Canada Sudan monitors the infiltration of Tigrayan armed groups on its territory

07:15  02 december  2020
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Sudan: Tigrayan refugees say they are victims of expropriation by militias

 Sudan: Tigrayan refugees say they are victims of expropriation by militias © AFP - ASHRAF SHAZLY Ethiopian refugees who fled the fighting in Tigray province wait in front of a health center in Hamdayet, Sudan, on November 22 2020. (Photo illustration) Fleeing the fighting in Ethiopia's Tigray province, thousands of refugees - 38,000 according to UNHCR - continue to flow into Sudan. In parallel with the offensive led by the troops of the regular army, they say they were victims of the Amharas, the ethnic group neighboring the Tigrayans.

Sudan Tribune (GADAREF) – The Sudanese army arrested a senior Ethiopian militia leader fighting along with the Tigray rebels inside the Sudanese borders, accompanied by his family members and a huge amount of money and gold. Reliable security sources told the Sudan Tribune on Monday that

Tigray, both Tigray proper and its annexed territories , is ruled North These group , as opposed to Tigrayans from Tigray proper west of the Tekeze River, are close to the border and had to Armed or not, the presence of such criminals and special commando as the Mai Kadra butchers in the camps is

Un militaire soudanais patrouille au milieu de réfugiés tigréens à Hamdayet le 22 novembre 2020. © REUTERS - MOHAMED NURELDIN ABDALLAH A Sudanese soldier patrols in the midst of Tigrayan refugees in Hamdayet on November 22, 2020.

Sudan, which opened its doors to refugees , has also strongly militarized its border area to protect itself from any overflow into its territory. The Sudanese army has announced that it has arrested a leader of a Tigrayan militia accompanied by a dozen soldiers.

With our correspondent in Khartoum, Eliott Brachet and in Addis Ababa, Noé Rochet Bodin

Sudan ensures that it is officially cooperating with Ethiopia to prevent its territory from becoming a rear base for Tigray fighters. An Ethiopian official says the Sudanese army could even help Ethiopia determine whether TPLF militants were crossing the border and were present in refugee camps in Sudan. Since the 1980s, the Sudanese states of Kassala and Gedarif, on the borders of Eritrea and Ethiopia, have been hotspots for smuggling and trafficking. On Sunday, Sudanese soldiers seized an entire arsenal of war in Kassala: mortars, assault rifles and ammunition heading for Tigray.

An Ethiopian commission accuses young Tigrayans of having killed 600 civilians

 An Ethiopian commission accuses young Tigrayans of having killed 600 civilians ETHIOPIA-CONFLICT-MASSACRE: An Ethiopian commission accuses young Tigrayans of having killed 600 civilians © Reuters / MOHAMED NURELDIN ABDALLAH AN ETHIOPIAN COMMISSION ACCUSES OF YOUNG TIGREES FOR KILLING 600 CIVILIANS NAIROBI (Reuters) - A group of young Tigrayans killed at least 600 civilians in the Ethiopian town of Mai Kadra with the complicity of local rebel forces, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission said on Tuesday .

Dozens of trees in Eastern Sudan are being bulldosed to provide firewood for Ethiopian refugees. Since Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched a military offensive on November 4 against Tigrayan authorities - vowing to install "legitimate" institutions, over 45,000 people have fled the region.

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It should be understood that for the TPLF, gripped in the north by Eritrea and in the south by the federal army, this porous border area in eastern Sudan represents the only possible source of supply.

It should also be remembered that part of this territory, called the el-Fashaga triangle, is still disputed between Ethiopia and Sudan. For some experts, Khartoum could be successful in this conflict and try to put pressure on Addis Ababa in order to restore its sovereignty over this disputed area.

Meanwhile, the UN refugee agency has counted more than 46,000 Tigrayan refugees in Sudanese territory.

A Tigrayan elected official on arrest?

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed warns the leaders of the dissident region of Tigray, on the run after the capture of their capital Mekele. Meanwhile, the Ethiopian government claims to have made its first war prize, with the arrest of a Tigrayan lawmaker.

African Union mediators expected during the day in Ethiopia

 African Union mediators expected during the day in Ethiopia ETHIOPIA-CONFLICT: African Union mediators expected during the day in Ethiopia © Reuters / MOHAMED NURELDIN ABDALLAH AFRICAN UNION MEDIATORS EXPECTED IN THE DAY IN ETHIOPIA ADDIS ABABA / NAIROBI (Reuters) - The mediators of the African Union (AU) took the direction of Ethiopia on Wednesday, a few hours before the expiration of the ultimatum issued to the forces of the dissident region of Tigray.

Despite its small numbers, the Tigrayan ethnic group has for almost three decades enjoyed disproportionate power and influence in government Meles Zenawi, a Tigrayan , led Ethiopia from 1991 until his death in 2012, during which time Ethiopia became a stable nation in a turbulent region

Tigrayans dominate senior ranks of government. The TPLF dominated Ethiopia’s governing coalition for decades before Abiy came to power, and Tigrayan leaders complained of being unfairly targeted in corruption prosecutions, removed from top positions and blamed for the country’s problems.

Keria Ibrahim, 47, is a member of the TPLF political bureau. Until recently, she represented the Tigrayan party on the national scene, being a member of parliament but above all president of the Council of the Federation, one of the two chambers of Parliament.

A post she had in fact left in June with a bang, to oppose the postponement of the elections by Abiy Ahmed.

The details of his arrest are not known. Did she surrender as the government claims or was she captured? Was she in the city of Mekele or in the Tigray countryside where other TPLF leaders fled to continue fighting?

Once again, many questions and few certainties, the province has been cut off from the world for almost a month. So it remains to be seen whether this arrest is confirmed. If so, Abiy Ahmed would score a valuable point in his chase against the TPLF leaders.

The TPLF says it is confident for the future and feels capable of regaining control of the province, promises its president. He ensures that he continues to fight from rural areas, near Mekele, the provincial capital.

Ethiopia: Abiy claims to know the whereabouts of the fleeing Tigray leaders .
© Aude GENET Map locating the Tigray region in Ethiopia and neighboring Eritrea The dissident leaders of Tigray, on the run, are tracked and are in the crosshairs of the Ethiopian federal army, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Monday, less than 48 hours after his proclaimed military victory in this northern region of the country. Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2019, Mr.

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