Canada The market for e-moped sharing benefits from the corona crisis

15:15  27 november  2020
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Airbnb is making a profit - and is still going public in 2020 despite the corona crisis

 Airbnb is making a profit - and is still going public in 2020 despite the corona crisis Investors have been looking forward to this IPO for a long time. Now, despite the corona pandemic, Airbnb is still pushing Nasdaq in 2020. The reason for the rush could be a surprising quarterly profit. © dpa Nasdaq technology exchange in New York. Airbnb has been thinking about going public for a long time. In September 2019, Airbnb officially declared to become a publicly traded company in the course of 2020. The corona pandemic initially thwarted the online platform's bill.

The market is driven by increasing applications of genome editing, an increase This report presents a detailed picture of the market by the way of study, synthesis, and summation of data Employers, insurance brokers, health plans, and retail partnerships all offer benefits to consumers of various

Our corona economic impact series - Part 2. In the event of a four-week economic disruption, China will feel the effect of closures of production sites and lack of demand from the United States and Europe, but production will quickly return to normal driven by pent-up domestic demand and demand

Scooter rental companies benefit from the corona-related trend towards private transport. Mopeds instead of public transport work particularly well in Germany.

Elektroroller von Unu. © Unu electric scooter from Unu.

electric scooter rental companies can look back on a good year for their business development. Demand has risen continuously during the pandemic and the global supply of rental scooters has also grown by 58 percent from 66,000 to 104,000 mopeds. Three years ago the total number of rentable scooters was only 10,000. That comes from a report by the Berlin scooter startup Unu .

Corona: The comeback of private transport

According to Unus, the fact that it is the sharing market that is growing so strongly is mainly related to the corona crisis. People who typically use local public transport are currently reluctant to do so - because of the risk of infection.

Juve star Dybala shoots anti-corona spot

 Juve star Dybala shoots anti-corona spot offensive player Paulo Dybala from the Italian soccer record champions Juventus Turin was affected by Corona for a long time. © Provided by sport1.de Juve star Dybala shoots anti-corona spot Rome (SID) - Attacking player Paulo Dybala from the Italian record champions Juventus Turin was himself affected by Corona for a long time - now the Argentine warns in a commercial for the northern Italian Region of Piedmont against taking COVID-19 lightly. "We shouldn't underestimate the corona virus.

In other words, markets often stop going down when investors can rule out the most nightmarish Karine Hirn.When mass- market is reached, China will benefit due to supply chain and scaling The average price target is , giving the stock a 39% upside potential from the current share price of

This week, McKinsey experts took a step back to consider the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the economic system in which much of the world operates: capitalism. Two new reports offer complementary views. In “Rethinking the future of American capitalism,” James Manyika, Gary Pinkus

Tier E-Moped in Berlin. (Photo: Tier)

At the same time, they don't want to make any investments. After all, the pandemic could end at any time. The logical consequence is therefore the need-based loan of suitable means of transport. Here the e-scooter is way ahead, because it promises a high degree of flexibility in road traffic even in large cities and is significantly less than a rental car in terms of costs.

Local transport providers are suffering from this trend, with losses in sales amounting to billions. On the other hand, sharing services such as the two largest German providers, Emmy and Tier , can benefit. They were able to almost double their number of users from five to nine million within the corona year.

Germany has by far the most offers

For its current report, Unu looked around 22 countries and came to the conclusion that only 18 of the 122 cities in which there are sharing offers are not in Europe. Scooter offers are more widespread in Germany than in any other country.

Corona will be followed by the debt pandemic

 Corona will be followed by the debt pandemic The pandemic will not only cost many lives, but also $ 12 trillion in economic output. Because of this, the debt will also increase significantly. And no country, according to the IMF, will be spared. © picture-alliance / AP Photo / B. Garbett Provided by Deutsche Welle Global economic output will decline in this year , which was marked by the corona pandemic - all observers agree on this. There is no evidence to suggest any other development.

Governments have learned from previous crises that the effects of a demand-driven recession can be countered with government spending. Finally, there is the fact that the crisis may have a clear end date when all restrictions on movement can be lifted (for example, when a vaccine is developed).

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After all, almost a fifth of all cities with scooter rental are in Germany. This means that around 7,000 mopeds are driving in sharing mode in this country. In many cases, municipal utilities are also involved in the market. This creates a wide range. Nevertheless, no German city is in the top 3 of the fastest growing scooter sharing markets.

This is where scooter sharing is growing most clearly. (Graphic: Unu)

Germany strong in scooter sharing: Top 3 but not within reach

These placements are reserved for New York (plus 200 percent), Taipei (plus 167 percent) and Valencia (plus 119 percent). Behind them are Barcelona, ​​Milan, Rome and Paris. Bangalore in India also made significant gains.

The reason for the significant increase makes the volatility of the model clear on the other hand. The sharing providers will have to hope that after the end of the pandemic, people will not flock back to the buses and trains.

After infection of the mother: Baby is born with corona antibodies .
Not only seniors or chronically ill people belong to the corona risk group. Pregnant women are also included. So it is no wonder that many pregnant women fear infection. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is not certain whether an infected woman can transmit the coronavirus to her unborn baby. In a pregnant woman (31) from Singapore, however, this is exactly what happened, as "fitbook.de" reports.

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