Canada "Very sloppy": Baerbock does not want to make any further corrections on the resume

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Opinion: The "Ten Commandments" by Annalena Baerbock and the Greens

 Opinion: The are the Greens really an economic party? No, they are market economists like most other parties - despite poisonous campaigns of business lobbyists, Jens Thurau says. © Insm.de The Green Chancellor Candidate Annalena Baerbock cariced as the new Moses with divine programs the Greens, the enemies of the economy? Really? An ad campaign of the Nightcut Lobby Group "Initiative New Social Market Economy" at the end of Yast week is suggested.

Green Chief Annalena Baerbock will not need to do details of your resume according to your own information. The question of whether the corrections are completed with it, she asked her on Thursday evening in the ARD broadcast "color confess".

Annalena Baerbock © dpa annalena baerbock

The question "Why are you talking great as you are?" The designated Chancellor candidate of the Greens replaced. "I did not do that." She had important professional stages and their connections to unite and present organizations in the CV on their website "very compressed".

Baerbock had initially listed on their website among memberships, among other things, the Transatlantic Foundation German Marshall Fund and the UN Refugee Hilfswerk Unhcr. Later, the page was changed , the headline is instead of "memberships" now "advisory councils, (conveyor) memberships, regular support".

Union tip is moving from Maaßen: Ziemiak calls Tweet to Baerbock "unspeaky"

 Union tip is moving from Maaßen: Ziemiak calls Tweet to Baerbock in the face of a tweet against the green chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock growing within the Union the criticism of the CDU Bundestag candidate and former Constitution Protection Chef Hans-Georg Maaßen. "I actually feel him as a stress in the election campaign," said CSU Secretary-General Markus Flower on Sunday in the "Image" broadcast "The Right Questions". © AFP Hans-Georg Maeas "of such orders of orders but we clearly off.

Baerbock: "Very sloppy"

"That was obviously very sloppy," Baerbock said. "I've obviously made a mistake, and I'm very, very sorry, because it actually goes in these moments around great other questions just in our country."

Baerbock made it clear that they did not see the Chancellor's candidacy of the Greens -Parteichef Robert Habeck wants to give. You find it important to stand for errors and correct. "Every person makes mistakes in life." Now hide or withdraw, "I'm not all," that's not all. " On Saturday, the party congress should confirm the nomination of Baerbocks and vote in the same vote also over the Lace Duo Baerbock and Habel.

According to Baerbocks Nomination in April, the Greens in surveys were temporarily in front of the Union at 28 percent. In the current ARD Germany Trend by Infratest Dimap, however, the party is 20 percent, the CDU / CSU at 28 percent. Also in the right comparison of the three chancellor candidates Baerbock was temporarily forward. 28 percent of respondents would have decided in May for them if the Chancellor would be directly eligible - Baerbock ended with clear losses with 16 percent in third place behind CDU candidate Armin Laschet and SPD candidate Olaf Scholz.

with a view to the former 28 percent personal consent told Baerbock: "So I never was so holy, but all make mistakes." For that, she paid painfully what you also see in the surveys. (dpa)

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