Canada Europe 1: Christophe Hondelatte retires for a few weeks from the antenna for health reasons

12:50  30 november  2020
12:50  30 november  2020 Source:   tvmag.lefigaro.fr

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Christophe Hondelatte absent de l’antenne d’Europe 1 pour raisons de santé. © Jean-Christophe MARMARA / Le Figaro Christophe Hondelatte absent from the antenna of Europe 1 for health reasons.

While "Hondelatte tells the story" is still broadcast on Europe 1, Christophe Hondelatte no longer records unpublished shows. And for good reason. In the columns of Sunday Journal , which ran this weekend , the host revealed that he was suffering from " vocal cord problem." " I had my first polyp six years ago and a second one in October. With a recurrence that now requires a new intervention, he explained. It's okay, I don't have cancer, but the situation is crippling enough that I give up the antenna ".

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The former presenter of " Bring the accused in " is considering a return to antenna during the month of January. " I don't want to find listeners with a hoarse voice ," he continued. Because a polyp is like a weight placed on a vocal cord. It changes the stamp ”. And to underline the importance of this organ for his profession: " God knows that the voice is important when you are called upon, like me, to tell a story every day. But a voice bypassing the breath changes a lot of things ”.

This is not the first time that Christophe Hondelatte has faced health problems. In April 2012, he was absent from the RTL antenna where he officiated on the 6-8 pm slot after a violent argument with an assistant. He was suffering from depression at the time. A few months later, he was due to have back surgery. “ My back problems and my depression are behind me, he confided to us in 2014, wanting to be reassuring . You think you're dead with sciatica. We can no longer walk, stand up, or sit down. I often think about it. But it's over ".

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