Canada Federal government should hike GST, abandon $100B stimulus plans as COVID-19 spending mounts: report

05:50  08 april  2021
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NHL postpones Canucks' next three games due to COVID

  NHL postpones Canucks' next three games due to COVID The NHL has postponed three more games for the Vancouver Canucks, shutting them down through April 6 after Travis Hamonic was added to the COVID protocol on Thursday. Hamonic joined Adam Gaudette, who has tested positive for coronavirus and a member of the team’s coaching staff. © Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports The NHL has shut down the Canucks through April 6. The league is hoping that the Canucks will be able to play on April 8 against the Calgary Flames, but games against the Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets in the coming days will have to be pushed. All practices have also been canceled for the time being.

COVID - 19 government stimulus payments being spent primarily on bills in NSW. Main use of government stimulus payment (per cent). Added. to savings. "You don't spend it all, that gives us more of a buffer as we come off the JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments." Around half the people who received a stimulus payment were unemployed or not in the labour force, and receiving the Newstart allowance which was subsequently replaced by the JobSeeker program.

Amidst massive federal stimulus spending , where is Canada's strategic economic vision for the future? Robert Asselin · for CBC News Opinion · Posted: Jan 06, 2021 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: January 6. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is seen at a news conference about COVID - 19 in Ottawa on Dec. The government unveiled a record deficit of 1 billion in its fiscal update, along with spending plans for more pandemic relief and a huge stimulus plan to jolt the economy post-pandemic.

OTTAWA — The Liberal government should abandon most of its $100-billion stimulus plans and increase GST as a way to recoup massive COVID-19 spending levels, according to a new report that says Canada is in need of a considerable fiscal reset.

Chrystia Freeland sitting at a table using a laptop: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland speaks to news media before unveiling a fiscal update on Nov. 30, 2020. Freeland is scheduled to table the first budget in more than two years on April 19. © Provided by National Post Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland speaks to news media before unveiling a fiscal update on Nov. 30, 2020. Freeland is scheduled to table the first budget in more than two years on April 19.

The C.D. Howe Institute, a Toronto-based think tank, laid out a long list of recommendations on Wednesday for Ottawa’s upcoming budget, and warned about a “bleak outlook” for Canada should the government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau neglect to correct course.

NHL postpones Wednesday's Calgary-Vancouver game

  NHL postpones Wednesday's Calgary-Vancouver game The NHL has decided to ere on the side of caution as a result of Adam Gaudette’s positive COVID-19 test. Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reports (Twitter link) that tonight’s game between the Canucks and Flames has been postponed.  TSN’s Frank Seravalli tweets that the decision was made after more information has surfaced regarding Vancouver’s test results; that information obviously has not yet been made public.

Some federal lawmakers have expressed concerns about mounting municipal debt, but aggregate Despite federal aid, states were compelled to slash spending by 0 billion and hike taxes by $ 100 How will the COVID - 19 pandemic shape state and local budgets? The fiscal shock from the A few months later, with Democrats in control, Congress approved another massive stimulus bill, which

Cloud 100 . Consumer Tech. Cybersecurity. Turn The Covid - 19 Vaccine Appointment Process Over To StubHub or Ticketmaster. This data suggests that Americans mostly plan to save their second stimulus checks, and spending could decrease. Trump wants bigger second stimulus checks. Should You Refinance Student Loans Now?

Among the proposals are a two per cent hike in the federal Goods and Services Tax (GST), a reversal of the expansion of employment insurance, and a reduction in corporate tax rates, among other things. It also calls on Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to abandon up to $100 billion in additional stimulus funds — promised in her fiscal update last year — as it is likely to add on to the debt burden while providing little economic benefit, according to the report.

“The 2020 Fall Economic Statement contained little to enhance Canada’s growth prospects and much to raise anxiety about mounting debt and exposure to adverse events, notably rising interest rates,” the report said.

The C.D. Howe recommendations come as Freeland prepares to table her first budget as finance minister April 19. Some economists and other observers have been pressuring Ottawa to back away from some of its more ambitious spending programs, saying the federal government is at risk of over prioritizing its social agenda while its fiscal outlook remains opaque.

Kelly McParland: Economy set to surge but Trudeau Liberals are going to borrow billions anyway

  Kelly McParland: Economy set to surge but Trudeau Liberals are going to borrow billions anyway Statistics Canada’s latest report on the jobs situation is a humdinger, with all sorts of encouraging news about Canada’s progress in climbing out of the COVID hole. Jobs are up: 303,000 new ones created in March, even better than the 259,000 gained in February, which was itself heralded as outstanding. Gains in retail jobs made up for all the losses in the last lockdown. Accommodation and food employment was up, though there is still room to grow despite the Liberal government’s decision to force air travellers into overpriced and under-serviced hotel rooms should they dare step off a plane at a Canadian airport. Health care, construction and education … up, up, up.

While COVID - 19 testing and vaccination are free, getting infected is not. The Washington Post reported that Democrats may lower the income threshold to qualify for a "When Congress colors in the details of the stimulus package, investors should expect some deviation from the original Biden plan , as Here's what analysts are predicting about the ,400 checks and other spending proposals.

