Canada Global Security Law: demonstrators accuse the police of violence in Paris

14:30  17 january  2021
14:30  17 january  2021 Source:   leparisien.fr

Corbella: Like Trump, spreading lies on social media is dangerous to democracy

  Corbella: Like Trump, spreading lies on social media is dangerous to democracy Democracy is a fragile thing. Most of us cast our vote on a given election day, accept the results, either happily or grudgingly, and move on. We believe, wrongly, that our democracy — one of the greatest gifts we have as free people — is safe from those who might try to usurp it, just by dint of the strength of our laws, traditions and history. Wednesday’s troubling events in Washington, D.C. show how delicate our assumptions about our freedoms are. “This is a very sad day for U.S. democracy,” said McGill University political science professor Daniel Beland , who was reached in Montreal by telephone. “Canadians should draw lessons from the current pathologies of U.S.

Critics of the global security law have said it threatens to hamper the work of journalists covering protests and inform the French population, while also violating describes or references scenes of violence , cruelty to animals; contains information about methods of suicide, incites to commit suicide

Around 46,000 demonstrate in Paris : Interior Ministry. Demonstrators gesture in front of a burning Activists and journalists are concerned the “ global security law ” will allow police violence to President Emmanuel Macron, whose party pushed for the legislation to help protect the police as the

Comme sur cette photo prise le 28 novembre 2020, une manifestation contre la loi de Sécurité globale s’est tenue ce samedi. © LP / Olivier Corsan As in this photo taken on November 28, 2020, a demonstration against the Global Security Law was held this Saturday.

“The police charged violently. An organization for the defense of electronic music accuses the police of violence this Sunday during the demonstration which took place in Paris the day before, against the proposed law on global security and for the defense of culture. Cultural and artistic collectives had planned to join the procession against the Global Security law, but the presence of sound tanks would have caused tensions.

As the demonstration was getting ready at midday on Saturday, Place Félix-Eboué, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, demonstration floats with sound "from the world of electronic culture were put directly away from the public. demonstration and scattered in the adjacent avenues, ”say the organizers.

Spurs' Gregg Popovich says Donald Trump should be removed from office after Capitol riots

  Spurs' Gregg Popovich says Donald Trump should be removed from office after Capitol riots Angered by Capitol riots, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich says of Donald Trump: "He’s a deranged and really flawed individual. But he’s also dangerous.” © Scott Wachter, USA TODAY Sports Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump. Added Popovich: “I don’t think it’s so far fetched for people to start talking about the 25th Amendment.” That amendment allows the vice president to determine that the president is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” “We know it probably won’t happen. Mike Pence isn’t going to do it.

Sputnik is live from Paris , where thousands are hitting the streets to protest against a global security bill. According to opposition and civil rights groups, the law violates the freedom of the press. In November, the National Assembly adopted the legislation and the Senate scheduled a vote on the bill

Violence erupted in Paris on Saturday for the second consecutive weekend at a mass protest against a new security law , with demonstrators clashing Article 24 was intended in part to "allay justifiable fears among the police that they are being filmed on duty, identified on social media and endangered

"While an acoustic concert took place serenely on the last truck, time to dismantle the sound systems, the police charged violently", continued the organizers, who accuse a police officer of being "mounted on the truck where the concert was taking place at the time of the charge to hit the musicians and break the musical instruments ”. According to them, the officer was joined by others who distributed "punches, kicks, batons".

Statements at the heart of the controversy

The police headquarters affirms that these tanks were not declared and therefore did not have their place in the procession. The organizers believe they have done everything to prevent their arrival.

The prefecture posted on Twitter a copy of "the only statement received which only mentions a sound truck at the end of the event". And the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin to congratulate the police for having "prevented the holding of a rave party near the event".

Every day reveals more of the violence of the assault on the Capitol

 Every day reveals more of the violence of the assault on the Capitol © ROBERTO SCHMIDT Supporters of Donald Trump clash with police outside Congress headquarters in Washington on January 6, 2021 Five days after the assault on the Capitol, new videos confirm the extreme violence of the demonstrators which has not elicited, according to the former police chief, the adequate response from several security officials.

The proposed security law , which was adopted at first reading by the National Assembly in France on Scenes of intense violence today in Paris as rioters attack police . Mass protest has erupted Demonstrators claimed that under the new restrictions the videos of police brutality would not have

Article 21 of the law authorizes the police and gendarmes to film their interventions by "mobile cameras" In addition to clashes with demonstrators , in recent years the police have multiplied have killed 42 people since 2019, including the delivery boy, Cédric Chouvat, killed in Paris by ventral

Here is the only declaration received which only mentions a sound truck at the end of the event # MarcheDesLibertés . https://t.co/S0COULYGdK pic.twitter.com/KIlvemYfYz

- Police Prefecture (@prefpolice) January 16, 2021

According to a press release from the “organizers of the procession of electronic music for a festive defense of freedoms global ”,“ the prefecture had been warned directly by the organization that other tanks than union vehicles were going to join the demonstration ”.

Saturday evening, Gerald Darmanin affirmed that 24 arrests had taken place in Paris, and counted “12 police officers and gendarmes wounded” in all France.

Assault on Yuriy in Paris: What we know about the investigation .
© CAPTURE D'ECRAN / INSTAGRAM An Instagram post from the mother of Yuriy, a teenager violently assaulted in Paris, on January 15th. The investigations begin after the violent assault on this 15-year-old teenager in Paris. The path to settling scores between rival gangs is favored. We take stock. Almost ten days after the assault on young Yuriy at Paris , the investigation, entrusted to police officers from the 3rd district of the judicial police of the capital, continues.

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