Canada Covid-19: in Germany, Angela Merkel wants to tighten the screws against the

18:55  25 november  2020
18:55  25 november  2020 Source:   lejdd.fr

As expected: no relaxation in sport for the time being

 As expected: no relaxation in sport for the time being Even before the political meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel, sport in all its facets had little hope of loosening the current measures. That was confirmed after the merger this Monday. © imago images No easing in sight in these Corona times: The lights are still off for many sports areas. As expected, there will be no relaxation of the corona rules that were tightened at the end of October for the time being.

Chancellor calls for calm amid 'skyrocketing' infection rates and warns that German people are in 'dramatic situation'.

Germany and the EU call on President Trump to reconsider plans to cut ties with the World Health Organization. India plans a significant relaxing of its lockdown despite another one-day record in cases. People who have had COVID - 19 are at higher risk of death from surgery, according to a new study.

La chancelière allemande Angela Merkel s'adressera jeudi au Bundestag pour édicter un certain nombre de nouvelles mesures visant à freiner davantage la progression du coronavirus dans le pays.  virus © Reuters

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will address the Bundestag on Thursday to enact a number of new measures aimed at further slowing the progression of the coronavirus in the country.

If, in France, Emmanuel Macron launched progressive deconfinement on Tuesday, Angela Merkel will address the Bundestag on Thursday to enact, conversely, a number of new measures aimed at further slowing the progression of the coronavirus in the country. After a standoff with the presidents of the Länder last week, and again this Wednesday, the German Chancellor is expected to announce the continued closure of restaurants, bars, places of culture and sports halls until December 20.

opinion: Full force against Corona!

 opinion: Full force against Corona! The Germans finally want clear announcements regarding Corona with a view to the approaching Christmas. Better to have courage in pandemic politics than continue to be small and small, says Volker Witting. © Rolf Vennenbernd / picture alliance / dpa Another crisis conference between the country leaders and the Chancellor. The most recent meeting was just two weeks ago. And the next one is planned for the coming week. Only then will the drastic measures for the coming months be announced.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she felt the partial loosening of restrictions this week had led to excessive "reopening discussions orgies" in Germany is currently the country with the fifth highest number of COVID - 19 infections, but it has seen a slowdown in transmission rates following a partial

Angela Merkel has introduced some new ground rules for relaxing physical-distancing restrictions in an attempt to reassert her authority over Germany ’s As latest official figures confirmed that the spread of the virus was slowing in Germany , Merkel and state premiers said people would be allowed to

If schools should remain open, the wearing of masks for pupils from 5th year and the organization of half-class lessons should be left to the discretion of the rectorates in the Länder. As far as trade is concerned, a stricter sanitary protocol with a tonnage of 25 m2 per customer could be announced.

Towards a ban on social gatherings of more than 5 people?

If the progression of the virus seems to have been stabilized in recent days, the infection rate remains too high, well beyond 30 per 100,000 inhabitants, the level which allows the chains of contamination to be traced. In the last few hours it was almost 50 in the Kiel and Lübeck region and just under 200 in Berlin, the federal capital.

Angela Merkel could also ban social gatherings of more than 5 people from two different households. For her and for the health authorities, as almost everywhere else in Europe, it is a question of being able to drastically curb the circulation of the virus before the end of year holidays during which family reunions could be authorized for up to ten adults of different households without counting children under 14 years old.

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Angela Merkel started the year as a lame duck. Her succession plan had collapsed and her party was losing ground to the fringes. Why the Covid - 19 death rate in Germany is so low.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that up to 70% of the country's population - some 58 million people - could contract the coronavirus. Germany confirmed its third coronavirus-related death on Wednesday, in the badly affected district of Heinsberg in the western state of North

To ward off the specter of a third wave, the Chancellery is also studying the scenario of the Christmas holidays which would begin on December 16 in order to accustom the Germans to respect the rules in force until the 20 and allow a reduction in restrictions more responsible during the end of year holidays.

Länder with variable geometry

The debate with the presidents of the Länder does not reflect a right-left opposition on the management of the pandemic but rather economic concerns between the most affected and the least affected regions.

The head of the CSU government of Bavaria, for example, is keen that Christmas does not become a period conducive to a sharp restart of the pandemic, while the mayor of Berlin (SPD) welcomes a relaxation of the rules for the holidays then that the capital has reached records of infection and hospitalization.

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