Canada Rex Murphy: Conjuring up an even greater reset

14:25  21 november  2020
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🔵 THE GREAT RESET (Explained!) 726 370 просмотров 726 тыс. просмотров. Good news! My appeal was successful, youtube have allowed this video to stay up (after IT was banned in october )

Rex Murphy (born March 1947) is a Canadian commentator and author, primarily on Canadian political and social matters. He was the regular host of CBC Radio One's Cross Country Checkup, a nationwide call-in show, for 21 years before stepping down in September 2015.

Some world leaders, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apparently among them, think that the COVID-19 crisis offers an “opportunity” to “re-imagine” or “reshape” national economies, and tie them to broad international schemes. High in the list of such schemes is, in their words, “ending the carbon economy.” In other words, killing off oil and gas.

Justin Trudeau wearing a suit and tie: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau © Provided by National Post Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

In a weak moment, I have allowed myself to imagine how Trudeau could earn, if not the right, then at least the acceptance of the Canadian public, for his grand international visions. The speech that follows is entirely imaginary, which at least places it in the same realm as some of the schemes we have been hearing about.

Conrad Black: Trudeau's 'reset' aims to revisit the failed policies of yesteryear

  Conrad Black: Trudeau's 'reset' aims to revisit the failed policies of yesteryear This week, I clicked on to a link sent by a correspondent and watched and listened to Justin Trudeau telling us how his government would take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to implement a positive “reset” of the country. I’ve written here before of my goodwill toward Trudeau as a person. He is friendly, intelligent, dashing, sincere and contemporary. But his government’s policy analysis is perversely stubborn and outdated. For more than 25 For more than 25 years, Canada’s federal government has been in a deepening creative policy drought. From 1963 to 1993, largely propelled by the Quebec crisis, the federal government was commendably innovative. Prime Minister Lester B.

Is he using Covid-19 to follow the World Economic Forum’s ‘ Great Reset ’ agenda, as many have warned? Johnson, in his speech yesterday, showed he’s a fully-signed up ‘ Great Resetter’. It was, for me, the most chilling oration ever made by any British prime minister at a party conference.

Rex Murphy National Post Fri, 29 Dec 2017 18:12 UTC. 2017 was not kind to the PM nor his government. The MMIW inquiry is on yet another reset . The Energy East pipeline was, naturally, cancelled - another sacrifice to Mr. Trudeau's woeful attachment to the ignis fatuus of global warming.

My fellow Canadians, today I am announcing that I will not move on the issue that is closest to my heart, global warming, until every Aboriginal community in Canada has clean, reliable drinking water.

It’s my way of showing how serious I am about the planetary threat, by linking my highest priority to our nation’s greatest shame. This is to prove that I am absolutely serious about both. What could be more emphatic a proof than that I put the social and moral repair of Canada’s relationship with our First Nations ahead of what I truly see as an existential crisis for the whole world? Let us fix what lies within our competence before we wander to the world stage.

A Canadian government must serve Canadian citizens before all others, and the most neglected reside in the ignored and remote communities of Native people. They have, or most certainly should have, first call on the national civic conscience.

Letters to the editor: Let's pay politicians what they're worth

  Letters to the editor: Let's pay politicians what they're worth ‘Most bad government results from too much government’ Re: Monsef’s live mic adventure highlights lack of competent cabinet ministers , Matt Gurney, Nov. 17 Canada has 35 Cabinet ministries along with a myriad of staff with salaries in the millions for each ministry. Look around the world and we see the United States has 15 cabinet departments, Germany 15, and the U.K. 21, and all with vastly larger populations. Which brings to mind a saying from Thomas Jefferson: “Most bad government results from too much government.” We need the best and the brightest to run our government and pay them well, but we do not need a stadium full. Brian Davidson, Pincourt, Que.

