Canada Letters to the editor: Budget 2021: 'As fiscally responsible Canadians, we have lost our minds'

03:15  21 april  2021
03:15  21 april  2021 Source:   nationalpost.com

Liberals see majority support but face skepticism over spending ahead of budget: poll

  Liberals see majority support but face skepticism over spending ahead of budget: poll The Ipsos poll exclusively for Global News found overwhelming support for balancing the budget, yet many Canadians said they accept any deficits needed amid the COVID-19 pandemic.Yet the Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News suggests the budget itself could potentially impact that support, with eight in 10 Canadians saying the Liberals should aim for balancing the books if they want to earn their vote.

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland delivers the budget in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on April 19, 2021 . BLAIR GABLE/Reuters. Keep your Opinions sharp and informed. Get the Opinion newsletter . From the Comments is designed to highlight interesting and thoughtful Due to technical reasons, we have temporarily removed commenting from our articles. We hope to have this fixed soon. Thank you for your patience. If you are looking to give feedback on our new site, please send it along to feedback@globeandmail.com . If you want to write a letter to the editor , please

Restrictions that were clamped during the first wave have returned, threatening to derail India’s nascent economic recovery. As the country cannot afford another stringent lockdown, whose horrid memories are still fresh in the minds of people, impositions of local restrictions even while hastening the vaccination drive It is disquieting that the Prime Minister of the largest democracy is involved in the micro-management of activities such as the supply of oxygen, medicines and so forth. In the first place why does the Chief Minister of a State have to reach out to the Prime Minister for oxygen cylinders?

  Letters to the editor: Budget 2021: 'As fiscally responsible Canadians, we have lost our minds' © Provided by National Post

‘Please, let’s put a responsible adult in charge’

Re: A federal budget for you? No, it’s out to crush the NDP and shame Conservatives , John Ivison, April 19

I am a 70-year-old Canadian, generally regarded as both politically and financially astute, and I have historically considered political parties, never mind their differences, to have the best interests of Canada in mind.

But with Monday’s mindless and astonishingly left-wing oriented budget presentation, I am shocked at the ineptitude and callous disregard for the financial health of our nation from this current Liberal gang of ideological miscreants.

'Greyhound,' 'Tenet' Win at Motion Picture Sound Editors' Golden Reel Awards

  'Greyhound,' 'Tenet' Win at Motion Picture Sound Editors' Golden Reel Awards "Tenet," "Eurovision Song Contest," "The Trial of the Chicago 7" and "Greyhound" have won feature-film awards at the Motion Picture Sound Editors MPSE Golden Reel Awards, which took place on Friday evening in a virtual event. The MPSE divides the art of sound editing into several different categories, with "Tenet" winning for underscore, "Eurovision Song Contest" for music, "The Trial of the Chicago 7" for dialogue/ADR and "Greyhound" for effects/foley.

The Issue: A letter from a parent who pulled his child out of Brearley School over its race-focused curriculum. Thank you to Andrew Gutmann for saying the truth about the lessons children are learning in schools at all levels of education (“Schooled!” April 17). I wonder if any students or parents were frightened or intimidated when Brearley sent a progressive anti-racism pledge to their homes. Gutmann hit the nail on the head when he said he objected to the thin-skinnedness and hypersensitivity at the school. Fried’s reaction to the letter proves she is one of the people to whom Gutmann was referring.

.. To the editor : There are many things going on in the world right now that give me pause, but nothing sends chills up my spine more than the unsolicited presence of militarized federal agents in Portland. It is odd that the Trump administration feels the need to establish an uninvited presence in one of our nation's major cities, but he leaves the management of the *Republican** Governor of West Virginia @WVGovernor to me on Stimulus: “Trying to be per se fiscally responsible at this point in time with what we ’ve got going on in the country, if we actually throw away some money right now, so what?”

The endless and ongoing scandals of Trudeau the Younger are shocking but Liberal voters seem to be oblivious to them. But who do we turn to in the current political atmosphere, as not one of the other party leaders inspires any sort of trust?

Erin O’Toole’s non-carbon tax is laughable even to a Grade 6 student. The NDP and Green parties have zero regard to any sort of balanced budgets and both, after thinking that we can tax the wealthy into oblivion, along with the Red Liberals, have subscribed to the current mantra of Modern Monetary Theory, which believes that spending is only a debit on the national balance sheet.

