Canada Hack more, encrypt less: How the government and the EU are expanding surveillance

13:30  01 december  2020
13:30  01 december  2020 Source:   t3n.de

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The hack revealed the inner workings of a complex surveillance network that border authorities have long sought to keep secret. Far more information was taken in the hack of a Customs and Border Protection contractor than U.S. officials have acknowledged.

And, if the government isn’t bad enough, hackers and other miscreants are waiting to steal your personal The sad fact of intrusive surveillance is that virtually everything you do on the Internet ends up in If you are confident that you have the proper firewall, anti- hacking and virus software installed

With new laws, the federal police should be allowed to hack more and the BND should be able to tap more data. Meanwhile, Horst Seehofer, the EU Commission and the EU Council want to soften the encryption.

Die Bundesregierung, die Innenminister und die EU wollen in neuen Gesetzen mehr staatliches Hacken erlauben – und Verschlüsselungen von Messengern aufweichen. © graphic with dpa The federal government, the interior ministers and the EU want to allow more state hacking in new laws - and soften the encryption of messengers.

With many small steps, the government is currently weakening the protection of our privacy.

Yesterday it became known to that in the future the Federal Police should also get permission to monitor chats on cell phones with a so-called source TKÜ . At least the deputy parliamentary group chairmen of the CDU and the SPD have agreed on this in a key issues paper.

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How to counteract government surveillance . We already had ourselves a little chat about all the ways your ISP and advertisers are stalking your online behavior so they Once the government has a pin on you, it’s hard to do anything without being seen until you can get that pin removed, although that’s

Although only advisory, the vote sends a strong signal to the government pushing for the law. The data obtained through such surveillance would be stored for up to three years, and the AIVD and However, it did not change the wording of the EU -Ukraine association agreement in any way as it was

"In the same cases and under the same conditions, the federal police should be allowed to read messages in messenger services in which they were previously able to tap the telephones," says Thorsten Frei, the deputy parliamentary group leader of the CDU of the FAZ .

The Federal Police may then also hack

Specifically, this means that in the future, federal police officers will also be allowed to hack a suspect's cell phone after a judge has given the okay to read messages there.

Because the approval of a judge and the hacking of cell phones are limited to the case at hand, this can be viewed as a relatively mild measure.

According to the CDU / SPD paper, the fact that the federal police should also be able to hack cell phones in the future would not be so explosive on its own. However, these kinds of small steps have been increasing lately.

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CISA passes into law, the governments surveillance product catalogue is made public, hello kitty has been hacked , and Juniper’s screenOS has a backdoor.. All that coming up now on Threat Wire.

But encryption that is tougher to crack is also more complicated to use. Gmail, with more than Less than half of the correspondence from Hotmail accounts to Gmail wasn't encrypted as of late After lashing out at the government spying, Google and other Internet companies began encrypting email

BND should be allowed to record 30 percent of worldwide communication

netzpolitik.org had just published the draft of a new BND law . The Federal Intelligence Service, according to Draft , should also be allowed to hack and spy on more. The limit that the federal government sets for the BND: The BND may not eavesdrop on more than 30 percent of all communications worldwide. (Of course the BND would never be able to eavesdrop on 30 percent of all Internet traffic, but ok.) In Germany, the BND can derive the data directly from Telekom or the operator of the DE-CIX Internet node. Abroad, the BND communication provider should be allowed to hack in the future. In short: The federal government is clearing the legal path so that the BND can develop more in the direction of NSA .

Officially, the BND should not save any data on German citizens with their real names. In the past, this filtering method was just so clever (not) that email addresses with a .de extension were filtered out. Citizens whose e-mails ended in, for example, …@gmail.com were not filtered out.

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Some less principled services will opt to cooperate with governments rather than shut down. The government could then try to break the encryption -- new hardware regularly makes current encryption mechanisms much weaker, and the US government may be storing such encrypted

While many projects are done through the European Commission, a number of individual member 4 | Expanding the Fortress. The report examines these impacts by looking how these policies have ‘ The EU has repeatedly shown it is willing to stop refugees and migrants from coming to the continent

When Horst Seehofer wants to decrypt your Whatsapp messages

While the Federal Police and the BND are to be given new powers to read, the European Commission, the European Council and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer are trying to attack the encryption of messengers such as Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal.

The European Commission had already published a paper for this purpose in summer , which proposes to weaken the respective encryption to combat child pornography. To this end, the Commission wants to adapt the E-Privacy Directive, which would otherwise have provided more encryption.

The European Council (under the leadership of the German Council Presidency) had meanwhile written a paper with the title “Security through encryption - security despite encryption” . The council wants "technical solutions to be able to access encrypted data (...)". Meanwhile,

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, with reference to the attack in Vienna, demanded "

back doors " for messenger chats by users. “Personally, I am in favor of us using all the intelligence services that are theoretically available to us,” told Seehofer after a meeting with European interior ministers last week. (More about the nine Crypto Wars in the t3n podcast with Julia Reda. ) Hack more, read more, encrypt less

It is also interesting how the new legislative proposals interlock: On the one hand, the coalition of the SPD and CDU wants to Create more opportunities for the police and the secret services to hack cell phones. The BND should meanwhile get permission to record more communication and to hack foreign communication providers for it. On the other hand, the EU Commission, EU Council and Interior Minister Seehofer want to break the encryption of Whatsapp, Telegram and Signal in the medium term. In the long term, much of what the BND is legally allowed to record could only become readable for the BND through the EU's decryption laws.

Some of these steps are smaller. Others are bigger. And when things go bad, the SPD, CDU, the EU Commission, the European Council and the interior ministers simply meet in the middle - with a glass citizen.

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