Canada Experts: Numerous Brexit questions unanswered despite the treaty.

11:05  20 january  2021
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42 Questions About Brexit That Need Answering. In truth, there are hundreds of unanswered questions about what Brexit will mean to Britain and to Europe. An initial review suggested the U.K. Has only about 20 experts in this field — against 600 highly experienced negotiators in the E.U. The

Following Brexit , EU law and the EU Court of Justice no longer have supremacy over British laws or The Eurosceptic wing of the Conservative Party led a rebellion over ratification of the treaty and In October 1990, under pressure from senior ministers and despite Thatcher's deep reservations, the

Despite the agreement on a Brexit trade pact, experts still see many questions in the relationship between Great Britain and the EU unanswered.

Die Flaggen von Großbritannien und der Europäischen Union. © Monika Skolimowska / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa The flags of Great Britain and the European Union.

For example, there are no agreements on the services that are particularly important for the British economy, as the business law firm Luther emphasizes in an analysis that is available to the German Press Agency.

"The lack of such regulations can already lead to restrictions for cooperation, for example in the area of ​​clinical studies." The pharmaceutical industry, but also medical technology companies, would be confronted with new requirements and considerable bureaucratic effort.

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Level playing field: A set of rules to ensure that one country, or group of countries, doesn't have an unfair advantage over another. This can involve areas such as workers' rights and environmental standards. Free trade agreements like the Brexit deal often include level playing field measures.

Under the post Brexit trade deal with the EU, the UK has agreed to conditions that maintain fair competition, or a level playing field, between the two sides. However, the EU's ambassador to the UK, Joao Vale de Almeida, said Brussels could retaliate if Boris Johnson's government went too far in with

In addition, questions regarding data protection, cross-border and international export controls and company law remain open. The legal experts emphasize that the agreement does not contain any agreements on cooperation in matters of insolvency law. There are also decisive changes in antitrust law and investment protection. Instead of the usual direct right of action for investors, “only a state-to-state arbitration mechanism is provided”.

In its analysis, the commercial law firm emphasizes the extent of the difficulties: Due to the short time since the publication, high complexity and detailed questions, it was hardly possible for companies to prepare for the implementation of the new regulations. "Small and medium-sized companies in particular now run the risk of unintentionally violating the rules," said the head of Luther's London office, York-Alexander von Massenbach.

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Kwasi Kwarteng has dismissed border delays and the rising cost of transporting goods to Europe as "teething problems" rather than a consequence of Brexit . © Reuters The fishing industry has seen fleet tied up in recent weeks.

BREXIT could be delayed until 2021, with EU officials plotting to lock the UK in the European Union for a minimum of two more years. Brexit : Theresa May avoids question on her no deal stance. As an example, Irish voters has on multiple occasions changed their minds on EU treaties .

The Brexit trade pact goes beyond other free trade agreements of the EU in some points because it does not contain any quantity restrictions and basically includes all types of goods. "But here too, companies will have to comply with many formalities and regulations in the future when they leave the customs union and the common internal market." The lack of general recognition of product regulations will lead to goods controls at the borders. Since Brexit, there have been delays in the movement of goods between the EU and Great Britain. The main reason is customs hurdles.

The EU and Great Britain had long bitterly negotiated the deal. The last politically highly controversial points of contention - fisheries, fair competition and the question of the enforceability of the agreements - were only resolved on Christmas Eve. The bottom line is that the EU has prevailed, the law firm is convinced: "Looking at the outcome of the negotiations, it becomes clear that the United Kingdom has accepted cuts for its own economy in its quest for sovereignty."

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