Canada Russia intercepts two French "Mirage 2000" and their supply vessel over the Black Sea

15:48  18 february  2021
15:48  18 february  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

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Une capture d’écran de la vidéo prise par les Russes. On aperçoit le KC-135 et l’un des deux Mirage français. © Russian MoD A screenshot of the video taken by the Russians. We see the KC-135 and one of the two French Mirages.

Two French Mirage 2000s and their tanker were escorted by the Russian fighter as they patrolled outside Russian airspace.

Ah the Black Sea! What a nice playground for the Russian and Western armies… On January 31, it was a Sukhoi SU-24 which flew at low altitude over the USS Donald Cook, an guided-missile frigate of the US Navy on patrol in the black Sea. This large frigate was part of an American flotilla of three US Navy ships that sailed the Black Sea for two weeks.

The @USNavy routinely operates in the Black Sea to reassure @NATO Allies & partners and ensure security & stability in the region.

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Today, #USSDonaldCook operating in international waters in the #BlackSea while a #Russian SU-24 does a low pass nearby. #PowerForPeace pic.twitter.com/6JGNZoncZb

- U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa / U.S. 6th Fleet (@USNavyEurope) January 31, 2021

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the interception of French planes approaching its border and patrolling over the Black Sea. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, two Russian Su-27 fighters encountered a KC-135 tanker and two French Mirage 2000s detected over international waters and approaching Russian borders.

Once the foreign planes turned around and were no longer heading towards Russia's borders, the two Russian fighters returned to their base, Moscow said, adding that the interception took place according to the rules. international. The Russian air force provided with a video of the interception of French aircraft.

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The Black Sea, a geopolitical crossroads

Russian fighters regularly approach Western planes that fly around Russia. This is the case over the Baltic, in the Pacific, and more especially over the Black Sea, mostly without incident. In 2020, according to the Russians, their air defense would have detected the presence near their borders of 2,900 combat aircraft and 1,100 surveillance aircraft (drones, ISR planes, etc.).

The Black Sea, whose only escape routes are the Bosporus to the west, held by the Turks, and the Kerch Strait to the north, de facto held by the Russians, is a geopolitical crossroads where Russian influence intersects with that of the Atlantic Alliance.

The arrival of the US flotilla at the end of January did not appeal to the Russians. If Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov simply denounced American interference in Russian internal affairs, Admiral Pyotr Svyatashov was more offensive: We must stop the American intrusions in our waters. They are doing it in the Pacific and now they are in the Black Sea, which is ours and where they have nothing to do. With our electronic warfare weapons, we have to teach them a lesson. The Russian embassy in Washington, for its part, cracked a statement calling on the Americans to stop their noise of boots and take care of their own affairs, specifying that peace and security in the Black Sea are happening from any foreign intervention.

Regular French patrols

On the French side, patrols in the Black Sea are not rare. In November 2019, the high seas patrol vessel Commander Birot entered the Black Sea for an operational deployment of around 20 days in the area. Last year in September, it was the Dupuy-de-Lôme wiretap vessel that had operated for nearly a month in the Black Sea.

The French aviation is not to be outdone. In October 2020, the National Defense Management Center of the Russian Federation of the Ministry of Defense announced that a Russian Su-27 fighter had intercepted two French Mirage 2000s as they approached Russian airspace in over the Black Sea.

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