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18:25  23 february  2021
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Australia's Contentious New Media Law Roasted in Hilarious Fake Government Ad (Video)

  Australia's Contentious New Media Law Roasted in Hilarious Fake Government Ad (Video) Australia passed a new law on Thursday that requires tech giants to pay for the news shared by users on their platforms. The law is pitched as a way to stop big tech from destroying the business model for actual news media — a legitimate problem that only seems to worsen by the day. But in a hilarious new clip, Australian political comedy outfit The Juice News argues that only does the law not protect the news industry, it appears to exist primarily to protect large scale media companies like Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. First, some background. Last week in response to the proposed law, Facebook banned the sharing of any news by Australian users.

The tech companies Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple have expanded their corporate portfolios in recent years. The Statista chart shows how they generated the largest share of their sales in the past year. The online retailer Amazon generates the most sales in the e-commerce segment. But the retail giant is also trying to gain a foothold in other business areas. Amazon Web Services, for example, has developed into the relevant business segment: The segment primarily includes the area of ​​cloud computing. In the past few years, Amazon has become the largest cloud provider in the world.

At Microsoft , the annual sales are divided into three business areas, which are currently generating sales of very similar magnitudes. In recent years, Microsoft's digital cloud services have become a relevant business area for the company. Due to the corona pandemic, people all over the world were working from home, so the cloud business could continue to grow.

Fungo golf for Giants pitchers; fans for MLB spring games

  Fungo golf for Giants pitchers; fans for MLB spring games Right-hander Kevin Gausman’s impressive day at spring training had nothing to do with any of the usual statistics, like strikeouts or innings pitched. Nope. He dominated Fungo golf. Batting practice for San Francisco's pitchers took on a non-traditional look Thursday at Scottsdale Stadium in Arizona. “We played a little game of Fungo golf with the pitchers just to get them swinging the bats a little bit, just kind of ramping up very, very slowly the intensity and the feeling of having a bat in their hands and finding the sweet spot,” manager Gabe Kapler said of the lighter training bats called Fungos, which players hit toward targets the same way coaches hit infield pr

At Apple , the iPhone is the core business. Around half of the company's turnover is generated through the iPhone. Like every company among the tech giants, Apple is also trying to diversify. The business segment of the entertainment division around iTunes and Apple TV accounted for around 20 percent of sales in 2020. The wearables (e.g. Apple Watch) and smart speakers division has also grown in recent years. For reasons of space, these were not shown in the graphic.

The search engine Google brings the parent company Alphabet the biggest sales. In 2019, the Google Search division alone generated sales of over 98 billion US dollars. Other Google services such as the Google Cloud or memberships in the Google Network are also showing steadily increasing sales in the Alphabet portfolio. The company tries to expand and monetize different services around the core product Google.

Michigan football adds former Texas Tech QB Alan Bowman through transfer portal

  Michigan football adds former Texas Tech QB Alan Bowman through transfer portal Graduate transfer quarterback Alan Bowman committed to Michigan football. He played for the Texas Tech Red Raiders previously.Now, the Wolverines have added a quarterback through the portal.

You can find more information on the large US tech companies in the Statista Dossier Plus Rise of the Tech Giants .

The graphic shows the shares of the business areas in global sales.

Anteile der Geschaeftsfelder an den weltweiten Umsaetzen © Provided by Statista Share of business areas in global sales

Buster Posey works out arm in off-season firing dirty diapers .
Diaper firing, the new baseball off-season arm workout. Who knew? At least in catcher Buster Posey's case it did the trick. His unfortunate target: 9-year-old son Lee. “The fun thing with him is I'll change a diaper from a baby and ball it up real tight and he knows I'm about to fire it at him, so he'll go running," said Posey, who is back in the San Francisco Giants' camp after opting out of last season to care for premature adopted twin girls. “I've been keeping my arm in shape that way by firing diapers at him.” There's some technique involved, to be sure.

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