Canada United States, Russia… where is the vaccine distribution in the world

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AstraZeneca releases coronavirus vaccine data. Here’s what Canadians should know

  AstraZeneca releases coronavirus vaccine data. Here’s what Canadians should know In September, the federal government announced Canada procured 20 million doses of the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine.The company said it will have 200 million doses of its candidate by the end of 2020, with 700 million doses ready globally by the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Like their colleagues in the world 's other leading nations, Russian scientists have traveled a bumpy road from the discovery of coronavirus to the Russia has over 20 years of experience in developing technology for producing vaccines . This helped to create the unique Covid-19 vaccine in a very short

* United Kingdom: from 3 October 2020, due to a technical issue, COVID-19 cases from 24 September to 1 October will be reported by British authorities in the coming days. On 2 October 2020, authorities in Ireland retrocorrected the total number of COVID-19 deaths leading to a negative value for the deaths

Etats-Unis, Russie… où en est la distribution du vaccin dans le monde © skaman306 / Getty Images United States, Russia… where the vaccine distribution is in the world The United Kingdom was the first countries in the world to approve the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine against Covid-19. In the United States and Europe, authorities are still examining several vaccine projects.

The vaccine race is accelerating around the world. The UK government has given the vaccine the green light following the recommendation of its Independent Medicines Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The latter has implemented a continuous review procedure, used to examine a promising treatment in the event of a health emergency. It thus processed the data as it became available. "Separate teams worked in parallel", "day and night", including weekends, on different aspects of vaccine safety, without waiting to finish one to start the other, explained the MHRA director June Raine, who also took issue with the British Minister of Health's claims that the MHRA was able to act quickly thanks to Brexit. Unlike the European Medicines Agency (EMA), "the MHRA can ask questions as they go and get answers more quickly as a single agency," said Dr Penny Ward of King's College. from London.

Some coronavirus vaccines claim to be over 90% effective. What does that mean?

  Some coronavirus vaccines claim to be over 90% effective. What does that mean? How effective a vaccine is has to do with observations made during each of its trials. In both the Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna trials, one group of test subjects was given the vaccine while the other was given a placebo. Dr. Eric Arts, Canada Research Chair in Infectious and Parasitic Diseases at Western University, said scientists get to the efficacy number by comparing the outcomes of those who got the vaccine and those who received a placebo dose.

The United States government bankrolled Moderna’s efforts, providing nearly billion in support. In partnership with National Institutes of Health Pfizer is building boxes that will keep the vaccines cold as they’re being transported. In addition, like most vaccines currently in trials, it requires two doses.

The Russian vaccine gets treated more skeptically, said Evans, because the processes in the United States and Europe are far more open and transparent So far, Hungary is the only member of the European Union to sign up for the Russian vaccine , although Russian media reports that 50 nations

The Amsterdam-based EMA is responsible for authorizing and controlling medicines in the 27 countries of the European Union. It has also implemented an accelerated procedure known as "continuous review" in order to analyze data on the safety and efficacy of vaccines against Covid-19 as and when they are published. The vaccines from Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna and Oxford / AstraZeneca have all been subjected to this process for several weeks. This accelerated procedure is applied to evaluate products that can respond to public health emergencies. Normally, all data relating to a vaccine should be collected and submitted at the start of an authorization request. The European Medicines Agency must decide on December 29 "at the latest" on the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, and by January 12 on that of the American competitor Moderna. The final green light for placing on the market is then given by the European Commission.

Who goes first? Anxiety over vaccine timing puts Trudeau government on the spot

  Who goes first? Anxiety over vaccine timing puts Trudeau government on the spot An eruption of 'vaccine nationalism' in Ottawa this week put the Trudeau government on the defensive over its COVID-19 vaccine rollout plans. The truth about which countries get first crack at a working vaccine is a little more complicated than it looks."Mexico has worked hard to ensure equitable access to vaccines for all," Juan José Gómez Camacho tweeted on Tuesday night. "We believe a pandemic is a time to promote solidarity, rather than showing selfishness, which could endanger us all.

Russia announces vaccination plan on same day as U.K. approval. A health worker administers a Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine shot during trials in Putin announced the registration of Sputnik V in August as the world ’s first vaccination against Covid-19, and a second inoculation was approved in

Nonetheless, Russia 's vaccine is controversial with experts around the world questioning its efficacy and safety. Russia 's Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, which developed the vaccine , has still not shared additional research and data from early clinical trials testing the

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In the United States, Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna have both filed for emergency authorizations for the use of their Covid-19 vaccine with the United States Medicines Agency (FDA). The American procedure is slower than the British, with a public consultation process. Before making a decision, the agency performs an internal assessment and interviews an external advisory board. "The procedure of the FDA is completely transparent, independent experts comment, ask questions, advise the agency and formulate recommendations", explained Wednesday Moncef Slaoui, in charge of the operation "Warp Speed" of distribution of vaccines. The advisory board for the Pfizer vaccine is scheduled for December 10, the one for Moderna for December 17. The FDA is expected to rule in the wake of these meetings. In the event of a green light, the two vaccines could be available later this month in the United States, the country which is paying the heaviest human toll in the pandemic (more than 270,000 dead).

COVID-19: Former NATO commander to head vaccine delivery effort; Ontario sees new daily record high 1,855 cases, 55 in Ottawa

  COVID-19: Former NATO commander to head vaccine delivery effort; Ontario sees new daily record high 1,855 cases, 55 in Ottawa What you need to know, at a glance Maj.-General Dany Fortin to head national vaccine distribution program Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says “If all goes according to plan, we should be able to have the majority of Canadians vaccinated by next September” Ontario reports new daily record of 1,855 laboratory-confirmed cases The broad Toronto region accounted for almost 75 per cent of the new cases The new totals pushed the seven-day average to 1,489 cases, another record There were 20 new deaths reported Friday, with 3,595 deaths now attributed to coronavirus in Ontario 1,451 cases have been resolved in the last 24-hour reporting period There have been 111,216 total con

Vaccination is the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases;[6] widespread immunity due to vaccination is largely In 1958, there were 763,094 cases of measles in the United States ; 552 deaths resulted.[25][26] After the introduction of new vaccines , the number of cases dropped to

Vaccine Tracker. The number of known coronavirus cases in the United States continues to grow. As of Sunday afternoon, at least 13,383,300 people across every state , plus Washington, D.C., and four U . S . territories, have tested positive for the virus, according to a New York Times database, and

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In Russia, the evaluation of products under development is provided by the "Scientific Center for the Expertise of Medicines" of the ministry of Health. According to the official website on vaccines, "unlike many countries, in Russia there is a system of state trials, using comparator drugs, a double-blind method and other controlled trials without the participation of developers." President Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to simplify the state registration procedure for certain drugs to speed up the validation process for the anti-Covid vaccine. The evaluation of Sputnik V began in mid-February, phases 1 and 2 of the clinical trials were completed on August 1. Authorities approved the vaccine on August 11, before phase 3 began. This phase is now complete but its results are not yet known. Putin has just ordered the authorities to begin "large-scale" vaccinations of "populations at risk" next week. That of the general public should start in early 2021.

Cautious Russians weigh the risks of being among the 1st in line to try Sputnik V vaccine .
Russia's mass vaccination program against the coronavirus has started, but it's running into resistance — not from Western nations but from Russians. Many Russians who spoke with CBC News still aren't convinced a vaccine that was rushed to market is safe.Many others, however, appear to be holding back to see how things turn out for those who did.

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