Canada “Global security” law: An organization of chirkers accuses the police of violence

14:33  17 january  2021
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Corbella: Like Trump, spreading lies on social media is dangerous to democracy

  Corbella: Like Trump, spreading lies on social media is dangerous to democracy Democracy is a fragile thing. Most of us cast our vote on a given election day, accept the results, either happily or grudgingly, and move on. We believe, wrongly, that our democracy — one of the greatest gifts we have as free people — is safe from those who might try to usurp it, just by dint of the strength of our laws, traditions and history. Wednesday’s troubling events in Washington, D.C. show how delicate our assumptions about our freedoms are. “This is a very sad day for U.S. democracy,” said McGill University political science professor Daniel Beland , who was reached in Montreal by telephone. “Canadians should draw lessons from the current pathologies of U.S.

(CNN) Demonstrations took place across France on Saturday against the proposed global security law and its signature measure to restrict the filming of police officers. They came as calls to withdraw it were exacerbated by cases of police violence this week.

Security, like peace, identity and other terminologies in that fold of international political theory has attracted many definitions. In many forums on the topic of security, there has been an attempt to establish a divide between national and global security .

Police officers are said to be mounted on a sound truck to destroy instruments and beat demonstrators

A l'arrivée de la manifestation parisienne du 16 janvier, place de la Bastille. © MARTIN BUREAU / AFP On arrival of the Parisian demonstration on January 16, place de la Bastille. MANIF - Police are said to be mounted on a sound truck to destroy instruments and beat demonstrators

An organization for the defense of electronic music accused the police on Sunday of violence during the demonstration in Paris against the proposal to “global security” law the day before, when musicians were prevented from playing. The controversy concerns vehicles with sound that were to broadcast electronic music. The police headquarters says they were not declared, and therefore had no place in the procession, while the organizers believe they have done everything to prevent their arrival.

Security in Washington in question two weeks before Joe Biden's inauguration

 Security in Washington in question two weeks before Joe Biden's inauguration © Provided by Le Point How did pro-Trump protesters get into Capitol Hill so easily? The security system of the Congress building was widely criticized Thursday in the aftermath of the violence that shook Washington.

Iavor Rangelov is Global Security Research Fellow at the Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit at the London School of Economics. He is co-chair of the London Transitional Justice Network and author of Nationalism and the Rule of Law : Lessons

Demonstrators hit the streets of Nice, France on Saturday, January 16 to protest against the global security law and attacks on freedom.

On Saturday during the demonstration, the prefecture posted on Twitter a copy of "the only statement received which only mentions a sound truck at the end of the demonstration". Then Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin congratulated the security forces for having "prevented a rave party from being held near the demonstration". But according to a statement from "the organizers of the electronic music procession for a festive defense of global freedoms", "the prefecture had been warned directly by the organization that other tanks than union vehicles were going to join the demonstration".

Video: In Paris, 2,400 police officers mobilized to ensure compliance with the curfew at 6 p.m. (Le Figaro)

The sound systems dismantled

When the demonstration was preparing for Saturday at midday, place Félix-Eboué (12th century), these vehicles "from the world of electronic culture were put directly away from the event and dispersed in the adjacent avenues", they said. "While an acoustic concert was taking place serenely on the last truck, the time to dismantle the sound systems, the police charged violently," the organizers continued.

Online conspiracies can spark offline violence — and it could happen here

  Online conspiracies can spark offline violence — and it could happen here Disinformation experts say social media provides fertile soil for conspiracy theories -- and politicians parroting the theories provide the water that helps them grow.That’s because the events that took place on Wednesday, according to the people who study conspiracy theories for a living, are a “predictable” culmination of the conspiracy theories and disinformation that have taken root in the dark, not-so-hidden corners of social media.

Those charged with police , security, and public health and safety responsibilities must meet emerging threats, and deal with real concerns about 2005\TEW Conference 8 Los Angeles Terrorism Early Warning Group Conference Terrorism, Global Security , and the Law Further, our legal system is not

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They accused a police officer of being "on the truck where the concert was taking place at the time of the charge to hit the musicians and break the musical instruments", joined by others who distributed "beatings. fist, foot, baton ”. Saturday evening, Gérald Darmanin reported 24 arrests in Paris, and "12 injured police and gendarmes" throughout France. The world of electronic music considers that it is particularly targeted by an abusive police repression, which according to it the proposed "global security" law will worsen.

Society 34,000 demonstrators against the "global security" law in France according to the police, 200,000 according to the organizers Various facts Nine people arrested on the sidelines of the demonstration against the "global security" law in Marseille

Global Security Law: demonstrators accuse the police of violence in Paris .
© LP / Olivier Corsan As in this photo taken on November 28, 2020, a demonstration against the Global Security Law was held this Saturday. “The police charged violently. An organization for the defense of electronic music accuses the police of violence this Sunday during the demonstration which took place in Paris the day before, against the proposed law on global security and for the defense of culture.

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