Is Rex Murphy pining for Elizabeth May? | 22 Minutes: Rex Murphy - Bell Media - Продолжительность: 2:10 CBC Comedy 17 224 просмотра.

The Liberal government's recommendation to shutter the National Energy Board and replace it with two new agencies is political dynamite, Rex Murphy says. »»

Clean drinking water for our people first. Global warming actions after. The commitment to the second will propel the commitment to the first.

My own thoughts, after much reflection, are that if I as prime minister, with all the powers of that great office, cannot accomplish that basic goal for the first peoples of my own country, how could I, with any self-respect, dream of saving the planet? The first task lies within my power.

It is important that Canada do its part to meet global challenges. But I have concluded, and fortunately Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland agrees with me, that it is even more important that we fix injustices at home, before we extend our energies to areas that are outside our ability to make real change.

My second commitment is less a moral one, though it has moral components. It concerns the health, and durability, of our country.

I will therefore not commit to making Canada carbon-free until the province of Alberta receives practical and material reassurances that such a commitment will not be achieved at the expense of its major industry; that Alberta shall not bear the major costs and feel the pain that will derive from any international climate agenda.

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Rex Murphy - images.squarespace-cdn.com/con… Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of any of the original artwork used, unless specifically Some of named secrets lure too deep maybe even deep enough to undersand something about his family curse. Or dissapear complitely in vain, alone and

It is not an easy admission, but it is a necessary one: I think my government has been insensitive and shamefully unmindful of the concerns of Western Canada. We have been careless of the plight of its many workers and families in the oil and gas industry, and, embarrassingly, not sufficiently grateful for the immense contributions, financial and technological, that Alberta has made to our country.

For far too long, federal governments, not just mine, have stood back from the international campaigns to disparage Fort McMurray, Alta., and by extension the highly regarded, world-class operations of the Canadian energy industry. It has set the standards for environmental protection, working conditions and technological achievement for the entire industry, worldwide.

We should not have been timid when these attacks were made. We should not have been bystanders. Without Canadian energy, there is no Canadian economy; without energy there is no Canada as we have come to know it.

Finally, because of the COVID crisis, my government has vastly increased both our national deficit and debt.  This has left Canada exposed to any future shock, whether medical or financial. Until we restore the financial strength of the country, we shall have to greatly restrict our commitments to external matters, including investments in unproven and unreliable technologies, including solar panels and wind turbines.

Chris Selley: A 'great reset' requires a determined leader. Thankfully, Trudeau isn't it

  Chris Selley: A 'great reset' requires a determined leader. Thankfully, Trudeau isn't it Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives are accusing Justin Trudeau of harbouring a very ambitious hidden agenda — not just for Canada but for the world. As part of a multinational effort, a petition launched by Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre alleges, the Liberals want to “re-engineer economies and societies to empower the elites at the expense of the people.” They want to remodel Canada to fit the prime minister’s personal “socialist ideology,” Poilievre recently told the finance committee.

So here, then, are my conditions, all of which must be met before we join the great crusade against global warming: first, clean drinking water for all Native reserves; second, re-welcoming Alberta into Confederation through realized policies to assist and support its oil industry; and third, repairing of the nation’s finances following the vast depletion of our treasury over the past year.

In summary: if we can finally signal to Alberta that is not a second-stature colony of the two central provinces, and show — not just promise — our Aboriginal citizens that Canada answers to their needs and repair to the nation’s finance, then — and only then — will I schedule a global warming pirouette on the world stage and indulge in the dreams of the great reset.

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Chris Selley: For the greater good, Prince Charles, please shut up now .
Earlier this week I argued that Canadians needn’t bother worrying (or, alternatively, getting their hopes up) about the Great Reset: certainly not the tinfoil-hat version in which Justin Trudeau’s government turns us into a totalitarian socialist dystopia by spring; and not even the real version being touted by Prince Charles and the World Economic Forum, with nominal support from Trudeau, which would “revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions” to left-leaning ends.

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