Canada Scholar: "Less danger of nuclear war after Trump's withdrawal"

15:45  24 january  2021
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Olympic gold-medal swimmer Klete Keller charged in connection with U.S. Capitol riot

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After the World War 11, nuclear weapons were never used, and were only employed as a strategic In nuclear deterrence, weapons are less usable, as their threat is enough in deterring an enemy So, in wake of India’ s war -like threats, danger of nuclear war remains between India and Pakistan, as

WASHINGTON — President Trump asked senior advisers in an Oval Office meeting on Thursday whether he had options to take action against Iran’ s main nuclear The meeting occurred a day after international inspectors reported a significant increase in the country’ s stockpile of nuclear material

Noam Chomsky is considered one of the leading intellectuals in the USA. The 92-year-old has now taken stock of the tenure of US President Donald Trump. And it turns out to be devastating.

Gelehrter Chomsky: © Howler Andrey / AFP Scholar Chomsky:

Under President Donald Trump, according to Noam Chomsky, "the most dangerous government in world history" was at work. There is no other political figure in history who has devoted its main efforts to trying to destroy the prospects for human life on earth, the US scholar told the Bremen-based Weser-Kurier: "Not Genghis Khan, not Attila the Hun, no one I can think of. "

Trump was unique, Chomsky added. During his term in office that ended on Wednesday, he worked very hard to maximize the use of fossil fuels and to remove the regulations that have somewhat mitigated their effects. "It was a race to catastrophe. And the Trump administration knew exactly what it was doing."

NJ to fine sports books asking players to cancel withdrawals

  NJ to fine sports books asking players to cancel withdrawals ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — New Jersey's top gambling regulator is threatening to fine sports books operating in his state that ask customers to cancel requests to cash out money from their accounts, saying the practice is ongoing and “unacceptable.” In some cases, sports books have offered to give players cash bonuses if they cancel withdrawal requests, according to David Rebuck, director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. In a letter posted Wednesday to the division's website, Rebuck did not name the sports books who have engaged in this practice, nor did he say how many complaints the division has received of such activity.

This dangerous illusion invites apocalyptic conflict, a renowned scholar believes. Limiting nuclear arsenals doesn't make the world safer – not while the elites, who have never seen a big war Complacency breeds danger . “The previous generations had a gut fear of war because their fathers

In withdrawing the United States from the Iran nuclear deal, Trump reneged on a landmark "The United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal." Trump further said that he would impose the "highest level" Critics of Tuesday' s move said Trump is giving North Korea little reason to trust him.

The increasing threat

Chomsky (92) is a professor emeritus of linguistics, one of the world's most famous left-wing intellectuals and one of the most prominent critics of US politics since the 1960s. According to him, the threat of nuclear war has also increased significantly in recent years.

"There was an arms control regime that had been painstakingly built for almost 60 years," said Chomsky. "But Trump dismantled it. It's almost completely gone." In addition, the recently divorced US president - but also others - initiated the development of new and far more dangerous nuclear weapons. Combined with provocative actions in many parts of the world and a series of unjustified attacks on Iran, this has greatly increased the risk of nuclear war.

Trump expected to issue flurry of pardons on last full day

  Trump expected to issue flurry of pardons on last full day WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump was expected to spend his last full day in office issuing a flurry of pardons and bidding farewell to the American public from a near-deserted White House and surrounded by an extraordinary security presence outside. In one of his final acts as president, Trump was expected to grant clemency to as many as 100 people, according to two people briefed on the plans. The list of pardons and commutations is expected to include names unfamiliar to the American public — regular people who have spent years languishing in prison — as well as politically-connected friends and allies like those he’s pardoned in the past.

What has Trump said about nuclear war ? Trump implied he remains ready to press launch a nuclear attack on North Korea, in a tweet earlier this year. Trump has gone back and forth on the nuke issue, but had suggested while campaigning that South Korea and Japan should be allowed to acquire

Trump did not concede at all. He did not congratulate Joe Biden and he did not say he would leave the White House. When he says, “the end of the greatest Trump has not conceded. America is not yet lost, although it is admittedly very, very close to that tipping point. But sometimes in history, the most

Präsident Trump beim Verlassen des Weißen Hauses (am Mittwoch): Demontage des Rüstungskontrollregimes? © Alex Brandon / AP Photo / picture alliance President Trump leaving the White House (on Wednesday): Dismantling the arms control regime?

Since Trump gave up control of US nuclear weapons when he left office, the world has "probably become a bit safer," added Chomsky. Because Trump was unpredictable. "It would have been possible that in a fit of psychotic anxiety he suddenly said: 'Okay, I'll do it!'"

Chomsky described the first steps of the new US President Joe Biden as encouraging. But there are many problems that have to be overcome. Biden's own programs were nowhere near enough to deal with the two main problems threatening human survival: the growing threat of nuclear war and the environmental disaster. AR / ml (epd, Weserkurier)

Tucker Carlson Thinks Biden Is Trying to Start a War With Iran (Video) .
Tucker Carlson has been increasingly unhinged since Donald Trump left office — after spending four years propping up Donald Trump, Tucker is once again fully on the attack. On Monday, the Fox News guy got weird when he claimed that Joe Biden is trying to start a war with Iran, and promoted an evidence-free conspiracy theory that Biden is escalating the U.S. military's presence in Syria. "Just a few hours ago, Biden officials informed us that after almost 65 years of working to build a nuclear weapon, the nation of Iran may be finally — and you'll find this amazing — quote just weeks away from getting a bomb. After 65 years of trying.

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