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12:40  04 may  2021
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Colombia: The withdrawal of the project of tax reform will restore calm?

 Colombia: The withdrawal of the project of tax reform will restore calm? © Via Reuters - Colombia Presidency The Colombian president, Ivan Duque, during a television speech announcing the withdrawal of the bill on tax reform, in Bogota, May 2, 2021. Six deaths is the Official balance sheet of four days of events - and repression - in Colombia. The unhappy did not wait on 1st-May to go down the street and demand the withdrawal of the proposed tax reform, in the middle of the pandemic, by the right-wing government. They took the handle.

Colombie, le 3 mai 2021, à Bogota et dans plusieurs villes des blocages de routes et manifestations contre la politique du gouvernement se poursuivent malgré le retrait de la réforme fiscale par le président Ivan Duque. © AP - Fernando Vergara Colombia, May 3, 2021, in Bogota and in several cities with road blockages and demonstrations against government policy continues despite the withdrawal of tax reform by President Ivan Duque.

The Colombian president Ivan Duque ended up withdrawing his tax reform and his finance minister resigned but the protests continue. They did, in five days, about twenty dead and more than 800 wounded. The protesters block the entrances of the capital, Bogota.

We are in Rosales, about twenty kilometers west of the capital. Tires that burn, an endless line of trucks stopped and young dissatisfied ... They are not numerous to block the road - perhaps a fifty - but they know in a force position, mobilization affects the whole country .

manifestations in Colombia: Nearly about twenty deaths, more than 800 wounded

 manifestations in Colombia: Nearly about twenty deaths, more than 800 wounded © supplied by the point l are violence, which marked the recent manifestations against a tax reform in Colombia did nearly a Twenty dead and more than 800 wounded, and the mobilization continued on Monday despite the withdrawal of the project by President Ivan Duque. Five days of protest since last Wednesday resulted in the death of 18 civilians and a police officer, according to the last assessment released from mid-day by the defender of the people, public entity for the protection of rights.

Paola, saleswoman, explains to our correspondent, Marie-Eve detoeuf, why she is there: "We are in full pandemic, we are in crisis, and above the market the government wants to put us from VAT to all the food. The country has a very big debt and they want us to charge it, it's not right!

Paola does not know that Ivan Duque ceded ? "He said he was withdrawing the reform but that they would make another. In short, he put a small dressing. But we no longer believe in his lies! We will continue to fight until Duque goes away or until it does something good for this country. "

explosion of poverty

Colombia is the most affected by the continent by the Pandemic of Covid-19 after Brazil, and the poverty exploded there during the last year as Remember Yann Basset, Professor of Political Science at the University of Rosario in Bogota interviewed by Véronique Gaymard of the International Service.

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"Well beyond the government's reform, which served as a detonator, which demonstrations show is that the situation is extremely serious. The Colombian Institute of Statistics recently published poverty statistics: they show that last year poverty increased from 37% to 45% of the population in one year. That is, we lost fifteen years in social policy in Colombia - it is a real disaster - and according to the survey of many Colombians can no longer afford to make three meals a day.

A tense economic and social context, according to Yann Basset, the lack of political sense of government. "And he adds to that, a government that, in political matters, is really incompetent, there is no euphemism to say it. It is a government that is composed of people who are rather technical, but do not have the negotiation, communication ... which do not have the necessary political experience and who proposed this reform with very good intentions But without really socializing it in advance and so they caused this species of social explosion that surprised everyone. "

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A discontent that goes beyond tax reform

for protesters in Rosales, strong determination. For John, Student, the management of the crisis by Ivan Duque only aggravated things. "The President sent his armed forces who started shooting the people. We kill people here in Colombia. And if we do nothing, well well things will continue like that. We started peacefully but it is not possible, the armed forces do not want ".

John also hears remaining mobilized and it is difficult to predict how the situation can evolve, according to Yann Basset. "The situation is a bit uncertain, some organizations have announced that they would continue to demonstrate. With these two measures [the withdrawal of the reform and the resignation of the minister concerned NDLR], it is hoped that the social climate will be constrained a little bit, but for the moment it is still uncertain. Because the dissatisfaction that manifested is pretty general and goes well beyond the reform. And in addition, because it manifests itself in a rather decentralized way, including in many small towns, and there is not really an organization that can be the government's interlocutor to truly represent the protesters. "

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Fleeing the fights in Venezuela, thousands of people take refuge in Colombia .
© Reuters - Luisa Gonzalez of Venezuelan soldiers patrol by boat on the Arauca River, the border between Colombia and Venezuela, seen from Arauquita, in Colombia March 28, 2021. The military operations launched in early March by the Venezuelan army against the Colombian armed groups settled in its territory continuing, in the department of Apure. Sixteer soldiers were killed in total, according to the latest assessment of Caracas. The number of civilian victims remains uncertain.

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