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02:45  26 november  2020
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The COVID -19 pandemic in Madagascar is part of the ongoing worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus disease 2019 ( COVID -19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

South Africa is willing to assist in scientific research being conducted in Madagascar to look into a herbal remedy to combat COVID -19 Health Minister Zweli

Le photojournaliste Mamy Rael, devant son «Mendiant du premier jour du confinement». © Sarah Tétaud / RFI Photojournalist Mamy Rael, in front of her "Beggar of the first day of confinement".

On the occasion of the month of photography, the SAR’nao festival ("photo of you" in Malagasy) offers a traveling photo exhibition through 4 towns on the island. The crossed gazes of two photographers, one from the capital, the other from the Great South, who throughout the pandemic have captured moments of the "upset" life of their compatriots. RFI met the two artists.

With our correspondent in Antananarivo, Sarah Tétaud

Deserted streets, masked military parade, wood collectors suffocating behind their mouth covers, schoolchildren spaced on school benches, street vendors looking for customers.

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Madagascar on Sunday announced the first death of a patient suffering from the novel coronavirus, nearly two months after it was first detected in the country. Exclusive: Madagascar 's president defends controversial homegrown Covid -19 cure.

Coronavirus: Madagascar Begins Sale Of " COVID -19 Cure" - Продолжительность: 15:13 Red Cross workers in Liberia battling the deadly disease - Продолжительность: 26:06 RT Documentary 55 482 Police Minister updates on the levels of compliance & adherence to the COVID -19 lockdown

Show the Covid other than through patients and overloaded health centers. Show everyday life which has lost its normalcy. Mamy Rael, photojournalist for L’Express de Madagascar, one of the country's national dailies, has made the streets and sidewalks her playground and offers a series of raw, lighthouse-less shots like this one.

"This photo I named it" Mpangataka, andro niatombohan ’ny fihibohana", which means "Beggar on the first day of confinement". It was March 23. We see this man begging on the sidewalk, but there is no one there. He wears a completely torn backpack, knitted gloves on his hands. It's a little cold. He also wears a mask, but not a surgical or cloth mask as seen at the moment. It's a piece of cloth he hung over his ears to hide his nose and mouth. When I see this picture, it touches me a little because he's not aware of what's going on; he is always looking for money to eat, but he does not understand that no one is going to pass. Life ended there.

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The COVID -19 pandemic has exposed the extent of our enslavement to western colonialist. On the other hand, the World health organisation (WHO) are warning against the use of Madagascar ’s cure-Covidorganics. WHO did not apply the same energy to Israel, Italy and United States who all claimed

Dave Fangitse lives in Ihosy, in the south of the island. The photographer immortalized the rural peasantry, the very people who did not believe in the coronavirus, who rebelled against wearing masks, and who had no other choice, as the artist says, than to “endure life and face the pandemic”.

“In general, people are suffering a lot there, from the temperature, from the drought related to climate change. It decreases agricultural production. With the onset of the pandemic, it really exaggerated the situation. It really is a double penalty. "

The exhibition kicked off this week in the capital Antananarivo. The sixty or so pictures are to be seen until this weekend in the grounds of the Directorate of Arts, Culture and Community Life in Tsimbazaza. This traveling exhibition - like a trip across the country and a pandemic with varied impacts - is to be found in Ihosy, Tamatave and Majunga until the end of December.

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