Canada Judge rules against Ontario third-party campaign finance rules

03:46  09 june  2021
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Ontario has passed a sweeping set of campaign finance reforms to clamp down on cash-for-access fundraising, end corporate and union donations, impose tighter caps on individual contributions and put restrictions on SuperPAC-style third - party advertiser. The Globe and Mail. The Election Finances Act – prompted by a Globe and Mail investigation into pay-to-play fundraising – passed its final vote in the legislature Thursday morning with all three parties in support. The new law leaves loopholes, but nonetheless represents the province's most substantial attempt in a generation to curb the influence of

The judge found that the rules against procuring further isolates already marginalized or inexperienced sex workers, who are “effectively prevented” from approaching their more experienced peers for advice or support. The third - party ban, McKay said, makes it all but impossible for most sex workers to work co-operatively with others, whether for health and safety reasons or sharing staff. It was not immediately clear if the prosecution would seek to appeal.

TORONTO — An Ontario judge has struck down a limit on third-party ad spending introduced by Premier Doug Ford’s government, declaring recent changes to the law unconstitutional.

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A group of education unions had argued the changes to the Election Finances Act would have a chilling effect on their rights to free expression in the year leading up to a provincial election.

The government recently doubled the restricted pre-election spending period to 12 months, but kept the $600,000 limit on third-party political advertisement spending the same.

The attorney general had argued that the changes, which came into force in May, were necessary to protect democratic elections from outside influence.

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Ontario judge has decided against granting a stay of a ruling that allows long-term expatriate Canadians to vote. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young. comments Leave a comment. In ruling against the federal government’s stay request, Appeal Court Justice Robert Sharpe says elections are rarely decided by a handful of votes as Ottawa argued they could be. As such, Sharpe said, the prospect of causing “irreparable harm” by allowing those who want to cast a ballot to do so was “fairly remote.”

A federal judge struck down more than a dozen rules governing campaign - finance activity, compounding confusion about a new overhaul law and ensuring the issue won't be clarified until after Election Day. The opinion issued by U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly over the weekend Another finding: The FEC improperly exempted the Internet and some charitable groups' activities from the law. Judge Kollar-Kotelly found that the rules governing state party voter-turnout operations also were insufficient, in some cases threatening the law's central goal of breaking the link between federal

But Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Morgan wrote in his Tuesday decision that extending the regulated spending period to 12 months was not necessary.

He said that's because the previous period of six months, introduced by the former Liberal government, achieved the same aims.

"There is no justification or explanation anywhere in the Attorney General’s record as to why the doubling of the pre-election regulated period was implemented. This lack of explanation has to be taken seriously," Morgan wrote.

Morgan's judgment declared the sections of the Election Finances Act involved in the court challenge to be no longer in force.

He said that ruling would take effect immediately given the sensitive timing of the case. The next provincial election is scheduled for June 2, 2022 -- less than a year away.

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Campaign finance regulation refers to attempts to regulate the ways in which political campaigns are funded. This includes all spending done to promote or support the promotion of candidates, ballot measures, political parties and more.

The Supreme Court should strike down campaign - finance rules that play partisan favorites. Can the government pass laws that effectively silence groups on one side of a political debate but not the other? You might think not. After all, under the Constitution, the government is supposed to treat everyone Unfortunately, under the guise of “ campaign - finance reform,” some states have enacted laws that muzzle some groups but not others. Massachusetts, for example, has completely banned for-profit businesses from giving money to political candidates and committees. But it allows unions to give

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"It would be unfair to the Applicants ... for statutory provisions that have been declared unconstitutional to remain in operation during this time," Morgan wrote.

"If the government wishes to amend the (Election Finances Act) yet again in time for the next election, it will have to navigate the legislative process in a way which allows it to do so."

A spokeswoman for Ford's office said the government is reviewing the decision.

"The purpose of this legislation was to prevent American-style spending by wealthy and powerful individuals and interests from unfairly influencing the democratic process," Ivana Yelich said.

Unions and interest groups applauded the decision.

Cara Zwibel with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, which acted as an intervener in the case, said the ruling "restores freedom of expression and freedom of association to Ontarians."

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Michigan Court of Claims judge Cynthia Stephens made a ruling against the bid aimed at halting vote-counting in Michigan during a court hearing on Thursday. She said she planned to issue a written ruling on Friday. In the Georgia case, the campaign alleged 53 late-arriving ballots The Trump campaign 's win came during a second day of sometimes duelling demonstrations over the integrity of the presidential election as supporters of both parties turned out in Philadelphia. Democrats rallied around the slogan of "count every vote", believing a complete tally would show former vice-president Joe

Two judges in Pennsylvania on Friday tossed a half dozen court cases the Trump campaign had brought to invalidate thousands of votes around Philadelphia, where voters carried President-elect Joe Biden to a clear win in the battleground state.

"This is not just about the right of third parties to speak out on issues that are important to them – it is about the rights of all the people of Ontario to hear those messages and participate in our democratic system," Zwibel said.

Unions representing teachers in elementary, secondary and English Catholic schools said in a joint statement that the decision is a win for the unions and all Ontarians.

"The Ford government’s deliberate attempt to shield itself from legitimate criticism and accountability from voters in the lead-up to the election has failed," the group said.

"Justice Morgan’s decision validates our positions and sends a strong message to the Ford government: rules that drown out government critics and silence dissenting voices have no place in a democracy."

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 8, 2021.

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