Canada 'A self-centred giant baby': How China is bashing Canada

14:06  06 april  2021
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‘We’re coming to get you’: China’s critics facing threats, retaliation for activism in Canada

  ‘We’re coming to get you’: China’s critics facing threats, retaliation for activism in Canada The Chinese government’s repressive tactics aren’t constrained by borders, according to activists in Canada who have been on the receiving end of pro-CCP threats and intimidation.“Your f---ing mother is dead,” it read.

There was once a time when the official stance of the People’s Republic of China towards Canada was indifference spiced with the occasional Norman Bethune reference. Those days are now firmly over: Under the rule of Xi Jinping, China has adopted an openly aggressive stance towards the Maple Leaf, a position represented most notably by the imprisonment of Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor in apparent retaliation for Canada’s arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou.

a man wearing a suit and tie: Ambassador of China to Canada Cong Peiwu speaks as part of a panel at the Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence in Ottawa, on Wednesday, March 4, 2020. Cong says Canada acted as a © Provided by National Post Ambassador of China to Canada Cong Peiwu speaks as part of a panel at the Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence in Ottawa, on Wednesday, March 4, 2020. Cong says Canada acted as a

This rising hostility has led to a notable tone-shift in how Chinese state media and Beijing’s official spokespeople refer to Canada. A sampling is below.

China’s treatment of Uyghur minority is ‘totally unacceptable,’ Garneau says

  China’s treatment of Uyghur minority is ‘totally unacceptable,’ Garneau says Asked why it took so long to impose the sanctions on China, Garneau said the federal government has been 'working with like-minded democratic countries on a coordinated response.'In an interview with The West Block's Mercedes Stephenson, Marc Garneau said Canada is "deeply preoccupied by the very credible reports of gross human rights violations that are occurring in Xinjiang.

“How hypocritical and despicable!”

The PRC has lashed out harshly at anyone who has criticized ongoing human rights abuses in China’s Xinjiang province, where Muslim Uyghurs are being sterilized and corralled into re-education camps under the guise of “anti-terrorism.” While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has waffled on calling the actions “genocide,” on Feb. 22 nearly all of the House of Commons (except for Trudeau and his cabinet) backed a non-binding resolution stating that “a genocide is currently being carried out by the People’s Republic of China against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims.” Numerous Chinese diplomatic responses listed Canadian treatment of Indigenous peoples as evidence of Ottawa’s “hypocrisy” on the issue. “The Canadian side should ask itself when it comes to committing “genocide” and reflect deeply on the miserable experience of its indigenous people,” read a lengthy statement from China’s embassy in Canada. In a Tweet by foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying, Canada’s system of Indigenous residential schools was listed alongside the Holocaust as reasons why Western countries have “absolutely no right to criticize China.” Hua also Tweeted the claim that one in three children sent to Canadian residential schools were killed, a rate that would make them deadlier than most Soviet gulags.

World Men's Curling Championship 2021: Team Canada scores, schedule, how to live stream

  World Men's Curling Championship 2021: Team Canada scores, schedule, how to live stream Here's everything to know about the World Men's Curling Championship, including how to watch Team Canada and a complete schedule with updated scores and standings."It's definitely a pretty proud feeling," Bottcher said on a Zoom call with reporters leading up to worlds. "When you reach the stage where you're putting the maple leaf on your back, that's a pretty big accomplishment and something that you all have to be just so proud of.

“Axis of white supremacy”

Amid the flood of official Chinese outrage at Canada’s Feb. 22 resolution was also this dedicated editorial in Global Times, an English-language tabloid put out by People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party. In it, the Five Eyes — the intelligence-sharing alliance of the U.S., U.K., New Zealand, Australia and Canada — are branded an “axis of white supremacy” beholden to neo-Nazi interests. “They have formed a US-centered, racist, and mafia-styled community, willfully and arrogantly provoking China and trying to consolidate their hegemony as all gangsters do,” it wrote, taking particular issue with the resolution’s call for Canada to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. In August, an editorial in China Daily also took up the theme of Canada as a bastion of anti-Asian racism. “Chinese Canadians are still a disadvantaged minority group in Canada and face the rising risk of becoming scapegoats for Canada’s domestic problems and victims of systemic racism,” it wrote .

