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Ethiopia: Tigrayans implicated in the country, particularly in Addis Ababa

 Ethiopia: Tigrayans implicated in the country, particularly in Addis Ababa © EDUARDO SOTERAS / AFP Concern is growing among Tigrayans, especially in Addis Ababa, who fear being arrested or doing violence ethnic object of revenge (illustrative image). In Ethiopia, fighting continues in the Tigray region in the absence of independent witnesses. Federal troops are seeking to take the region's capital and capture the leaders of the governing Tigrayan party, the TPLF.

Mekele City , Ethiopia 2012. Merhawi Wells-Bogue. Загрузка Ethiopian Idol 2009 Mekele - Makeda Leul Bahilawi Wezewaze - Episode 01 - Продолжительность: 1:57 EthioIdol 74 225 просмотров.

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A Mekele, dans le Tigré, le 9 septembre 2020. © EDUARDO SOTERAS In Mekele, in Tigray, September 9, 2020. The Ethiopian government announced on Thursday the launch of the "final offensive" against the regional capital of Tigray, Mekele . Portrait of a city cut off from the world.

Grandstand. Communications are cut off; a few intermittent connections by satellite lines provide rare news; life follows its course, harshly; food is scarce, prices are skyrocketing, money is rationed. Today, the government's three-day ultimatum before launching its final assault has ended. The army had announced it would be ruthless.

The concerns expressed by the international partners about the humanitarian consequences of this conflict have supremely annoyed the authorities, rejecting this foreign interference, but encouraging more moderation in the statements towards the civilian populations who have to stay away from strategic targets . Assuming they are known. Suppose you could flee from a town that the army says it has surrounded. The final operation is presented as inexorable. Its speed of execution will be the proof of its legitimacy. No mediation is allowed, as no humanitarian truce is possible without appearing as a disavowal.

The ghosts of 737 MAX victims haunt Boeing

 The ghosts of 737 MAX victims haunt Boeing © ALEX WONG Family members of Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX crash victims hold photos of their loved ones at Congress in Washington on October 30, 2019 Brittney Riffel was seven months pregnant when her husband died in an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX crash on March 10, 2019. The plane's imminent return to the sky worries her and brings back painful memories. "There are still many issues that still need to be resolved before he flies again," she told AFP.

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The fate of civilians hangs in the balance as Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed prepares to launch an attack on Mekele , the capital of the Tigray region. Ethiopia is insisting on having the reservoir filled in seven years. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah

So, for lack of reporters on the spot, for lack of images because the telephone batteries are discharged, imagine Mekele, let's tell a little about this city, its cobbled streets, shaded by blue and fragrant jacarandas, the semi-country atmosphere of a city ​​which was still thirty years ago only a garrison town surrounded by rustic towns. Originally Mekele is a fertile, open and windy plain, surrounded by slight mountains, on the eastern edge of the highlands, at the junction point between the mountain bastions and the steep valleys of Inner Tigray and the roads connected to other Ethiopian territories and to the outside world. .

Two castles from the end of the 19th century, one that has become a state hotel, with its old-fashioned and dilapidated charm, the other renovated and recently opened to the public, recall the political destiny of this place which had united the territorial entities of Tigray , before becoming the seat of the king of kings Yohannes IV, one of the rulers who unified Ethiopia and protected it from several external aggressions (from Egypt, Italy, Sudan). Today's Tigrayans see themselves as heirs to this responsibility for the defense of the nation and do not understand the general acrimony against them. They have not all been beneficiaries of the preemption of positions of federal power and large national companies by the ruling elite and they have even felt neglected by those who have been raining and shining in Addis Ababa for the past three years. decades.

In Ethiopia, the two camps claim victories in Tigray

 In Ethiopia, the two camps claim victories in Tigray © Eduardo Soteras, AFP People wave the Ethiopian flag on November 17, 2020 in Addis Ababa, to honor the Ethiopian National Defense Forces engaged in the dissident region of Tigray . Opposed for two weeks in a military conflict, the Ethiopian government and the authorities of the dissident region of Tigray each claimed, Wednesday, important military victories.

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Mekele :- city of love, home for all. you can find the best out of it. thank you. Favourite places:- Hawetti Marter Memorial, Emperor Yohannes Museum Restaurants:- Lideta traditional food, Geza Gerlas [where you can find every of your desires].

As everywhere in Ethiopia, urban metamorphosis has been rapid. In a few years, the economic boom framed by a planning policy, has favored the construction of public buildings: university campuses, hospitals, airport, stadium, and the city has spread by the boring of large avenues lined with buildings on the facades of glass, to the outskirts of modest houses with tin roofs. At the far end of town, on the side looking inward from Tigray, a large four-legged concrete column topped with a golden sphere celebrates the martyrs of the liberation movement, who fought against the nationalist military tyranny of Mengistu Haile Maryam, overcame the cruel famine of 1984, and won by allying with other peoples to found a new federal political project, long to put in place, imperfect, unequal or even unequal, but proposing new mechanisms for the correction of deep territorial imbalances.

City of memory, it is also a city of recklessness, a young city brought to life by the light hums of blue and white rickshaws weaving their way around. A clean city. Each sidewalk is a terrace where small stools are arranged casually, for drinking Ethiopian-brewed coffee in terracotta coffeemakers. The public space is open, relaxed, without nonchalance, but with the dynamism of a youth who hoped to be able to emerge from the eternal repetition of the warlike ardor of the past.

Today Mekele is barricaded, withdrawn, uncertain of the outcome of the fighting, but without giving any of her pride.

Abiy Ahmed urges the world not to interfere in Ethiopia's "internal affairs" .
© Provided by Le Point Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Wednesday asked the international community not to interfere in the conflict in Tigray, a few hours before the end of the ultimatum he gave to the leaders of this region to surrender or undergo a "merciless" attack on their capital.

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