Canada AfD party congress in the middle of the pandemic: Meuthen calls on AfD to be more disciplined - and criticizes Gauland

15:10  28 november  2020
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AfD leaders and their most offensive remarks. Alexander Gauland . Poggenburg, former head of the AfD in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt, has also raised eyebrows with extreme remarks. AfD chairman Jorg Meuthen warned its supporters that they need to do more to boost their electoral

Hundreds of AfD delegates will gather Saturday for a congress that authorities have warned could become Six hundred members of the party are due to meet at an unused nuclear plant in western © Tobias SCHWARZ AfD co-chief Alexander Gauland recently accused the government of using

At the AfD party congress in Kalkar, the lines of conflict in the AfD become clear. There is a confrontation between the top representatives.

Parteichef Jörg Meuthen. © Photo: dpa party leader Jörg Meuthen.

AfD boss Jörg Meuthen called on his party to be more disciplined at the start of of the AfD federal party conference . Meuthen criticized the fact that officials of his party spoke of a "Corona dictatorship" with regard to the Corona measures. Among other things, parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland had used the word in the Bundestag. Meuthen also criticized AfD politicians who had described the Infection Protection Act as an “Enabling Act” and were looking for an alliance with the radicalizing “lateral thinkers” movement. Meuthen also turned against radical members of the AfD, who first provoked and then demanded solidarity from the party. "Let's leave those in the rain who are only too happy to shout because they like themselves into the role of provocator like pubescent schoolboys," he shouted. “Either we will get the curve here, and soon, or we will find ourselves in very difficult seas as a party and possibly fail.”

rabble in the Bundestag: "AfD is the stirrup holder for democracy destroyers"

 rabble in the Bundestag: Green parliamentary group leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt has accused the AfD of being responsible for intimidating members of the Bundestag during the debate and voting on the amended Infection Protection Act. "It is obvious that the AfD is the stirrup holder for those who destroy democracy," said Göring-Eckardt of the RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND).

As the right-wing AfD holds a party conference this weekend, its opponents deplore its strategy of escalation. They see a destructive approach modeled on that of Donald Trump. In the heated evening hours of election night in 2017, Alexander Gauland issued an ominous promise — indeed a threat.

AfD leaders and their most offensive remarks. Alexander Gauland . The AfD 's media strategy carries a few hallmarks seen in the outgoing US president, Donald Trump. Activists close to the AfD maintain good contact with alt-right groups in the US so caringly cultivated by Trump.

The reactions to the speech showed how divided the party is currently. Some delegates gave Meuthen standing applause, others stayed seated, and boos were also loud during Meuthen's speech. In the course of the party congress, the party leader will be confronted with a motion that wants to disapprove of “divisive behavior”.

In extreme cases, the party congress is threatened with demolition

In a Phoenix interview, AfD parliamentary group leader Gauland Meuthen also criticized the attack on the Bundestag parliamentary group, described his speech in parts as divisive and insinuated that Meuthen bowed to the


. The AfD is holding a presence party conference with 600 delegates this weekend in Kalkar in North Rhine-Westphalia. The event is under observation by the public order office. The delegates sit at individual tables with AfD-blue tablecloths in the huge hall, the minimum distance must be maintained, the floor is covered with directional arrows. Each of the delegates has a small bottle of disinfectant in front of them. Nevertheless, Kalkar's mayor Britta Schulz has doubts that the city's hygiene requirements can be met at the major event.

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Frank Magnitz, a lawmaker for a far-right political party in Germany, was beaten unconscious in what German officials are calling a politically motivated attack. The party 's co-leader told the press that Magnitz will make a fully recovery.

The AfD politician has previously been compared to Goebbels for remarks including claims that Africans are "fundamentally different" to Europeans With polls putting it on 12-15 per cent of national support, the AfD is tipped to win seats in the Bundestag for the first time in September's national election.

Many AfD delegates provided the unloved mask with a political statement: The printed German flag, the AfD logo, and lettering are popular. “Freedom of expression”, “muzzle”, or simply “Right!”. As so often, Alexander Gauland carries dachshunds.

delegates who do not adhere to the mask requirement at their place should be removed from the hall. In extreme cases, the party congress threatens to be canceled. According to a spokesperson, delegates who are exempt from the mask requirement due to a medical certificate can easily be identified.

Nationalist caretaker course so far particularly successful in the East

Party leader Tino Chrupalla tried to call the delegates to discipline with a rhetorical trick at the beginning of the party congress. "We are here because we show the world: Anyone who is able to adhere to distance and hygiene rules can hold presence party conferences even in times of Corona." The AfD can deal with the pandemic "much better" than all other parties. In Chrupalla's logic, sticking to the rules would be a way of wiping out the other parties and proving that the ban on major events is wrong.

The Greens want to go to the Chancellery

 The Greens want to go to the Chancellery At the first digital federal party conference it becomes clear: The Greens want to take on government responsibility - for all of Germany. Compromises on the core issues should make it possible. © Kay Nietfeld / dpa / picture alliance Annalena Baerbock - one of the two federal chairmen of Bündnis90 / Die Grünen "For the first time a third party is seriously fighting for the leadership of this country," proclaims a self-confident party leader Robert Habeck.

BRUSSELS (Sputnik) - The Alternative for Germany ( AfD ) party , the third-largest political force in the Bundestag, has been put under extended scrutiny by the country’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), while its more hardline associations have been placed under surveillance.

Party chair for the Alternative fuer Deutschland ( AfD ) Frauke Petry said that the party ’s success in the 2017 Bundestag Elections would set them up for preparing to SOT, Alexander Gauland , co-founder of Alternative for Germany (German): "It is of course our success but it is also the failure of the others.

The AfD wants to vote on its course in social and pension policy at its party congress. There are major differences here between representatives of liberal market ideas such as party leader Meuthen and proponents of national social policy, including Thuringian AfD leader Björn Höcke.

Chrupalla does not see that the AfD has to change

Chrupalla positioned the AfD in his speech as a party for social justice and the working population. He shouted: "We are social without blushing". Chrupalla is of the opinion that the AfD must make politics for all those who vote it. “We represent the interests of all those who crouch every day for their families and this country. Because these are the people who have enabled us one electoral success after the other since 2013. ”With a nationalist caretaker course, the AfD had achieved good results in elections, especially in the east.

Unlike party leader Meuthen, Chrupalla did not call on his party colleagues to show restraint. He sees a “defamation campaign” by the “political opponent”. On the other hand, "no self-accusation, no scrambling to the cross, no adapting, no ingratiating." Help only: "standing together".

The two party leaders Meuthen and Chrupalla have been in a clinch with each other since Meuthen brought the "wing" in the AfD to dissolution and threw the Brandenburg AfD leader Andreas Kalbitz out of the party.

Thuringia: Justice Committee raises Ramelow and Höcke's immunity .
This clears the way for investigations by the public prosecutor. In the case of the Prime Minister, it is about insulting an AfD MP, while Höcke is about suspicion of sedition and defamation.

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