Canada Cutting trees, it's good for the climate (but it depends on where)

10:15  09 june  2021
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Development Minister Müller: "That would be a strong signal"

 Development Minister Müller: Gerd Müller calls on the Football Bundesliga to put more sustainability in the next few years and drift climate protection. © Provided by sport1.de Development Minister Müller: "That would be a strong signal" Federal Development Minister Gerd Müller calls on the Football Bundesliga to put more on sustainability in the coming years and promote climate protection. "DFB and the Bundesliga should make ahead and give themselves a completely new image.

En Suède, 70% des arbres coupés sont utilisés comme produits substitutifs au pétrole. | Arnaud Mesureur via Unsplash © in Sweden, 70% of cut trees are used as oil-substitutable products. | Arnaud Mesur ... in Sweden, 70% of cut trees are used as oil-substitutive products. | Arnaud Measurer via UNSPLASH

Cut trees, it's good for the climate. The following is the Swedish Forest Industry line against the European Commission, which plans to include the forest as a carbon sinks to fulfill its targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, set at -55. % by 2030.

This would lead to a "carbon debt" to the forest industry, because even if the forest is replanted, the trees take several years to push, during which the amount of carbon stored by the soil is negative.

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In February, the vice-president of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, told Swedish television that the state of Swedish forests was "worse than before" and that the country should adapt its forest management to higher temperatures .

These statements leaned the Swedish lobby of the forest, which ordered an study to defend its activity. At the heart of this report is "the substitution effect": when cut, the wood replaces fossil materials such as concrete, steel, plastics and fossil fuels.

to read also plant a thousand billion trees will not save the

climate on the other hand, let the forest intact without exploiting it would have a negative effect, because "when the tree dies, it frees carbon that it frees carbon. Stored in the atmosphere, "says Henrik Sjolund, the managing director of Holmen AB, a producer of Swedish wood, at the Bloomberg agency.

Eccentric forester planted millions of trees before dying of COVID-19

  Eccentric forester planted millions of trees before dying of COVID-19 Jerry Krouzel, 79, was working a tree planting job when COVID-19 felled the tall, formidable forester. Krouzel's daughters believe he was infected May 2 or May 3 on a tree planting crew headed to a site near Burns Lake, B.C. He died May 18 in his basement suite in Quesnel after refusing medical treatment for COVID-19. 9 infected, 1 dead in outbreak The veteran tree planter had sent messages to family members about a fellow worker who was coughing during transport to a planting site. Krouzel left the site fearing infection after working his final day on May 9.

The Swedish Forest Lobby is absolutely to mark its difference with what is practiced in tropical forests, where palm oil plantations cause overall deforestation and biomass loss.

In Sweden, 70% of cut trees are on the contrary used as substitute oil products (planks for construction, cardboard, paper, packaging ...), details the report. Thanks to the famous "substitution effect", the Swedish forest industry would ultimately reduce Swedish emissions of 93 million tonnes of carbon equivalent per year, according to its calculations.

Wooden calculations

A calculation that leaves NGO dubitative ecologists. "It takes several years before trees pusher and the soil accumulates carbon again", warns Elin Gotmark, spokesperson for the Swedish non-governmental organization Protect The Forest.

According to her, the forest industry decreases the overall quantity of carbon stored in terrestrial ecosystems. When the famous "substitution effect", it can not be taken into account this way.

O'Regan says 30 million trees to be planted this year, two billion by 2030

  O'Regan says 30 million trees to be planted this year, two billion by 2030 A Liberal campaign pledge to plant two billion trees by 2030 finally seems to have taken root. Natural Resources Minister Seamus O'Regan announced Friday that 30 million trees will be planted this season out of the two billion his government promised to plant over the next 10 years during the 2019 federal election campaign. That goal would see Canada plant an extra 200 million trees each year, which the government says will eventually help to sequester carbon. To get two billion trees into the ground over a decade, around 33 million would have to be planted each month during each tree-planting season.

"We have the same discussions with the steel industry, who claims to save coal because the wind turbines that are used to produce energy instead are steel", observes Artur Runge-Metzger , senior official of the CLIMATE BOARD OF THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION.

to read also carbon compensation is an impossible mission for large companies in reality, "This effect is already recognized as the carbon tax, which attributes a" premium "to forest products by penalizing fossil fuels", Does he argue.

It is appropriate that "active forest management" practices as in Sweden must be taken into account. "But incentives will not fall from the sky: it will be necessary to cover them with other carbon economies in one way or another."

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