Canada traumatized by the bombing, the children of Gaza tell "the fear of dying"

12:35  23 may  2021
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Israel will continue its strikes on Gaza "As long as necessary", according to Netanyahu

 Israel will continue its strikes on Gaza © Reuters - Mohammed Salem several dwellings were destroyed after the shelves of the Israeli army on Gaza, May 16 2021. Security Council From the United Nations must meet this Sunday, May 16th, while the exchange of shots between the Gaza Strip and Israel continued during the night. The Israeli army hit the house of the Hamas chief for the Gaza Strip, Yahia Sinwar, while the Islamist movement again shot rockets.

Maïssa Abou Al-Awf, 22 ans, joue avec son frère de deux ans, Ahmad, et sa soeur de sept ans, Maram, dans la maison de leur grand-père à Gaza, le 20 mai 2021, après la destruction de leur domicile dans une frappe israélienne © Mohammed abed Maïsa Abu al-Awf, 22 years old, plays with her two-year-old brother, Ahmad, and her sister of seven, Maram In the house of their grandfather in Gaza, May 20, 2021, after the destruction of their homes in an Israeli striking

Israeli bombings have been in Gaza after 11 days of a murderer conflict. But they leave traumatized the children of the Palestinian enclave, exposed or re-expanded to the destruction and fear of dying.

in full striking of Israeli aviation on his district of Gaza, Zeina Dabous, 10 years old, wrote a little word left under his mother's pillow: "My darling mom, I'm very scared. If we owe all To die, I want us to be buried in the same grave and I want to stay in your arms ".

The Food Agency of the United Nations Sends Emergency Assistance to Gaza

 The Food Agency of the United Nations Sends Emergency Assistance to Gaza © AFP (Archive) A Palestinian charges a support carriage for help provided by the UN World Food Program in the Gaza Strip In 2019. Closing the passage points to Gaza runs the risk of inflation and a shortage of commodities, including food. The World Food Program (WFP) announced on Monday having decided to send emergency assistance to 51,000 people in the Palestinian enclave.

Après un cessez-le-feu entre Israël et le mouvement palestinien Hamas, des enfants regardent les dégâts dans leur quartier de Gaza le 21 mai 2021 depuis leur maison détruite par des frappes israéliennes © Mohammed Abed After a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement, children look at the damage in their district of Gaza on May 21, 2021 from their home destroyed by Israeli strikes

the testimony of Zeina, met by AFP the eve of the ceasefire that ended Friday at the deadly confrontation between Israel and Hamas, in power in Gaza, gives rise to children a tilting in a truly terrifying reality that difficult to Apprehend at this age.

Des femmes et des enfants palestiniens évacuent leur maison lors d'une frappe israélienne sur la ville de Gaza le 20 mai 2021 © Mohammed Abed Palestinian women and children evacuate their home during an Israeli strike on the city of Gaza on May 20, 2021

"They bombed all the time next to our house, all the streets", tell-t -The, explaining why the word left to his mother: "I was afraid to die".

The last cycle of violence, started on May 10, made 248 Palestinian deaths in Gaza, including 66 children and fighters, according to local authorities.

Correspondents Describe Challenges And Dangers Of Covering Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: “Everything Changes And Everything Is Unpredictable”

  Correspondents Describe Challenges And Dangers Of Covering Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: “Everything Changes And Everything Is Unpredictable” The dangers of covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been ever apparent in multiple TV live shots during the past week, as network correspondents describe the tense situation against a backdrop of incoming missiles and falling shrapnel. When NBC News’ Richard Engel went live on MSNBC from the outskirts of Ramallah on the West Bank on Tuesday, the scene was of chaos, with the sound of cracking in the air, demonstrators gathering and then scattering and then of what sounded like gunfire.

In Israel, rocket salvings drawn from the enclave killed 12 people, including a child and a teenager from the police.

- Pipi in bed -

in Gaza, where the fertility rate is among the highest in the world, half of the two million people under 18, according to UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund )

Four conflicts ravaged the Enclave under Israeli blockade in less than 13 years: in 2009, 2012, 2014 and ... in 2021. Zeina had barely four years in the previous war.

"A whole generation ravaged by repeated conflicts", lament his grandfather, Said Dabous, who lives under the same roof.

According to the NGO Save the Children, this repeated exposure to violence heavily affects the mental health of the youngest.

"Children are crises of terror, they suffer from lack of sleep, show disturbing psychic signs, such as tremors, and are putting back to bed at the bed," the NGO alert specialized in child protection.

A representative of Hamas expects a truce but the fighting between Israel and Gaza continue

 A representative of Hamas expects a truce but the fighting between Israel and Gaza continue Israel-Palestinians: a representative of Hamas expects a truce but the fighting between Israel and Gaza continue © Reuters / Ammar AWAD A representative of Hamas provides for a Truce But the fighting between Israel and Gaza continue by Nidal Al-Mughrabi and Rami Ayyub Gaza (Reuters) - a senior Hamas official predicted a ceasefire in the coming days, while the clashes between Israel and Palestinian armed factions of Gaza have been raging since May 10th.

to try to soothe the panic fear of his two-year-old brother, Ahmad, after a knock destroyed their homes and killed some of their families in the Al-Rimal district of Gaza, Maïsa Abu al-Awf, 22 years old, did his best.

"At every explosion, he shouted and cried," she remembers. And she told him, "Do not worry it's just a balloon that broke out".

- "Aggressive Generation" -

The 42-person bodies, including 10 women and 8 children, were found under the rubble of the building.

Their little sister Maram, 7, survived, but two others perished. "I was under stones, I called Mom for help," she says.

From the first days of the conflict, the Gaza Community Center dedicated to Mental Health (GCMHP) took the lead and posted on Facebook a message to parents: dialogue, try to distract them by playing or drawing with them, or even pray.

No studies were able to quantify the magnitude of the trauma or post-traumatic stress syndromes left in recent years in the children of Gaza. But the specialized center says receiving each month hundreds of new minor patients.

Exposure to "a violent shock" very frequently arouses "behavioral violence" in return, explains Mohammed Abu Sabeh, Center's psychologist.

"Wars have sowed this violence at home and at school," he says and these mental health problems, with possible consequences for adulthood development, affect "a catastrophic number of children ".

and the lack of means in this overcrowded territory and already largely dependent on international aid does not make it "not optimistic" on future support.

"This conflict will necessarily give birth to an aggressive, violent and full of hatred generation," he dreads.


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