Canada Stricter corona measures: Which rules will apply in the future?

08:40  26 november  2020
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Already more than eleven million corona infections in the USA

 Already more than eleven million corona infections in the USA In the USA, the number of corona infections has exceeded the threshold of eleven million cases. In less than a week, a million new infections were added, as the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore announced on Sunday evening (local time). Since the start of the pandemic, a total of 11,025,046 infections and 246,108 deaths have been registered in the USA. These are by far the highest numbers in the world.

The UK is facing a "significant period" of strict measures to cope with the coronavirus outbreak Mr Gove said it was "vitally important" to follow social distancing rules . The number of people who have In the letter, being sent to 30 million homes, the prime minister warned stricter restrictions could be

These stricter measures are necessary to stem the growing pressure on our hospitals and reverse the infection curve as quickly and drastically as possible. No, provisions of a protocol or guide which are less strict than the rules laid down in the Ministerial Order are not applicable .

Gastronomy until at least December 20, meeting only with one other household and a maximum of five. Children up to 14 years are not affected. The rules to contain the pandemic have been tightened again. An overview.

Für die Gastronomie gibt es vorerst keine Entwarnung. © dpa For the time being, there is no all-clear for the catering industry. Which rules will apply in the future?

This time it was not just a tough struggle for hours, but for days. After a lot of switching and long, contentious final negotiations, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Prime Ministers of the federal states presented some tangible results on Wednesday evening on how the fight against the persistently high Corona numbers should continue. Above all: how Christmas can be celebrated in Germany in this memorable year. The goal: By December 20, the infection rate should improve significantly. The federal and state governments want to reassess the situation before Christmas.

Federal and state governments appeal: No more private celebrations

 Federal and state governments appeal: No more private celebrations To contain the corona pandemic, the federal and state governments are calling on citizens to significantly reduce their private contacts again. You should completely avoid private celebrations, it was said after the Corona summit.

This is the future we arrive at with an extension of the measures we are currently seeing in the UK, Spain and Denmark. Mutual aid is the second future in which we adopt the protection of life as the guiding principle of our economy. However, in this scenario, the state does not take a defining role.

The face mask rule applies not only at the university, but now also in other public buildings such as libraries, shops and train stations. The Dutch government decided to facilitate this, so that the measures can be relaxed, while still preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the Netherlands.

Contact restrictions

Private get-togethers with friends, relatives and acquaintances are to be limited to one's own household and one other household and in any case to five people, children up to 14 years of age are excluded. Schleswig-Holstein adheres to its own rules.

From December 23rd to January 1st at the latest, meetings "within the closest family or friends" should be allowed to take place with a maximum of ten people, whether indoors or outdoors. Children up to 14 years do not count.

New Year's Eve fireworks in busy squares and streets are prohibited. Basically it is "recommended" to avoid fireworks at the turn of the year. Saxony appeals to its own citizens to pay particular attention to minimum distances during the New Year's fireworks.

Enabling Act in the Bundestag ?: Out of stock in tone and time

 Enabling Act in the Bundestag ?: Out of stock in tone and time Criticism of the amendment to the Infection Protection Act is already appropriate. But whoever exaggerates them is acting irresponsibly. A comment © Photo: Michael Kappeler / dpa dictatorship? Participants in the demonstration against corona measures in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

taking appropriate actions to reduce risk if hygiene rules and social distancing is not possible, for example when transporting children and young people with complex needs who This programme will play an important role in helping to minimise the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the future .

Governments of all types will adopt emergency measures to manage the crisis, and many will be loath to relinquish these new powers when the crisis is over. In the short term, the crisis will give fuel to all the various camps in the Western grand strategy debate. The nationalists and anti-globalists, the

Protection of risk groups

The protection of risk groups should be improved. For people in need of care in institutions there should be at least 30 rapid tests per month from December 1st.

Mask requirement

Everyone has to wear a mouth and nose cover in closed rooms that are open to the public. This also applies to public transport and lively public places - which are determined by the local authorities.

