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02:30  23 april  2021
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Russia. The relatives of Alexei Navalny scream at Torture

 Russia. The relatives of Alexei Navalny scream at Torture © AFP Alexei Navalny, in February. poisoned a year ago, on hunger strike, subject to a terrible prison system, the opponent number one to Putin sees his health deteriorate. What is the real health status of Alexei Navalny ? After two weeks of hunger strike in the Pokrov prison colony (100 km from Moscow), the main opponent to Vladimir Putin would have lost 8 kg.

  Les médecins de Navalny l'exhortent à arrêter sa grève de la faim hunger strike

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health status of Alexei Navalny is degraded further. Doctors close to the Russian opponent imprisoned, of whom his personal doctor called him, on Thursday, April 22, to stop "immediately" his hunger strike, saying to fear his death or "considerable damage" for his health. He continued. This call comes in the aftermath of

events throughout Russia

to call for the release of the 44-year-old opponent, which has been transferred at the beginning of the week in a hospital for tuberculous prisoners since the penitentiary colony where it is imprisoned. Alexei Navalny had ceased to feed three weeks ago to protest against his conditions of detention, accusing the penitentiary administration to deprive him of access to a doctor while he suffers from a double hernia disc. While he was already suffering from the back and a loss of susceptibility to the legs and hands before his hunger strike, his condition deteriorated, the opponent describing himself as a "skeleton strolling in a cell " His lawyers, who were able to see him, tried it "very weak".

Russia wants to ban Navalny organizations for "terrorism and extremism"

 Russia wants to ban Navalny organizations for © Maxim Shemetov Alexei Navalny in court in Moscow on February 20th. Russia is launching a procedure to prohibit the organizations of the opponent incarcerated Alexei Navalny, a radical measure that can translate into heavy prison sentences for his supporters.

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five doctors, including his personal physician Anastassia Vassilieva, exhorted Thursday Alexei Navalny to "immediately stop his hunger strike to preserve his life and his health. According to a letter published by the Mediaazona opposition media.


, who have indicated that they have had access to the latest analyzes of the opponent, emphasize "symptoms of renal insufficiency, severe neurological symptoms and severe hyponatremia" that can lead to serious consequences. "If the hunger strike continues even for a minimum time, unfortunately, we will soon have no one to heal", also alarmed the doctors, calling on the authorities to give them access to Alexei Navalny and transfer it. Towards a Moscow hospital, where he can receive "appropriate care". His loved ones are all the more worried that he narrowly survived last year to a poisoning to the neurotoxic agent which had plunged him into the coma, and which he accused the Kremlin.

doctors close to the Russian opponent Alexei Navalny fear for his life

 doctors close to the Russian opponent Alexei Navalny fear for his life video The personal doctor of the 44-year-old Russian opponent, Anastassia Vassilieva, and three other doctors including a cardiologist asked on Saturday, April 17, Immediate access to Alexei Navalny, sick and hunger strike in his prison, judging he could now have a cardiac arrest at any time.

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nearly 2,000 supporters of navalny arrested Wednesday evening The main critic of Kremlin is currently in a Vladimir establishment, 180 km east of Moscow. From where it has been transferred from its penitentiary colony of Pokrov to the same region, known as one of the toughest of Russia . Wednesday night, thousands of his supporters had come together in many Russian cities, demonstrations that resulted in more than 1,900 arrests.

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"We do not see a valid reason to comment," said the spokesman for Vladimir Putin , Dmitri Peskov, who estimated That "the main event" of Wednesday was the speech to the president's nation. Vladimir Putin has warned his foreign rivals, in this speech, on a "hard" response if they attacked Moscow, on the background of increasing tensions with Westerners. Not surprisingly, he did not mention the fate of the opponent, which he never pronounces the name. The mobilization of opposition supporters on Thursday was less than during the days of action that followed the arrest of Alexei Navalny at the beginning of the year, and the less brutal police reaction in Moscow in particular. Over the country, the Specialized NGO OVD-Info recorded 1,916 arrests, including 823 in the second largest city, St. Petersburg, and 31 in Moscow.

Alexei Navalny will be transferred to the

 Alexei Navalny will be transferred to the Hospital © Copyright 2021, Obs Russian prison services decided on Monday 19 April to transfer to a hospital for prisoners the opponent Russian Alexi Navalny, on hunger strike for about three weeks, while judging his "satisfactory" state of health. Alexei Navalny, the man who poisons the Kremlin "a commission of doctors [...] decided to transfer a. Navalny to a hospital unit for convicts found in the territory of the Penitentiary Colony No.

of the sanctions promised to Moscow in the event of death of Navalny

the leader of French diplomacy,

Jean-Yves le Drian X1, denounced on Thursday a "unbearable fierceness" against Alexei Navalny and his supporters, promising "sanctions" if the opponent had just died. Alexei Navalny was arrested immediately from X1 Germany X1 in January, after five months of convalescence to recover from his poisoning to the innervant Novitchok agent. X1X1 At the end of February, he was sentenced to two and a half years of prison for a fraud case going back to 2014, which he denounces as a political. Westerners demand its release and truth about its poisoning of August 2020, while a UN group of experts estimated on Wednesday that it was "in serious danger". For its part, Tatiana Moskalkova, the Human Rights Delegate with the Kremlin, considered that no evil treatment with respect to the activist "had been established" since the beginning of his detention. X1

Russia suspends the activity of support groups in Navalny .
Russia-Politics / Navalny (photo): Russia suspends the activity of support groups in Navalny Moscow, April 26 (Reuters) - Regional Offices of the Network Support to the Russian opponent Alexei Navalny announced on Monday that they would only publish social networks because of legal action against "extremism" launched by the Russian authorities. "Unfortunately, we can not work in our previous format anymore," writes the St. Petersburg branch on its Telegram chain.

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