Canada has taken a big leap closer to meeting its promise to the NATO military alliance to spend a larger share of its economy on defence thanks to an unexpected assist from COVID - 19 . New NATO figures released Wednesday show that largely thanks to the pandemic, Canada is poised to spend the equivalent of more of its gross domestic product on defence this year than at any point in the past decade. That is because the alliance expects the Liberal government to hold Canadian defence spending steady even as COVID - 19 batters the country's economic output.

The federal government scrapped its main fiscal anchor — previously measured as total debt as a percentage of GDP — at the beginning of the pandemic. Freeland has yet to reinstate that measure, and has instead said spending levels would be dictated in part by employment numbers.

The C.D. Howe report, written by CEO William Robson, Alexandre Laurin and former Department of Finance official Don Drummond, calls for a reinstatement of the anchor as a way to clarify the government’s spending plans. It proposes a range of structural tax cuts and incentives that, the authors claim, could bring the budget into balance in five years.

Also in the report, the authors decry an “unprecedented accountability lapse” committed by the Liberal government when it declined to table a budget in the middle of the pandemic.

Federal budget expected to bet on child care, green economy to drive the recovery

  Federal budget expected to bet on child care, green economy to drive the recovery Senior government sources tell CBC News the federal budget will include items that balance pandemic measures with efforts to set the stage for the post-pandemic economic recovery — and clues to its contents can be found in last fall's speech from the throne and the Fall Economic Statement (FES). "We've never been so transparent about our spending priorities and our fiscal track," said one senior government official familiar with this year's budget process. "It's all there in the throne speech and FES.

Even so, the COVID - 19 operation is unlike any other event to take place in modern history because the results of this event are affecting people in every single nation on the planet and will continue to for years to come. When he speaks of equality and sustainability, Schwab means that current and future government stimulus and relief packages should be used to create a new system that is "more resilient, equitable and sustainable." He also calls for more "green" urban infrastructure and incentivizing industries to improve their environmental record.

State, territorial, tribal, and local governments have responded to the COVID - 19 pandemic in the United States with various declarations of emergency, closure of schools and public meeting places

The report proposes to mandate the tabling of a budget every year by Feb. 14, as it would keep governments from withholding critical information that play a vital role in the parliamentary system.

“Spending public money without authorization is an affront to democracy, and a budget is a unique and irreplaceable opportunity for members of Parliament to review the government’s revenue and expense plans,” they said.

Among the policies is a proposal to review and simplify the tax code, a change that business groups and economists have long said is the quickest way to boost economic productivity in Canada. Another would mandate that departments cut unneeded or outdated regulations to boost private sector productivity.

“The federal tax system contains hundreds of exemptions, deductions, rebates, deferrals and credits,” the report said. “While some attempt to recognize differing taxpayer capacities to pay, others are effectively disguised spending programs.”

Even if the recommendations proposed by the C.D. Howe Institute were enacted, Canada would “still be jeopardized by the prospect of other expensive initiatives recently floated by the federal government,” the report said.

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In particular, the government should refrain from hiking Old Age Security payments, introducing a national pharmacare program, or creating a universal basic income (UBI), as it would add to the federal debt levels, the report said. The economists suggest spending just two-thirds of the proposed $100 billion floated by Freeland.

The federal government’s debt-to-GDP ratio increased from around 30 per cent before the pandemic to 50 per cent, which economists warn leaves Ottawa with much less fiscal room should interest rates rise.

National and provincial debt could surpass a combined 94 per cent in the near future, the report warns, and is set to balloon to over 100 per cent by 2030 without significant retrenchment.

“This is a bleak outlook, and if concerns about repayment affect Canadian governments’ borrowing costs, it may not even be possible.”

Economists are in agreement that interest rates in the short and even medium term will remain near record lows, a trend that has already pushed federal borrowing costs below pre-pandemic rates despite an expected $381-billion deficit this year.

But the federal government needs to prove it is taking a longer-term view on the nation’s finances, the report said, primarily by proving it is capable of making hard decisions on spending cuts and laying out a clear path to return the budget to balance.

Kelly McParland: If Biden can raise taxes, how long before Canada follows suit?

  Kelly McParland: If Biden can raise taxes, how long before Canada follows suit? In Washington there’s a great deal of talk about tax increases. President Joe Biden has already spent a good deal of money on a stimulus package, and plans to spend a great deal more in a second bill if he can get it through Congress. In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also spent unprecedented sums of borrowed money on the Liberals’ pandemic-relief program, and is certain to pledge plenty more in this month’s federal budget. But no one in Ottawa is talking openly about tax increases — not among Liberals in any case. Should we be worried? Biden won approval for his initial US$1.9 trillion COVID program by uniting his party behind it.

The C.D. Howe as a result proposes a hike in GST from its current rate of five per cent up to seven per cent, reversing the previous Conservative government’s two per cent cut in 2006.

“Consumption taxes are the least distortive to economic growth and, considering Canada’s relatively low reliance on them among OECD countries, are a superior way to raise needed revenues,” the authors argue.

It also proposes hiking GST on transportation fuels like gasoline and diesel by 10 per cent, which would “give consumers a strong price signal to discourage CO2 emissions,” it says.

The group recommends cutting COVID-19 relief programs like the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) and Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB), replacing them with a six-month bonus of $500 per month that targets low-income workers.

Federal corporate income taxes, the report said, should be lowered from 15 per cent to 13 per cent, mostly to make Canadian firms more competitive compared with the U.S., where former president Donald Trump slashed tax rates and introduced a tax write-off for private sector investments.

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