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Walking Dead : World Beyond Season 1 Finale Recap: Did It Kick 'Asset'? Did You Know? Trivia. During the season 10 midseason finale of The Walking Dead , it was announced that Julia Ormond has joined the cast of the series.

The Walking Dead : World Beyond is an ongoing limited television series in the TV Series universe. The series features two young female protagonists and focuses on the first generation to come-of-age in the apocalypse as we know it. Some will become heroes. Some will become villains.

The new The Walking Dead series World Beyond on Amazon Prime is a total disaster. Even Rick Grimes is too good for this disaster.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond ist der Schandfleck des Franchise © AMC The Walking Dead: World Beyond is the eyesore of the franchise

That The Walking Dead: World Beyond with a rating of 3.7 by the Moviepilot community for the third worst series of the year (only undercut by the Netflix flops Medical Police and Crazy Planet) speaks for itself.

The Walking Dead series have seen many ups and downs over the past 10 years. But World Beyond is now the zombie franchise's biggest eyesore.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is torture even for fans

Our video editor Yves has summarized his opinion on The Walking Dead: World Beyond in a short video for you. And even as a big The Walking Dead fan, he can't give a damn about the new zombie spin-off. Warning, there are spoilers included.

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The World Beyond which was scheduled to premiere April 12, has been postponed with the premiere TBD. It is about a group of teenagers sheltered It is about a group of teenagers sheltered from the dangers of the post-apocalyptic world . They receive a message that inspires them to leave the safety

The following weapons were used in Season 1 of the television series The Walking Dead : World Beyond : WARNING! THIS PAGE CONTAINS SPOILERS! The US Marines, including Drake (Gil Perez-Abraham), Owens (Michel Curiel), Simms (John Paul Steele), and Wilkins (Dave MacDonald)

Watch the opinion video for The Walking Dead World Beyond

In World Beyond we follow a group of teenagers 10 years after the apocalyptic night when the sky fell . They all grew up sheltered in a security zone in Nebraska. Now they have to leave their safe home and travel across the USA to New York to save the father of the sisters Iris and Hope.

Not much more happens in the entire first season. The kids wander through woods and meadows that we've seen countless times in The Walking Dead. Although the pilot episode ended with a promising shocker , nothing was made of it. Instead, there is just excruciating boredom in every episode.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond © AMC © AMC The Walking Dead: World Beyond © AMC

Even without action, interesting character stories can make even the most boring episode of The Walking Dead exciting. World Beyond presents and but only poorly played and one-dimensional characters, whose dialogues consist almost exclusively of fortune cookie sayings. Pay attention to Huck's voice color after her big reveal as a villain.

"Manta Manta": This is how the actors look today

 Many are wondering when the current 10th season The Walking Dead will finally appear on Netflix. At least the first part of the current season has been on Amazon since December. © AMC When is The Walking Dead season 10 coming to Netflix? Part 1 is now on Amazon The 10th season The Walking Dead ended early in April 2020 .

Walking Dead : World Beyond recently wrapping up its first season, Scott Gimple did a wide-ranging interview touching on the future of the franchise . I’ll admit it right upfront: The Walking Dead : World Beyond made me eat my words. (Ketchup helped.) You may recall that after screening the premiere, I

Share to Linkedin. ' The Walking Dead : World Beyond '. Credit: AMC. Sure, Silas finds a version of the poem that she’s written out with a picture of a tiger when she, and almost nobody else, is nice to him at school, but it feels like an attempt to make something seem profound or meaningful without

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That the big twists make no sense at all, the first season missed the final death blow. Why wasn't Hope picked up earlier by CRM? You should first experience the world. Running through burning tires, sailing across the Mississippi on a raft and getting to know a magician - should you have prepared her for life as a CRM researcher?

The Walking Dead Disappointment: We were promised a completely different series

It all started so well. World Beyond was announced as a spin-off of the mysterious CRM and thus the same helicopter group that Rick Grimes escorted from the series in The Walking Dead season 9. We should get new information about their approach and also new information about Rick Grime's new life in the Civic Republic . But that was all hot air.

The better spin-off: Listen to the podcast on Fear the Walking Dead

Because despite a few small notes on CRM and the Civic Republic , after 10 episodes we hardly learned anything that we had not already learned in The Walking Dead and the spin-off off Fear the Walking Dead. These false expectations broke the neck of World Beyond.

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MORE FROM FORBES' The Walking Dead : World Beyond ' Episode 1 Review: The Boring Version Of A Zombie ApocalypseBy Erik Kain. The premise is just strange. How the kids plan to make it so far with so few actual survival skills is beyond me. What they plan on doing when and if they find the

The Walking Dead WORLD BEYOND New Series Review New trailer out for the new series. Check out my review! #TheWalkingDead #TWD #TWDWorldBeyond.

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With brazen rick baiting we were lured in front of the screens and disappointed. That AMC even officially had to declare that Rick will not appear in the series is a sad admission for the series' misleading advertising.

Fortunately, World Beyond will be over with the coming 2nd season. We don't have much hope, but due to the shortness we will torment ourselves through another 10 episodes in 2021. What a The Walking Dead fan doesn't do for a few Easter eggs.

How did you like The Walking Dead: World Beyond?

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