Leisure and Gastronomy

The closure of bars, restaurants, cultural and leisure facilities is to be extended until at least December 20th. As before, restaurants are allowed to have food delivered or picked up.

Trade and services

Wholesalers and retailers remain open, but now also in front of retail stores and in parking lots with a mask requirement In shops with a sales area of ​​up to 800 square meters, there should be no more than one person per ten square meters of sales area. In the case of shops that are larger, a maximum of one person per 20 square meters of sales area may come onto the additional space.

Governments tighten corona measures for fear of overloaded clinics

 Governments tighten corona measures for fear of overloaded clinics New school closings, additional contact restrictions and fear of overloading the clinics: Governments worldwide are reacting to the second corona wave with drastic measures. According to a count by Johns Hopkins University, the United States passed the 250,000 death mark on Wednesday evening (local time). Several states imposed new restrictions. Japan's head of government was also alarmed in view of a record number of new infections.

Relatively strict measures still apply in particularly badly affected areas such as the east of the country and the wider Paris region. The strict lockdown in place since mid-March is to be eased in four phases, with each stage to last for at least two weeks and conditional on progress.

Measures for fighting the spread of COVID-19 are subject to local regulation. This may include quarantine measures in the case of a confirmed infection. The international advice on reducing the spread of COVID-19 should be followed. This includes washing hands regularly and thoroughly with


childcare and schools should remain open. It was agreed that a mask is required in class from the 7th grade, depending on the regional Corona numbers. The paper cites "significantly more" than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants as a blurred border. Students who tested positive and their classmates should immediately be placed in a five-day quarantine. Anyone who then tests negative can end the quarantine.

Travel restrictions

The federal and state governments urge citizens to refrain from travel that is not necessary. This also includes tourist trips. Commercial overnight accommodation should only be available for necessary, explicitly non-tourist trips, for example for essential business trips.

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder called specifically to meet only in small groups over Christmas and to avoid unnecessary trips. The Christmas holidays should not lead to a setback in the fight against the pandemic, emphasized the CSU politician.

Call for home work

Companies are "urgently" asked to make home work possible. The authorities responsible for occupational safety and the accident insurance institutions should advise companies on this, but also monitor them. Employers are also "urgently asked" to check whether production sites can close due to company holidays from December 23rd to January 1st.

Are we exclusive now? Corona and love

 Are we exclusive now? Corona and love © Getty Images corona-dating-opening-cross We had five dates, slept three times and twice together. I know he wears a white shirt and black boxer shorts to sleep. I know his little heart-shaped mole on his right chest. I know he drinks his coffee black in the morning. I know what his brothers are called and what his parents do for a living. I know his taste in music and know about his preference for homemade pasta. So far so good.


As expected, sport will remain in partial lockdown at least until Christmas and cannot hope for a quick relaxation of the corona regulations even after the holidays. The professional leagues can no longer hope for the return of spectators to the stadiums and halls this year, but at least continue their game operation with ghost games. With a few exceptions, amateur and popular sports remain prohibited. The question will be how the measures in the extended partial lockdown are actually implemented in the countries. Recently there had been a few exceptions, at least for children and young people who were allowed to continue their training in the clubs in Thuringia, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Berlin.

Church services

Church services continue to be possible as long as the hygiene requirements are observed. At Christmas, churches and religious communities should work with the federal states to develop concepts for reducing contact at church services and other gatherings.


The November aid for companies and institutions affected by the partial lockdown is to be continued in December. The federal government is planning financial aid expected to be worth 17 billion euros, as the dpa learned. Smaller companies should receive up to 75 percent of the turnover from November 2019, larger companies up to 70 percent. Here are more details.

Corona demos: Further violence is to be expected .
In recent months there have been many acts of violence during protests against corona measures. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the BKA warn of extremism. © Sean Gallup / Getty Images Scuffle between the police and demonstrators at the protest in Berlin on November 18th How radical are the people who move around the demonstrations against the Corona measures? How violent are you? Security authorities are now discussing this question.

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