We, as moderate and fiscally responsible Canadians, have lost our minds!

Please, let’s put a responsible adult in charge.

Liberals eye ‘lost generation’ risk with sweeping COVID-19 recovery plan

  Liberals eye ‘lost generation’ risk with sweeping COVID-19 recovery plan Canada's budget lays out $101 billion of new spending over three years as what officials bill as a “bridge” between continued pandemic and a vision for coping with the aftermath.And while federal officials have so far been reluctant to talk timelines for any COVID-19 endgame, Budget 2021 teases a trail of breadcrumbs that offer what could perhaps be described as a glimmer of hope that officials believe the end could truly be in sight.

There was just one problem with that explosive accusation against faraway Russia: it was entirely predicated upon fake news and disinformation. Although the Post article is still freely available online without so much as a firewall, it comes with an editor ’s note that reads, “An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that Russian One must wonder what would happen in the event that the US media, after publishing some similarly unsubstantiated piece of derangement, finds itself responsible for dragging the world to the precipice of World War III because some people lost their heat in Spokane.

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Richard Stonehouse, Delta, B.C.

Tuesday’s budget is firmly grounded in the concept that a nation can tax and borrow its way to prosperity. Missing from those 724 pages is a single citation where that has worked before.

John P.A. Budreski, Vancouver


Where is Jane Philpott?

Re: Amid surging cases and ‘double mutant’ variant, flights from India touch down in Canada , April 19

When recently asked whether Canada was considering banning flights from epidemic-ravaged India, Health Minister Patty Hajdu said, “COVID spreads in ways that we see and ways that we can’t.“ What does this even mean? Add this to the refusal to ban flights from Brazil  and you have sufficient grounds for this minister to be fired. The overall bungled handling of the COVID crisis by this government deserves an F grade at best. Just imagine how much better off Canada would be with Dr. Jane Philpott as health minister if our prime minister’s ethical meddling had not forced her to resign.

Federal Budget 2021: Highlights from Chrystia Freeland's speech and reaction

  Federal Budget 2021: Highlights from Chrystia Freeland's speech and reaction OTTAWA — Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland tabled the 2021 federal budget in the House of Commons on Monday. Here are some highlights from her speech, as well as quotes from opposition leaders. Crisis and recovery "This budget is about finishing the fight against COVID. It's about healing the economic wounds left by the COVID recession. And it's about creating more jobs and prosperity for Canadians in the days — and decades — to come."Crisis and recovery 

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Bob Erwin, Ottawa


Please let us help with administering vaccines: surgeons and anesthesiologists

Re: Ontario hospitals ramping down elective, non-urgent surgeries as COVID-19 cases surge , April 9

With the recent closures of the operating room there are many unemployed surgeons and anesthesiologists. Given our skill set, I believe that we would be more than qualified to administer vaccines. We have called up all of our local vaccination clinics and they tell us they are full and do not need our services.

Yet, my understanding is that there is over a million vaccines in storage in Ontario alone, and the numbers are climbing exponentially. I know so many people who are interested and waiting for their first vaccine. Why aren’t we being utilized?

As a physician, it is difficult to feel so helpless. We have watched our patients suffer directly and indirectly from COVID. We have had to look them in the eye and cancel their “elective” surgeries (trust me, few people electively choose to go for surgery unless there is a dire need).

Please let us help.

Name withheld by request, Ontario.

Only Doug Ford could make Justin Trudeau look good. The ability of the Ford government to inflict ever more damage on the people of Ontario continues unabated. While public pressure to reopen playgrounds and reverse random police checks has been successful, there seems to be no reversal of the policy of shutting down all non-emergency surgeries nor any attempt to deal with the backlog of medical procedures for virtually every ailment that can befall a human being.

While the number of COVID cases is recorded daily there is no tally on the number of lives lost by failure to deal with critical health issues in a timely manner. The definition of non-essential surgery seems obvious to the Ontario government, but it is not clear to those suffering from a kidney stone or unable to see because of cataracts or a painful joint that needs replacement. These people have been forgotten during the feckless management of the pandemic.

Raymond Foote, Ottawa


Erin O’Toole’s carbon non-tax

Re: O’Toole is digging a political Grand Canyon there will be no getting out of , Rex Murphy, April 16

It has been said that the only vice which cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy.

