Canada United States. Among Navajo, Covid is spreading like wildfire

09:05  01 december  2020
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Alberta adds 1,549 new COVID-19 cases Monday, government expected to announce new restrictions Tuesday

  Alberta adds 1,549 new COVID-19 cases Monday, government expected to announce new restrictions Tuesday As Alberta added an additional 1,549 cases of COVID-19 the province, Dr. Deena Hinshaw said Monday she will be advising the Alberta government on new recommendations for additional restrictions. © Chris Schwarz/Government of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Alberta's chief medical officer of health Dr Deena Hinshaw in a picture from July 2020. "It's clear that we have reached a precarious point in Alberta," Hinshaw said in her update, which was earlier in the day so she could meet with government officials later in the afternoon. "The virus is spreading faster and more widely than any other point in the pandemic.

On March 17, 2020, the COVID -19 pandemic was reported to have reached the United States Navajo Nation. The virus then spread rapidly through the Navajo Nation to the point that the Navajo have

It’s spreading like wildfire . The state ’s reopening is guided by an executive order that “allows businesses to gradually and safely open in compliance with federal guidelines as the state continues to mitigate and prevent the spread of Covid -19.”

La bénévole Kim Smith charge de l’aide alimentaire à Hogback, au Nouveau-Mexique, avant de la distribuer aux Navajos. © ANDREW HAY, REUTERS Volunteer Kim Smith arranges food aid in Hogback, New Mexico, before distributing it to the Navajo.

With 13,744 reported cases of Covid-19 and 605 deaths, the Navajo Native American reservation has one of the highest death rates in the United States.

Marie Nez distribue des masques. © ÉLIE COURBOULAY Marie Nez distributes masks.

The names follow one after another, followed by the age of the victims: Jon, 67, Sidony, 23, Albert, 43 ... When Radio KGAK's presenters take to the air, listeners prepare for the worst. Every day at noon, the new list of missing Navajo people is unveiled. At the height of , the coronavirus epidemic on July 6, the enumeration lasted forty-five minutes without interruption.

COVID-19 Update: Alberta reaches 500 deaths | 1,265 new cases | Calgary declares local state of emergency

  COVID-19 Update: Alberta reaches 500 deaths | 1,265 new cases | Calgary declares local state of emergency With news on COVID-19 happening rapidly, we’ve created this page to bring you our latest stories and information on the outbreak in and around Calgary. What’s happening now The province reported 1,265 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday and nine new deaths. Alberta reached the tragic milestone of 500 deaths. Alberta chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw said Wednesday the province is readying 400 more ICU beds to handle the expected growth in serious infections. Calgary restored its local state of emergency on Wednesday.

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This was announced by state GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox, who stated : In Antrim County, ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans Now, that technology is being turned against the United States of America and is about to be activated on Tuesday to steal the election for Biden

Tuba City. © ÉLIE COURBOULAY Tuba City. Agglomeration of 8,000 inhabitants

Some 170,000 people live in the territory of the reserve. A piece of desert the size of Ireland, straddling Arizona , Utah and New Mexico. In the west, Tuba City is the largest city with 8,000 inhabitants. Here, a greyish sand has taken hold of the horizon, enveloping the mobile homes scattered along Route 160 and the signs inviting you to respect barrier gestures.

The Covid has spread like a forest fire, says Marie Nez, a volunteer from the region who collects health supplies for overwhelmed caregivers. The virus first took away our elders, then the young people, far too many young people… It was unbearable.

The massacre was announced . According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in five Navajo adults has diabetes, eight in ten are overweight, compared to four in ten Americans on average.

Coronavirus live updates: If hospitalizations continue to rise, holiday gatherings will be banned, Legault says

  Coronavirus live updates: If hospitalizations continue to rise, holiday gatherings will be banned, Legault says Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Tuesday his government will be introducing a “historic” stimulus plan of 3 to 4 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) to rebuild the economy as COVID-19 vaccines start to roll out.

Wildfire Tracker. (CNN) The governor of New Mexico declared a state of emergency Friday for the city of Gallup to "mitigate the uninhibited spread of Covid -19." The Navajo Nation has extended its state of emergency declaration and said the nation's government offices will now be closed until May

The Navajo Nation supplied the US with a lot of its uranium during the cold war(first for weapons, then energy). A lot of this was mined in open shafts with no ventilation or precautions and officials did not bother to tell the Navajo miners of the danger to cut costs.

On the first day of confinement, explains Sunny Dooley, one of the last Navajo storytellers, my people's instinct was to drive to the line at McDonald's. Opposite, at the liquor store, the parking lot was full all day, people rushed to find the poison that kills them.

In the streets of Tuba City, in front of each gate, behind each window, a No visitors sign urges passers-by to turn back. Marie Nez is the only welcome. Twice a week, she brings masks and blankets to survivors, the homeless and the isolated elderly.

The debrief of his first meeting of the day with an elder illustrates the ongoing tragedy. Grandmother lost her husband, her son, and one of her grandchildren. This morning, another of her grandsons was admitted to the hospital without her knowing the reason.

Misery, the real cause of the disaster

If the coronavirus kills, misery is the real cause of the disaster. Between 30 and 40% of the population has no access to running water. People run out of water even when they are asked to wash their hands, it's terrible , alerts Marie Nez disillusioned.

The economy is also in danger. As of March 17, the four Navajo casinos closed. Since then, 1,100 jobs have been suspended. Michele Crank, manager at the Twin Narrows Casino in Flagstaff, explains: Slots taxes fund twelve health centers as well as veterans' pensions. If the casinos go bankrupt, it will be even less public services.

Covid-19: in the United States, the fear of running out of .
vaccines Donald Trump and Joe Biden warned on Tuesday that the battle against Covid-19 was no longer becoming a scientific problem but a logistical and industrial problem. © afp.com/JUSTIN TALLIS The United States has ordered 100 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against Covid-19. Serums against Covid-19 look ready, and several countries, like the United Kingdom , have already launched their vaccination campaign. We still need to have enough in stock.

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