Canada Large-checked jacket and small-checked hats: Julian Nagelsmann in the fashionable offside

14:10  29 october  2020
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Phoenix Rising FC relinquishes hosting rights for 2020 USL Championship Final after earning home-field in part due to forfeit

  Phoenix Rising FC relinquishes hosting rights for 2020 USL Championship Final after earning home-field in part due to forfeit Phoenix Rising relinquished claim to home-field advantage for the 2020 USL Championship Final out of respect to the LGBTQ community.Having tied Louisville City FC in total points and victories thanks to a forfeit by San Diego Loyal, Phoenix Rising had earned hosting priority based on a third tiebreaker: goal differential. But because that forfeit was the result of San Diego's protest of an alleged homophobic slur by Phoenix forward Junior Flemmings, Rising management recognized what might have been a glaring optics issue.

head-to-head in the Champions League but it's a cardigan fashion faux-pas for the Hoffenheim boss! Julian Nagelsmann and Pep Guardiola went head-to-head for the first time Guardiola kept it understated with a black bomber jacket and jumper look

Julian Nagelsmann , head coach of Hoffenheim shouts instructions Discover the fashionable art of mastering business casual attire for men. Explore the top 70 best relaxed office and professional attire style ideas.

When the look of Julian Nagelsmann suddenly became the top topic on Twitter & Co., it was clear that Corona had starved Germany stylistically. No events, no red carpets, no glamor looks that are debated in magazines and fashion magazines. 2020 is the year in which other celebrities also have to serve ( Last but not least, our gaze on Armin Laschet's unusually good outfit got stuck ). And as it is in fashion reporting, it doesn't always rain gold from the sky. Julian Nagelsmann now felt that too.

Julian-Nagelsmann-Stilkritik-aufm-mode © Getty Images Julian-Nagelsmann-Stilkritik-aufm-mode Julian Nagelsmann is mocked on Twitter because of his look

The RB Leipzig soccer coach has never personally moved in such a high fashion league that his outfits in the stadium have any potential for discussion had. Simple suits, white shirts, occasionally a parka, if necessary a hoodie. Solid and inconspicuous. However, if you look at his latest outfit, which he wore yesterday in the 5-0 defeat against Manchester United, it is obvious: This look was an attempt to try something new.

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Skateboarding, skiing and paragliding are just part of the thrill-packed life of the coach ready to kill off Julian Nagelsmann led RB Leipzig to Champions League win at Tottenham Nagelsmann , at 32, is highly-regarded as one of the best bosses in the world Nagelsmann ’s is one of the most intriguing stories in Europe and elite clubs are monitoring his

Coach will leave his present club in rude health and showed against Hertha Berlin why he could take RB Leipzig to another level next season.

Nagelsmann combined a black vest, a dark gray shirt, a bluish shimmering tie in anthracite and - here comes the corpus delicti - a rather heavily checked jacket with the simple trousers and black boots. If you trust several media reports, he even announced his outfit beforehand with the words "I have a special suit for Wednesday. The pants won't be that special, but the rest will be a bit". His club definitely seemed to like this arrangement, after all they even called it "royal".

The popularity of the rest of the network was limited. The evening was overshadowed by sometimes funny, sometimes spiteful tweets, in which everyone really took it on to talk about Nagelsmann's outfit. And with the occasional compliments you could quickly guess that many were purely ironic. Malice in sheep's clothing.

Hertha decimated - Leipzig defends top

 Hertha decimated - Leipzig defends top RB Leipzig defends the championship lead with a narrow win against Hertha BSC. The Berliners are not only thrown back by a quick expulsion. © Provided by sport1.de Hertha decimated - Leipzig defends top RB Leipzig has successfully defended its league lead in the Bundesliga. The Champions League participant won 2: 1 (1: 1) against a Hertha BSC team that was decimated from the 50th minute onwards and celebrated their fourth win in the fifth league game (The game can be read in the ticker) .

KIT HOLDEN: Of all the things you could find to criticise about Julian Nagelsmann , a lack of self-confidence will never be one of them. Manchester City are in Germany to play Hoffenheim in the Champions League. Bundesliga high-flyers are managed by 31-year-old Julian Nagelsmann .

Check -in. Hoffenheim head coach Julian Nagelsmann is regarded as one of the best of a new generation of German bench bosses. At the time, Hoffenheim were in danger of relegation, but Nagelsmann kept them in the first division and a season later, the club qualified for the Champions

Big ado about a little faux pas

Sadly, the evening ended unsuccessfully for everyone - well, except for Manchester United. RB Leipzig received a negative record, fans sat disappointed in front of the television and Julian Nagelsmann had to face the (apparently newly founded) fashion tribunal of Sky to make matters worse. However, he threw off questions about his look directly : "Let's not talk about my clothes so much. I just wear what I like. I'm a soccer coach and not a model. ”

Julian-Nagelsmann-Stikritik-1-mode © Getty Images Julian-Nagelsmann-Stikritik-1-mode

Well, on the one hand he is of course right: After such a setback there would actually be far more important topics that should be addressed in a short interview. Nonetheless, Nagelsmann should be aware that his role in public also involves dangers. Cameras run continuously and are just waiting to provide the public with unexpected twists and turns. His colleague Jogi Löw can certainly tell him a thing or two about it, after all, he was the main actor of the two most famous sidelines -Blockbuster: “From the nose to the mouth” and “The sniffing test.”

Premier League: Nagelsmann allegedly a topic at ManCity

 Premier League: Nagelsmann allegedly a topic at ManCity Start coach Pep Guardiola is still tied to Manchester City until summer 2021. A decision about his future has not yet been made, which is why rumors are already circulating about a possible successor. The Daily Mail brings Julian Nagelsmann from Bundesliga club RB Leipzig into conversation. © Provided by SPOX Julian Nagelsmann has been training RB Leipzig since 2019.

Be sure to check out our other videos and subscribe to the channel. The Making of Julian Nagelsmann - Продолжительность: 9:24 Tifo Football 95 548 просмотров.

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Nagelsmann's outfit, which was chosen unhappily in many eyes, seems harmless, but - and we have to agree with some critics - it was actually not exactly a fashionable feat But guess what? Even the biggest fashion icons in Hollywood at least end up sooner or later ens once on the worst-dressed list - despite months of preparation, dozens of stylists and consultants. But of course, the temptation was of course great for many to mimic the nasty fashion critic on Twitter while sitting in front of the TV even with unmade hair and stained sweatpants. (Also read: Heiko Maas wears leather jacket and sneakers - so what? )

Julian-Nagelsmann-Stilkritik-2-mode © Getty Images Julian-Nagelsmann-Stilkritik-2-mode

For the next time we advise Julian Nagelsmann to simply choose a different look. Like the one he wore to the match against Basaksehir a few days earlier - it was flawless. And if he ever has to answer annoying fashion questions after the game, we would simply counter him with questions about the wardrobe of the TV journalists. Although ... once you start talking about the poorly tied ties and wrinkled shirts of the Sky team, even a prime-time special isn't enough.

PSG: Leipzig is preparing a special plan, Nagelsmann says more… .
The coach of RB Leipzig has indicated with transparency that he will opt for another tactical approach, next week, against PSG. © Supplied by Football 365 Leipzig - PSG: Nagelsmann announces a different plan Summer is far away for Paris Saint-Germain. Two months ago, the French champions signed the greatest performance in their history in the European Cup by qualifying for the final of the Champions League after a clear and flawless success against RB Leipzig.

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