Putting aside arguments about climate change reality, denial or unjustified alarmism, reneging on a pledge to never introduce a carbon tax and then abruptly changing course does significant damage to Erin O’Toole’s leadership. He may never recover.

See Spike Lee's Two Kids All Grown Up

  See Spike Lee's Two Kids All Grown Up Filmmaker Spike Lee and his producer wife Tonya have two kids who are already in their 20s and taking over the entertainment industry.

Dan Mailer, London, Ont.


‘This isn’t grade school:’ The MPs who shared photos of their naked colleague should resign

Re: Sharing photo of naked Liberal MP was no joke — an apology is owed , Kathryn Marshall, April 17

I would take the punishment further for whichever of Will Amos’ colleagues shared his image. Force them to resign.

Members of Parliament should be held to a higher ethical standard (not that the Liberals understand ethics) and there should be a zero-tolerance policy for this kind of abusive behaviour. This isn’t grade school.

The Liberals also should be held accountable for their frequent “Do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do” hypocrisy.

Corey Needemyer, Vaughan, Ont.

It’s about time that the National Post began covering William Amos, MP — but not for an innocent online gaff. Since his election in 2015, Amos has spearheaded parliamentary efforts to modernize our key federal environmental law, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. The amendments he championed were tabled earlier this week and would recognize — for the first time in Canadian history — that we all have the right to a healthy environment. They will also require government to protect vulnerable populations from pollution, and generally take a more precautionary approach to dangerous pollution. As an expert in environmental law, I can attest that Amos’s work on this file could literally save millions of lives in this country going forward. Moreover, Will Amos is known as a person of the highest integrity — a kind, approachable and generous politician who cares both about environmental matters of national concern and the local needs of his constituents. Rather than gloating over his innocent mistake, we should be celebrating him as a national hero.

Letters to the editor: Trudeau dropped the ball on protecting Canadians from COVID

  Letters to the editor: Trudeau dropped the ball on protecting Canadians from COVID ‘The blame for this clearly lies at the feet of Justin Trudeau’ Re: Liberal vaccine failures could be the biggest scandal in Canadian history , Diane Francis, April 16 Last weekend saw all the national newspapers in Canada attack Ontario Premier Doug Ford for getting it wrong on the COVID-19 front. While admittedly everyone has made mistakes dealing with a never-before-seen pandemic, the blame for this clearly lies at the feet of Justin Trudeau, our prime minister, who failed to secure sufficient vaccines to protect the people of Canada.

Lynda Collins, Centre for Environmental Law and Global Sustainability, University of Ottawa


Canadian Real Estate Association responds

Re: Real estate’s dirty little secret: inflated fees , George Athanassakos and Scott Gryba, April 15

In their article, George Athanassakos and Scott Gryba make several assertions and suggestions concerning the practice of selling real estate. The first is that real estate lacks transparency because of blind bidding, the lack of real-time sales data and fees.

Blind bidding is an imperfect process that results from many buyers bidding on the same property. Creating artificial bidding wars is not a recommended practice, but it is the sellers’ right to withhold details of competing bids to encourage a higher price. In Australia, where there is also a housing shortage and where they have an open auction process, market dynamics and price growth are not significantly different than in Canada. In short, they have the same problems we have.

In many parts of Canada, sold data is included with the listing on Realtor.ca , but this is not currently possible in Ontario as regulators cite privacy legislation preventing us from making this information public. As for fees, Canadians should know that the use of a REALTOR® is entirely optional, and fees are always negotiable.

The authors also claim that selling a property in today’s market is relatively simple. That is, once the home is priced correctly and if it is listed on an MLS® System. Those are big “if’s.” Sales data, experience, neighbourhood knowledge and a host of other factors available to agents go into the accurate pricing of a home. Similarly, the MLS® System is entirely owned by REALTORS® as it represents their co-operative selling system designed to ensure that a seller’s home is seen by all REALTORS® whose buyers will compete to buy it for the highest price. Similarly, MLS® listings are uploaded to Realtor.ca so that the public can see all listings available.

In today’s hot market, it is natural for people to look for someone to blame. A professor of finance should probably start with supply and demand and investigate the root cause of supply shortages.

Michael Bourque, CEO, Canadian Real Estate Association


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