Canada Central African Republic: The soaring of the price of cement blocks construction sites in Bangui

06:30  11 april  2021
06:30  11 april  2021 Source:   rfi.fr

Dam on the Nile: Negotiations resume at Kinshasa

 Dam on the Nile: Negotiations resume at Kinshasa © AFP (Archive) Aerial view of the water levels of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in Guba, Ethiopia, July 24, 2020. Negotiations " The last chance "were started on Sunday in the Democratic Republic of Congo between Ethiopia which defends his Renaissance dam of the Nile, and Egypt and Sudan, hostile to the project. The Ethiopia , the Egypt and the Sudan resumed Sunday, April 4 in Kinshasa their negotiations around the Ethiopian mega barrage on the blue Nile .

Un ouvrier travaillant sur une maison à Bangui en février 2017 (image d'illustration). © Voa CC0 Z. Baddorf A worker working on a house in Bangui in February 2017 (image of illustration).

The prices of imported products of first necessity are always stable or rising in Central African Republic, despite the gradual recovery of traffic on the corridor that connects Douala to Bangui. This is the case for example from the price of cement that has increased by more than 50% since the beginning of the crisis in December.

"Here is the building site, everything stayed like that ... We can not move forward," Martial shows. This project, there has been all its economies. He wanted to build a six-bedroom house and two lounges. It should already be over, but is only its foundations. Since the beginning of the year, plus a piping has resonated here since the brutal rise in cement prices.

Darmanin on Milli Görüs: "The enemies of the Republic can no longer live in France"

 Darmanin on Milli Görüs: © Europe 1 at the microphone of Sonia Mabrouk on Europe 1 Tuesday, Gérald Darmanin firmly condemned the Milli Görüs association, close to Turkey , at the origin of a mosque project in Strasbourg. He also pointed the EELV Town Hall who participates in the financing of this future place of worship. The Minister of the Interior, Guest Tuesday of the Morning of Europe 1, once again sentenced the financing by the Mairie Eelv de Strasbourg of a mosque project brought by the Milli Görüs association.

"When the quote was done, it was on the basis of 8300 francs CFA the cement bag. Today, we are at 13 500. So you continue and you do two-thirds of the work and you have to look for money to pay the last third. Either, you stop and you wait for the price again to be normal.

All around the clusters of sands and rubble waiting for use. And in the neighboring plot, it's the same survey of abandonment: "My neighbor is here. You can also look at it too stopped. Everyone is blocked.

Everyone including the masons. Vivien Malepayo leads about fifteen workers. All are daily days. Their three projects are stopped and they are no longer paid. "If there is no cement, we can not work. Children do not even eat their hunger, "he says. We can not pay for their schooling.

at the Central African Institute of Statistics (Icases), which auscultes the price evolution of one week to another It is surprised that those cement still remain at the highest while traffic has gradually taken over the corridor which connects Douala to Bangui. Ali Blaise-Bienvenu, General Manager of the Institute does not understand why traders do not lower their rates:

"Before we could understand that the Bangui Douala corridor was blocked or disrupted by the events, but for a few weeks the traffic starts at Becoming a fluid and there are no reasons that traders continue to speculate on the price of the cement bag.

The Director General of ICASEES calls for the authorities and economic operators to meet together to find an issue together at this outbreak of prices.

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Chequia-Russia / Nuclear (Lead 1): Lead 1-Russia promises retaliation against Prague after the expulsion of its diplomats (updated with Moscow reaction, details, interview with Macron on CBS and Drian on France 3) Moscow / Prague, April 18 (Reuters) - Russia has qualified on Sunday unfounded and absurd the accusations of the Czech Republic on An involvement of Russian secret services in the explosion of a deposit of ammunition and announced retaliation after the expulsion by Prague of 18 member

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