Canada The 20A.EU1 mutation causes most of the new corona infections in Europe - and was spread by tourists

10:15  30 october  2020
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Czech government announces extensive corona lockdown from Thursday

 Czech government announces extensive corona lockdown from Thursday Due to the rapid spread of the new type of corona virus, the Czech government has announced an extensive lockdown. Health Minister Roman Prymula said in Prague on Wednesday that, from Thursday morning until November 3, citizens' movement and contacts would be restricted, with the exception of going to work, shopping and visiting the doctor. All shops except grocery stores, drug stores and pharmacies would have to close during this time.

Most new COVID-19 cases in Europe come from a mutated variant of the virus spread from Spain by tourists , scientists said in a report Thursday. The coronavirus variant originated in north-east Spain in June and was carried abroad by tourists and other travelers, the scientists said. There isn't enough

It recorded 1,418 new infections in its latest daily count on Tuesday and said there were 675 In total, Spain has recorded more than 326,000 cases - the highest number in Western Europe and As a result of the increase in infections in recent weeks, authorities have introduced a curfew for

Most of the new Covid-19 cases in Europe come from a mutated virus strain that first appeared in Spain and then from tourists on the spread across the continent. This was announced by scientists from Spain and Switzerland this week in a report that they published in advance - without peer review - .

The mutated variant of the coronavirus probably first appeared in farm workers in northeastern Spain, where it was identified in June.

The research team from the University of Basel, the ETH Zurich in Basel and SeqCovid in Spain explained that a suspected "superspreader" event explained the early spread of the virus before it was then carried abroad by tourists and other travelers.

Europe fights against second corona wave

 Europe fights against second corona wave Record values ​​for the number of new infections are worrying people in several European countries. Politicians are fighting for the right measures. © Jonathan Raa / NurPhoto / picture-alliance Rally on Sunday in Brussels against the new restrictions in Belgium In the fight against the second wave of Corona, new requirements have come into force in many parts of Europe. Many governments are putting on night curfews and further contact restrictions - in the hope of avoiding a complete lockdown.

Several European countries have announced their first coronavirus cases, all apparently linked to the growing outbreak in Italy. Health ministers from France, Germany, Italy and the EU Commission committed to keeping frontiers open at a meeting on Tuesday as new cases of the virus emerged

More data resources. Download the daily number of new reported cases of COVID-19 by country worldwide. The downloadable data file is updated daily and contains the latest You may use the data in line with ECDC’s copyright policy. Situation dashboard - COVID-19 cases in Europe and worldwide.

By October, the new mutation called 20A.EU1 had been identified in twelve European countries as well as in Hong Kong and New Zealand. There is still no data to suggest whether the mutation is more dangerous than others, say the scientists.

There are hundreds of mutated variants of the virus in circulation in Europe, but few are as widespread as the 20A.EU1 cluster, the researchers said. "The 20A.EU1 mutation and a second mutation, 20A.EU2, ... are responsible for most of the recent waves of infections in Europe," the scientists explained.

Tourists as carriers of the new mutation abroad

According to the researchers, vacationers returning to their home country from Spain played an important role in spreading the virus across Europe.

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 Embarrassing costume errors in famous films And it's that time again! With her latest post, Carmen Geiss (55) got herself into trouble from the fans again. Only recently, the wife of millionaire Robert Geiss (56) had a shit storm. The reason was her corona infection in July, which she now made public. Now the blonde is once again exposed to criticism - and again due to the Corona crisis.

The new strain began spreading in Europe in early February before migrating to other parts of the world, including the U.S., becoming the If the coronavirus doesn't subside in the summer like the seasonal flu, it could mutate further and potentially limit the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccines

As part of the EU's global coronavirus response, an EU humanitarian air bridge operation with three flights to Lima, Peru delivered more than 4 tonnes of life-saving materials to humanitarian organisations active in the country. 20 July. Support for most vulnerable in Southern Africa.

More than four out of five new corona cases in Great Britain can be attributed to this new mutation. The scientists concluded that there must have been around 250 individual transmissions of the virus to England in July and August alone.

In comparison, the analysis of viral mutations in Hong Kong has indicated that the infections there are only due to a single transmission. Examination of samples from New Zealand had shown that they could have come from only three separate transfers from Europe.

The mutation is so widespread in Europe mainly due to intercontinental travel, according to the scientists. The authorities had allowed to travel without quarantine measures for parts of the summer.

guidelines for travel within Europe not sufficient

The widespread use of 20A.EU1 across Europe "implies that the travel guidelines and restrictions were insufficient for the summer to prevent the transmission of new mutations," according to the scientists.

Corona current: Outbreak in the hospital: 600 people in quarantine

 Corona current: Outbreak in the hospital: 600 people in quarantine There was a corona outbreak in a hospital in Upper Bavaria. Several patients and employees are infected. Now 600 people also have to be quarantined. © Shutterstock / heskaman306 In Germany there are currently more Corona cases than ever before. On Wednesday (as of October 28), the Robert Koch Institute reported 14,964 new infected people. New outbreaks are reported every day across Germany - now, of all places, several people have tested positive for the corona virus in a hospital.

Across Europe , governments have opened their borders after months of closure during the For countries outside of the bloc, the EU has opened its external borders to a select group of countries Tourists from these countries must meanwhile submit a declaration acknowledging the have been

The new coronavirus needs its own vaccine. Pneumonia vaccines such as the pneumococcal and the Adrienne Rashford, who leads the World Health Organization/ Europe Preparedness, Readiness and One of the hardest-hit countries in the EU is Italy. As de Jong points out this is "obviously not a

According to the research team, the newly emerged mutation could be more infectious than the usual Sars-CoV-2 strain, but it is "particularly difficult" to finally determine why this variant of the virus is apparently spreading so quickly.

Due to a lack of data, the scientists also do not yet know whether the mutation is particularly dangerous. Genomic surveys allow them to identify and track the cluster, but "the lack of consistent and consistent sequencing across Europe continues to limit our efforts."

If governments plan to reintroduce travel within Europe, the relevant data should be taken into account, the researchers added.

The report appeared after Germany and France adopted stricter exit restrictions and security measures against the spread of the coronavirus.

  Die Mutation 20A.EU1 verursacht die meisten Corona-Neuinfektionen in Europa — und wurde von Touristen verbreitet © Provided by Business Insider Germany

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Corona-Aktuell: State of emergency in EU countries .
Portugal and Latvia declare a state of emergency due to increasing numbers of corona infections. In the USA, the chief of staff of US President Donald Trump has tested positive. But there is also positive news. © Hendrik Schmidt / dpa / picture-alliance Provided by Deutsche Welle In view of the increasing number of corona infections, the Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has again declared a health emergency.

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