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10:25  11 may  2021
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Jerusalem: wounded during a manifestation against the eviction of Palestinians

 Jerusalem: wounded during a manifestation against the eviction of Palestinians © provided by the point V INDT-two Palestinians were injured during a new manifestation against possible eviction of Palestinian families of Jerusalem-East In favor of Israeli settlers, Thursday indicated the emergency services at a few hours from a meeting of the Supreme Court of Israel on this file.

Manifestation de Palestiniens, le 7 mai, contre la menace d’expulsion planant sur les habitants d’un des quartiers de Jérusalem-Est au profit de colons israéliens. © Reuters Manifestation of Palestinians, on May 7, against the threat of expulsion on the inhabitants of one of the districts of Jerusalem-is in favor of Israeli settlers.

This Monday was for Israel on the day of the "reunification" of the city of Jerusalem. But the violence of recent days, including new Palestinian expulsion procedures in Jerusalem East, have made it a day of strong tensions in the holy city and Gaza.

Since June 1967, it is one of the most inextricable nodes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. probably the point, of all, the most sensitive . By the proximity of all the holy places. The one that the negotiators of the peace process left for the end. The question of Jerusalem is at the heart of the Israeli territorial targets since the birth of the State of Israel, which proclaims it as its non-negotiable capital; It is just as much at the heart of the Attachment of Palestinians to their land, despite repeated military defeats and their forced counters under the pressure of Israeli settlers.

EU calls Israel for clashes in Eastern Jerusalem to de-escalation on

 EU calls Israel for clashes in Eastern Jerusalem to de-escalation on The EU has asked the Israeli authorities to de-escalate after the severe clashes between Palestinians and the police in Jerusalem. "Violence and ignition are unacceptable and the perpetrators on all sides must be considered to account," said a spokesman on Saturday. "The European Union calls on the authorities to urgently act in order to deest current tensions in Jerusalem." © Ahmad Gharabli The EU has asked the Israeli authorities for de-escalation after the severe clashes between Palestinians

The violence that has erupted for a few days on the esplanade of the mosques tell the story of humiliations at repetition. At stake, the fate of four Palestinian families in the district of Sheikh Jarrah, where live 300,000 Palestinians and now more than 200,000 Israeli settlers. These families, like others before them, are threatened with expulsion for the benefit of Jewish nationalists. A key audience of the Supreme Court in this case had to stand yesterday. But given the violence, it was postponed.

expulsion expulsions

All stones have a long history in Jerusalem, but the houses of these families, of this district, are like a story in history. These are often the same families who, in 1948, had already been expelled from the villages located west of Jerusalem, today in Israeli territory, to be installed in the east of the city, in a zone then ruled by the Jordan.

more than 90 wounded in new clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters

 more than 90 wounded in new clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters video Your Browser Does NOT SUPPORT THIS VIDEO New clashes between Israeli policemen and Palestinian protesters have made more than 90 wounded in different districts of Jerusalem-East On Saturday night, the day after the most important clashes of the last years in the holy city that fears a new climbing of the violence.

There are often colonization in terms of virgin land conquests or military expulsions. Well Named. The strategy of Israeli settlers is so constant that more than 600,000 settlers on occupied land is now denominated.

But this strategy is also played with legal battlements on title deeds. Here too, with unequal weapons. Today, expel the inhabitants of Sheikh Jarrah, it is therefore awakening the memory of the great expulsions of yesterday, those of 1948, those of 1967. In miniature, it is the very fate of the Palestinians who is at stake.

Risk. Climbing

No doubt, the government of Benyamin Netanyahu, despite its parliamentary setbacks, feels strong enough to maintain its objective: proclaim irreversibly its capital over everything Jerusalem. Irreversible to say, for the extremists of his camp, without Palestinians.

Certainly, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been amply marginalized in recent years. Certainly, Arab solidarity was absent subscribers. The very idea of ​​a two-state solution now seems impossible to achieve, both the nibbling of the occupied territories has rendered it unsustainable. Several Arab countries (Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Sudan) even recently normalized their relations with Israel. The Trump years and its serious decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem went in the same direction.

However, the annexation of Jerusalem has been remaining, for decades, a blatant infringement of international law. It can today revive an escalation of uncontrollable violence. The radical right to power in Israel must urgently measure this risk. The fate of Jerusalem is at the heart of Palestinian identity. It is too sensitive universally for a political camp to believe in being the holder.

The question of Jerusalem is too nested of religious dimension not to be explosive. And too strategic regionally not to wake up on the targets. Starting with those of Erdogan Turkey who likes to recall the Ottoman right-of-way on the holy places for four centuries, until 1917.

point of view. Near East: A crisis not like the other .
© AFP An Israeli strike destroyed Saturday, May 15 a building with the television Al-Jazeera and the Agency Associated Press in Gaza. For eight days, Israeli military and Palestinian armed militants compete with bombs and rockets. Analysis of Bruno Tertrais, Politologist, Deputy Director of the Foundation for Strategic Research.

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