The West Block — Episode 27, Season 10

  The West Block — Episode 27, Season 10 Watch the full episode of The West Block on Sunday, March 28, 2021Episode 27, Season 10

“Boy, your greatest achievement is to have ruined the friendly relations between China and Canada”

The above quote comes courtesy of Li Yang, head of China’s consulate in Rio di Janeiro. It refers to Justin Trudeau, whom Yang also brands as a “spendthrift” who turned Canada into a “running dog” of the U.S. Yang is one of the louder standard-bearers of Beijing’s rising nationalist tone. In May, after a Brazilian lawmaker referred to COVID-19 as the “China virus,” Yang lambasted him in a lengthy editorial that declared “should any country insist on being China’s enemy, we will be its most sophisticated enemy!” As pointed out by Foreign Policy, this kind of saber-rattling from a Beijing representative was “ unthinkable ” only a few years ago. Cong Peiwu, China’s ambassador to Canada, has not been quite as provocative, but his statements on the Meng Wanzhou affair have carried a whiff of intimidation. In December, he wrote an editorial saying that Canada should “carefully think” about its next steps, while a more recent statement warned “those playing with fire will end up burning themselves badly.”

Lise Ravary: Ottawa prof's anti-Quebec tweets are a distraction

  Lise Ravary: Ottawa prof's anti-Quebec tweets are a distraction I wasn’t going to write about University of Ottawa professor Amir Attaran’s anti-Quebec tweets. I have little time for a man who thinks that the Quebec he calls the Alabama of the North is led by a white supremacist government. Let’s get real. That is not a sane point of view, nor something one would expect to hear from a high-level academic. He also has called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police the RCMPigs. Obviously, It’s not just Quebec he’s got a beef with. The man’s got range. My default position is the less attention people like him get, the better.

“Canada [will] ‘eat the bitter fruit’ of soured bilateral ties”

October 13 th marked the 50 th anniversary of Canada establishing diplomatic ties with the People’s Republic of China. While the occasion was largely overlooked here, in Chinese state media it became an opportunity to lecture Canadians on the consequences of breaking faith with a rising China. “In the past 50 years, China-Canada ties have undergone a positive momentum … however, after Meng’s arrest in 2018, ties were severely hurt,” read a story in Global Times which ended with the disclaimer that “without properly handling Meng’s case, all forms of exchanges would be hurt.” Liu Dan, a research fellow with the Centre for Canadian Studies in Guangdong, penned a companion op-ed saying that “the US has always used Canada in its competition with China. Washington will not hesitate to put Ottawa in a dilemma.” And in December, Global Times featured another Canadian studies professor, Yao Peng , to write that “middle powers” such as Canada “depend” on Chinese trade, and will “will finally learn facts” when they threaten this relationship by meddling in Chinese affairs. The economic consequences of angering China have been a long-running theme of Chinese foreign relations of late, although editorials targeted at Canada have usually taken a paternalistic tone, labelling Canada as a naïf being led to ruin by its American overlords. In June, an op-ed in T-House, a Chinese state-affiliated media outlet, warned Canada that despite “domestic politics” and “U.S. pressure,” opposing China would only worsen its “economic woes.”

Letters to the editor: 'I feel like I'm fighting for my life' waiting for second COVID shot

  Letters to the editor: 'I feel like I'm fighting for my life' waiting for second COVID shot ‘The wait time of four months between shots must be waived for the vulnerable’ Re: ‘Medical battery’: Ontario threatened with lawsuit over four month delay for COVID booster shot , Tristin Hopper, March 31; Delayed vaccine doses raise legal questions , Diane Francis, March 29; and What’s happening in Canada is vaccine rationing, not medicine , Diane Francis, March 18 We seniors need to be heard. So count the voices of another 80+ retired MD and a 79-year-old retired health-care worker with the two retired medical professionals who are considering suing. We both got our Pfizer shots in March and the second dose isn’t until July.

“Canada acts like a country with a self-centered ‘giant baby’ mentality”

Over the last 12 months, Beijing has also been lashing out at any implication that COVID-19 is anything other than a spontaneous, naturally occurring pandemic that was handled perfectly by Chinese state authorities. This saw one of its most dramatic manifestations when China blocked Australian grain imports in retaliation for Canberra pushing for an international probe into COVID-19’s origins. Here again, Global Times echoed the official Chinese position on questioning COVID-19 when it lambasted Canada in a May feature after the House of Commons criticized Beijing’s ties with the WHO. “Like the US, Canada acts like a country with a self-centered ‘giant baby’ mentality who refuses to accept the fact which it is unwilling to believe,” academic Shen Yi was quoted as saying. “The death rate from the coronavirus in Canada, higher than that of China, crushed their illusions and sense of superiority.”

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