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20:50  12 april  2021
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COVID-19 live updates: Quebec reports 1,252 new cases, 4 deaths

  COVID-19 live updates: Quebec reports 1,252 new cases, 4 deaths Updated throughout the day on Monday, April 5. Questions/comments: ariga@postmedia.com Top updates 77% of Montrealers aged 60 and older will soon be vaccinated Quebec reports 1,252 new cases, 4 deaths Quebecers far more satisfied with vaccine rollout than Ontarians, poll suggests Quebec set to impose stricter rules in five areas south of Quebec City Montreal hospitals backtrack on plan to hire unskilled workers for operating rooms Canada set to receive nearly 2.2 million more vaccine doses this week Canada’s total COVID-19 case count surpasses one million COVID shots for children are coming.

Alors que le nombre de contaminations diminuait aux Etats-Unis depuis début janvier, l'épidémie est repartie à la hausse depuis quelques jours, malgré une campagne de vaccination très efficace. Explications © Reuters

vaccine campaign while the number of contaminations has been decreasing in the United States since early January, the epidemic is returned to The rise for a few days, despite a very effective vaccination campaign. Explanations

Behind Israel and its express vaccination campaign, the United States are a global reference with the United Kingdom. Joe Biden, who had promised to administer 100 million doses during the first 100 days of his term , held Word with almost six weeks in advance. In total, 36% of Americans received at least one dose, and one in four Americans is completely vaccinated. The United States is going to dream of a return to normal in the coming months. The new Democratic Chairmanship, for example, to see the Americans gather "in small groups" to celebrate the National Day of July 4th.

‘Tipping point’: A look inside Canada’s hospitals as COVID-19 variants surge

  ‘Tipping point’: A look inside Canada’s hospitals as COVID-19 variants surge Healthcare system is under increasing pressure, frontline workers say, with a large portion of the ICU admissions concerning new variant cases. Doina Budeanu, a nurse at Humber River Hospital, said the “acuity of the patients”, especially more young people, was a major concern. “They're very, very sick…and they can turn on a dime,” she told Global News. Across Ontario, hospitalizations are up by 41 per cent over the past two weeks and new variants of concern now account for 65 per cent of all cases in the province.

The English Variant becomes majority

despite these good news, the country has been facing for a few days to an increase in the number of cases in its territory. While contaminations, which had reached a record level in early January, decreased, they stabilized at a very high level before starting up at the end of March. In recent days, the country records more than 69,000 new cases on average, an increase of 11% in 14 days, according to a count of the New York Times. In the JDD, Sunday, Anthony Fauci, Adviser by Joe Biden on the forehead of the epidemic, even explained that there was currently "a fight between the vaccine and the virus" in the United States.

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if the deterioration of the situation remains modest, it worries American scientists, who find that variants, Whose the United States has been spared for several months, are well established now. Last week, the Director of Disease Prevention and Disease Centers (CDC), Rochelle Walensky, said the English variant was now majority. "This makes it much more difficult to control the epidemic because we know that the virus spreads more effectively from person in person, says Anthony Fauci. So right now we have a race against the watch between vaccination and this very contagious virus, which seems to spread even more efficiently. "

For the time being, this epidemic renewable does not affect the country in a homogeneous way:

some states are more affected than others. The health authorities are in particular with the sharp rise in the number of cases in Michigan. To a lesser extent, contaminations increase in the northeastern quarter of the country while the situation is more controlled in the West.Away that a very large majority of the elderly is now vaccinated, new cases affect "majority young people Adults, according to Rochelle Walensky. Some peaks concern people aged 18 to 24, she said, and "are linked to extracurricular and sports activities". In the Minnesota, the director of the local CDC, Michael Osterholm, agrees that children are also contaminated and facilitate the transmission of the virus.Fin restrictions in Texas, Florida

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The situation could become more worrying as some states have released their restrictions for several weeks. In early March, the Texas, the second most populous state of the country, announced the end of the mask compulsory and the total reopening of businesses. Other states followed him or prepare to do so. In Florida, where the port of the mask has never been mandatory and the restaurants and the beaches have not closed only three months, thousands of students have recently come to party on the occasion of the Spring Break, the holidays of Spring, which have been held since the beginning of March, depending on the universities.

In recent weeks, the Biden administration and the health authorities have therefore recalled the importance of maintaining barrier gestures until a sufficiently important part of the population is immunized. For the time being, Anthony Fauci believes that the fight against the virus may be gained thanks to the vaccine. Sunday, he explained that "because we vaccinate 3 to 4 million people a day, we hope to control the situation in a reasonable time."

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