Canada "United democracies": Will Joe Biden convince the Europeans beyond words?

17:15  10 june  2021
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Kelly McParland: Biden openly pledged to raise taxes — such honesty would be unthinkable in Canada

  Kelly McParland: Biden openly pledged to raise taxes — such honesty would be unthinkable in Canada U.S. President Joe Biden has some kind of nerve: right out in the open, where people could hear him, he announced his plan to jack up taxes by US$3.6 trillion ($4.35 trillion). Most of us long ago lost the ability to fathom the amounts of money governments raise and spend — once you start treating billions of dollars as pocket change, it gets beyond the financial planet most of us live on — but US$3.6 trillion is a lot. Biden said the increases Biden said the increases are needed to pay for the expensive programs he introduced earlier this year. The president’s epic spending is required to narrow the gap between the haves and the have-nots, while rebuilding long-neglected programs and infrastructure.

Le président américain Joe Biden, à Suffolk en Angleterre le 9 juin 2021. © Patrick Semansky US President Joe Biden, at Suffolk, England on June 9, 2021.

Start of the European program of Joe Biden Thursday, June 10: After his appointment with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the President American will participate at the top of the G7 and that of NATO before a face-to-face to Vladimir Putin. "The United States is back and democracies around the world are united to face the most difficult challenges," said Joe Biden on his arrival Wednesday in the United Kingdom. After the Trump years, the new tenant of the White House displays his will to unify and mobilize the Washington Allies around the idea of ​​democracy. Will he know each other with acts?

Before meeting with Putin, biden assures the Europeans of her support

 Before meeting with Putin, biden assures the Europeans of her support Video: European leaders spied by the United States: "It's extremely serious," reacts Clement Beaune (Le Figaro) Your Browser does not support this video © Provided by the Point L ES United States Reaffirm their support for the Europe . Before his first peak with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin , the US President Joe Biden promised that his country would be held alongside his European allies against the Russia .

"The Biden administration has a policy that is extremely positive with Europe, which makes Europe a major partner and who wants to build something new, explains Olivier-Rémy Bel, French researcher within a American Reflection Center, Atlantic Council, at the microphone of Nicolas Faz , the International RFI Service. And that's where Europeans wonder, since all are not sure to see the Biden administration attach the gesture to speech. "

" There were some very positive episodes such as the return of the United States in the Climate Agreement, "Olivier-Rémy Bel. But there have been other episodes that have left more friction with Europeans: for example, the American decision to remove American troops from Afghanistan and therefore lead to the closure of NATO's mission there. . The European Allies had not been consulted but simply "informed" of the American decision.

Joe Biden and Boris Johnson Smile Despite Political Disputes

 Joe Biden and Boris Johnson Smile Despite Political Disputes © Brendan Smialowski, AFP (from g. To d.) Jill and Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie Symonds, Carbis Bay, England, 10 June 2021. The US President and the British Prime Minister celebrated the "special relationship" which unites their two nations on Thursday at their first meeting, Carbis Bay, England. A conviviality displayed despite disagreements around Brexit and Northern Ireland.

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"Great Rhetoric on Europe"

Video: Joe Biden and Europeans: a relationship to rebuild (France 24)

Another example that surprised the Europeans: the US proposal to lift intellectual property protection on vaccines. The administration certainly has a "great rhetoric on Europe", but the question remains, points out Olivier-Rémy Bel: "Will it have more interest and attention to Asia or will be She really capable of investing by concrete the transatlantic relationship?

Just before take-off on board Air Force One, the US president assured that the purpose of his trip was to tell "clearly to Putin and China that the United States and Europe [were ] Welded. My trip to Europe is an opportunity for America to mobilize democracies around the world. " For the Atlantic Council's researcher, "appear as defending democracy, breaking with the Trump administration, it is a signal sent in terms of domestic policy."

Vladimir Putin hopes that Joe Biden will have fewer "impulsive maneuvers" than Donald Trump

 Vladimir Putin hopes that Joe Biden will have fewer © Angela Weiss Alexey Druzhinin Vladimir Putin (left) and Joe Biden must meet on June 16 in Geneva, Switzerland. AFP / Alexey Druzhinin and Angela Weiss Vladimir Putin, Russian President, said Friday hope that his American counterpart Joe Biden would be less impulsive than his predecessor Donald Trump. This statement comes a few days of the expected first summit between the two heads of state , June 16, in Geneva (Switzerland).

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Europeans between the two Chinese and American mastodontes

but the purpose of this summit to promote democracy really to redo the transatlantic relationship the center of Washington diplomacy? From Barack Obama, the United States has carried out their "pivot to Asia" and it is not Joe Biden who will go back. "Today, China is the polar star of American politics, confirms Olivier-Rémy Bel. The French researcher emphasizes the "existential" character of Sino-American rivalry for two reasons: "The emergence of another power that comes coming coming with the American power" on the one hand and on the other, "a competition between the models. There is an issue to show that a democratic system is currently capable of underpinning an international order.

The rivalry between the two superpowers will certainly occupy the spirits during the G7 as the NATO summit, where "Americans want to boost the work on China," explains Olivier-Rémy. This is where the European position is delicate. "It's one of the points where Europe has a lot to bring. And at the same time, it is also a strategic rivalry where Europeans will want to preserve a form of independence. We do not want to be taken between the Chinese mastodon and the American mastodon.

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The West is moving to isolate China — and Canada could reap the rewards .
Over the past several days, western democracies have taken steps to constrain the Chinese Communist Party at the G7, NATO, Canada-EU and Biden-Putin summits. While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to be avoiding the fray, Canada could benefit from efforts to isolate China.But there was little the CCP could do to turn a tide that clearly has turned against it.

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