Canada Federal watchdog says victims-rights regime needs overhaul after falling 'far short'

02:45  26 november  2020
02:45  26 november  2020 Source:   msn.com

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The new federal watchdog for victims of crime says rules meant to give victims and their families louder voices in the justice system have fallen short . The regime to enforce those rights doesn't go far enough, says Heidi Illingworth, who late last year became federal ombudsman for victims of crime.

The new federal watchdog for victims of crime says rules meant to give victims and their families louder voices in the justice system have fallen short . In an interview, Illingworth says she wants to see the regime strengthened to give victims “legally enforceable” rights because “we still are not

OTTAWA, Ill. — Canada's watchdog for crime victims is calling on Parliament to overhaul their bill of rights, saying the five-year-old legislation has fallen "far short" of delivering on its promise.

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Rules meant to amplify victims' voices in the justice system have failed to make them heard following "sporadic" implementation of a regime that needs more teeth, clarity and public awareness, federal ombudsman Heidi Illingworth said in a report Wednesday.

"The situation of victims of crime has not fundamentally changed since it was passed," she wrote.

The previous Conservative government introduced what it called a victims' bill of rights in 2015 that allowed crime victims to get information about offenders in the corrections system and have their views considered when decisions are made about those perpetrators.

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Illingworth said the legislation should be amended to provide a legal remedy for violations, such as allowing victims to formally challenge authorities on whether their rights have been honoured.

"There was no right to appeal, there was no right to seek damages," Illingworth said Wednesday in a phone interview.

The 2015 statute was an important firs step but "really more of a statement of principles," she added. "It did not give people real rights, because in law you have to be able to have a remedy for rights to be real."

The justice system demands heavy lifting from people subjected to a criminal act, including those involved in the 2.2 million crimes reported to police each year.

"They are expected to report the crime, provide evidence, bear witness, be cross-examined on the stand and relive their traumas over and over again as they tell their truths — yet we provide them with little assistance to do so," Illingworth wrote.

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"Unsupported victims are less likely to come forward. When victims are not treated as full partners in the criminal justice system, the system is less effective."

Victims should automatically receive information about their rights, rather than having to ask for it, she said.

Up to two-thirds of crime victims do not go to the police, said Irvin Waller, professor emeritus in criminology at the University of Ottawa.

Other reforms demanded in the report include a simplified complaint process filtered entirely through the ombudsman's office rather than a patchwork of agencies, more clearly defined obligations for criminal justice officials and more funding to train front-line workers in treating victims with "courtesy, compassion and respect."

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“Supporting victims of domestic abuse is a priority for the home secretary, and she is fully aware of the distress and anxiety this period may cause to those suffering or at risk of domestic abuse,” the Home Office said in a statement. “We are working with the police, domestic abuse charities, help lines and

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The ombudsman is also calling for better data collection by courts, prisons and law enforcement agencies to understand police interactions with targeted populations, including Indigenous women and LGBTQ individuals.

"We know that there’s distrust, and this is especially concerning among communities of colour, racialized communities, Indigenous people. And how survivors of sexual violence are cheated by the justice system has been very, very problematic," Illingworth said.

Waller pointed to England and France as models on training guidelines for officials and restitution for victims, respectively. He said up to half of French criminal cases result in restitution payments, access to which should be guaranteed, according to the ombudsman's report.

In contrast to Canada, France also grants victims legal "standing" to appeal to courts for review when their rights are not upheld.

"We are a long, long way behind these countries," Waller said.

Illingworth's report further recommends amendments that commit to core funding for community-based restorative justice programs as well as a list of officials who have direct responsibilities to crime victims.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 25, 2020.

Christopher Reynolds, The Canadian Press

Ombudsman says police, first responders must do more to inform crime victims of their rights .
Five years after Parliament passed a law giving victims of crime new rights, Canada’s chief victims’ advocate is calling on MPs to fix a regime she says has failed to empower and support those harmed by crime. In a progress report to be released today, Ombudsman for Victims of Crime Heidi Illingworth says the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights has not delivered on its promise to ensure victims' rights are respected and upheld in a more balanced criminal justice system. She is calling for a parliamentary review of the act and is offering 15 recommendations to the federal government for legislative and administrative measures.

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