Canada Covid-19: distributing the vaccine as a priority to productive regions? The proposal that scandalizes Italy

17:55  19 january  2021
17:55  19 january  2021 Source:   leparisien.fr

Feds publish coronavirus vaccine distribution list, painting rollout picture for coming months

  Feds publish coronavirus vaccine distribution list, painting rollout picture for coming months The government has unveiled a new webpage that details the expected delivery dates of new vaccine doses in the coming months, helping to paint a picture of the rollout.The webpage features three charts. The first details the total vaccine doses that have already been delivered to the provinces and territories. The other two lay out the projected timelines for the dates further doses will arrive — with one chart for Moderna’s vaccine doses, and another for Pfizer’s jabs.

As of 18 January 2021, 41.39 million doses of COVID ‑ 19 vaccine had been administered worldwide based on official reports from national health agencies.

If a COVID - 19 vaccine is inadvertently given within 14 days of another vaccine , you do not need to restart the COVID - 19 vaccine series; you should still complete Developing plans to assess vaccine effectiveness, which means how well the vaccines protect against COVID - 19 under real-life conditions.

La Lombardie possède la plus forte concentration démographique de l’Italie. Elle est la région la plus touchée par la pandémie, mais aussi la plus riche (ici, Milan). © AFP / Miguel MEDINA Lombardy has the highest demographic concentration of Italy. It is the region most affected by the pandemic, but also the richest (here, Milan).

An outcry in Italy. The idea of ​​distributing the doses of anti-Covid-19 vaccines according to the wealth produced by a territory, put forward by an official from Lombardy, the industrial and financial lung of Italy, scandalizes the country.

Letizia Moratti, the "minister" of health of Lombardy and vice-president of this region held by the right and the far right, has asked the government to introduce four parameters in the criteria for the distribution of vaccines. In addition to population density, it requires taking into account mobility, the impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic, and GDP.

John Ivison: Confused about Canada's vaccine rollout? You should be

  John Ivison: Confused about Canada's vaccine rollout? You should be Confused about Canada’s vaccine rollout? If you listen to our federal ministers, you might be. Not only is there dissonance between Ottawa and the provinces, the procurement minister isn’t even consistent with her own talking points. On Friday, Anita Anand said the federal government anticipates having vaccines in place for all Canadians by the end of September, based on the assumption that additional vaccines will be approved by Health Canada, to augment the Moderna and Pfizer BioNTech vaccines already being injected into people’s arms.

COVID - 19 testing procedures in Italy vary by region , and individuals should consult regional health authorities for further guidance. Generally, as a first step individuals may see either a private physician or visit an authorized private laboratory to perform a nasal swab test (oropharyngeal test).

Some European countries are drawing fewer than the approved six doses from Pfizer and BioNTech's COVID - 19 vaccine vials, meaning shots are likely going to waste Even so, one French expert raised fears of shortages of small 1 ml syringes - designed to maximise vaccine extraction - as an obstacle.

But Lombardy meets all the criteria. It has the highest demographic concentration in Italy, international mobility is the most important there due to the presence of many factories and company headquarters, it is the region most affected by the pandemic (a third of the 82,000 deaths were recorded there) but also the richest (it weighs about a quarter of the Italian GDP).

"Everyone has the right to the vaccine"

In a letter to the head of the Italian vaccination program, of which the press published extracts, Letizia Moratti justifies "an acceleration of the distribution of vaccines in a region with a high density of inhabitants and businesses, and which is one of the country's main economic engines ”.

"It is not a question of giving more vaccines to the richest regions […] but by helping the recovery of Lombardy, we automatically contribute to the recovery of the whole country", she added.

Quebec's COVID-19 vaccine plan runs contrary to new federal guidelines

  Quebec's COVID-19 vaccine plan runs contrary to new federal guidelines Quebec’s COVID-19 vaccination plan runs contrary to the latest recommendations made public Tuesday by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization. One of the members of that committee, Dr. Caroline Quach of Ste-Justine Hospital, urged the Quebec government to carefully monitor those who have received the first dose to determine whether vaccine effectiveness wanes in the coming months.

Vaccine safety is a top priority . COVID - 19 vaccines authorized by the FDA have been shown to be safe and effective in clinical trials. California is allocating COVID - 19 vaccines as they become available to ensure equitable distribution . Initially vaccination was limited to healthcare workers and

The dosing interval for COVID - 19 vaccines has become a hot topic of debate among scientists, regulators and governments. Estimated vaccine efficacy is a function of relative risk of infection in the vaccinated when there is indirect protection via herd effects, we expect efficacy estimates to

The Italian Minister of Health immediately rejected the proposal. “Everyone has the right to the vaccine, regardless of the wealth of the territory in which they live. In Italy, health is a fundamental public good, guaranteed by the Constitution. Not a privilege for those who have more, ”reacted Roberto Speranza.

"I hope it is a fake news ", commented for his part the former Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin.

"Mrs. Moratti, you should be ashamed"

The consumer association ADUC recalls the warning launched Monday by the WHO, ensuring that the world would face a "catastrophic moral failure" in the event of unequal distribution of the vaccine.

“The very day the director of WHO launched an appeal to prevent rich countries from monopolizing vaccines to the detriment of poor countries […] Letizia Moratti asks that vaccines be distributed according to the region's GDP, therefore the more money you have, the more vaccines you can get, ”the ADUC denounced in a press release.

"We want to say: Ms. Moratti, you should be ashamed of , but it's a feeling that our manager may not know", concludes the ADUC.

Calculated risk or gamble: Experts differ on merits of Quebec's vaccine strategy .
MONTREAL — Quebec's director of national health said he's still not sure when the province will begin administering COVID-19 booster shots — 43 days since officials started injecting people with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Dr. Horacio Arruda said Tuesday that while he doesn't want Quebecers to wait more than seven weeks to receive a booster shot, he said he was still waiting to hear back from government scientists studying the efficacy of the vaccine among those who received their first of two injections.

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