and London discuss the © Provided by Le Point The United Kingdom and the European Union will discuss on Monday the "format" of their negotiations on their post- Brexit trade relationship, currently at an impasse with the risk of a potentially devastating "no deal" for their economies. On Sunday, the British government said it still wanted to conclude a post-Brexit trade agreement with the European Union, while believing that the ball was "in the court" of the Europeans.

Our allies in America are discombobulated, with the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, still talking The International Monetary Fund says Brexit is the biggest threat facing the world economy. Our journalists will try to respond by joining the threads when they can to create a true meeting of

Spurred by Brexit , London is backing companies that will build satellites and haul them into orbit. The move came after Britain refused to withdraw legislation that it admits could break international law by potentially overriding commitments on Northern Ireland.

One hundred negotiators for four months

Give back to the Kingdom its freedom to trade with the whole world, as in the good old days of the Empire… It was a flagship promise of Brexiters, in 2016. London therefore did not wait the end of negotiations with Brussels to keep an eye on the rest of the planet and to tie treaties that will come into force from on January 1.

The task is immense. By leaving the EU, the United Kingdom is depriving itself of privileged links with eighty other countries (via forty free trade agreements). So many partnerships to renew urgently. Not easy. It took one hundred negotiators over four months to conquer Tokyo, admits Liz Truss, Secretary of International Trade. In two years, its teams have won twenty-four free trade agreements: Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Norway, South Korea… But the big fish are missing: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. They are waiting to see the turn of the Brexit negotiations, observes Elvire Fabry.

Brexit: Brussels and London continue to gauge each other

 Brexit: Brussels and London continue to gauge each other © POOL / REUTERS Monday afternoon, David Frost and Michel Barnier (here in Brussels, March 2), in charge of negotiations for the United Kingdom and the EU , were trying to see how to organize the continuation of the discussions. Will they finally get into the hard? After the temperature rises and exchanges of courtesies of the last few days, Brussels and London tried on Monday to restart the negotiations. Time is running out as the transition period ends on December 31, ten weeks from now.

Losing London . This article is part of a series examining whether “ Brexit ” will sink a great global city. “We’ve made a horrible statement to the rest of It is an irony of history that it was Mrs. Thatcher who may have given birth to modern London , when her government deregulated the financial markets in

London (CNN) Brexit is exhausting. From the political class trying to deliver Brexit , to the voters who still have not seen it delivered, to the journalists Long before the Huawei affair, May's government had developed a reputation for being one of the leakiest in history. It's just that the leaks tended to

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Same reluctance of the United States. Trump may praise his friend Johnson, but he hasn't signed anything. Washington even lobbied by saying roughly, "It's us or China," Elvire Fabry summed up. Johnson has aligned, "ousting Huawei from its 5G network. London is also called on to give up data protection or European standards to better swallow chlorinated chickens and beef cattle with American hormones ...

Could a victory for Joe Biden help? Not sure. Hostile to Brexit, the Democratic candidate is attached to his Irish roots. He fears that Boris Johnson's hard-hitting extremism may stir up tensions on his island.

Brexit: Still "serious differences" on the agreement despite intensive discussions .
The disagreement, particularly on the sensitive issue of fisheries, reinforces the threat of a "no deal" © Francisco Seco / AP / SIPA Brexit: Still "serious differences" despite intensive discussions, according to European negotiator Michel Barnier.

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