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01:25  11 june  2021
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NHL's COVID protocol-related absences for June 3, 2021

  NHL's COVID protocol-related absences for June 3, 2021 Each day, the NHL will publicly release the list of players that are unavailable to their respective teams due to being in the COVID-19 Protocol. Here is today's list.Colorado – Jayson Megna

mood changes in Germany: At the beginning of May, the green and Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock in a survey was still clear. Their crash has many reasons.

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Five weeks ago, the characters were reversed: would have been a general election, the Greens would have won - before the Union Parties CDU / CSU. In the GermanyTrend of the opinion research institute "Infratest Dimap" on behalf of ARD television, the environmental party was for the first time. With a plus of four percentage points, it had won exactly as much as the conservatives had to leave. From this from the view of the green beautiful snapshot, nothing remained. The survey result in June shows a minus of six percentage points for you, while the black five make up.

Value Union continues to the right: Ottes Vice has been NaziGegenheit

 Value Union continues to the right: Ottes Vice has been NaziGegenheit Max Ottes Vice to be charged in 1990, official of neonazic nadges. While Otte holds to him, beating more and more Union politicians alarm. © Photo: DPA / Karlheinz Schindler Max Otte is criticized because of its proximity to the AFD. The newly elected chairman of the Conservative Value Union Max Otte is strong in criticism because of its proximity to the Union. Now it turns out that one of his three deputies.

mathematically, the two political camps continued to have a common majority to form the first federal government after the 16-year-old era under Chancellor Angela Merkel. However, the successors would be Armin Laschet at the moment. His competitor Annalena Baerbock and her party would have to be satisfied in a coalition with the role of the junior partner.

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Main reason For the change of moods, imprecise information is likely to be in its CV published on the Internet and late in the Bundestag revenue for her activity as a green boss. Among other things, the inconsistencies in Baerbocks Vita are among other things to make memberships in international organizations such as the United Nations Refugee Hilfswerk (UNHCR). "That was crap," admitted the 40-year-old now. Her credibility, these mistakes have damped anywhere.

Culture of Corruption: ex-UAW leader gets 28-month sentence

  Culture of Corruption: ex-UAW leader gets 28-month sentence DETROIT (AP) — He plotted to steal up to $1.5 million in union dues, and the money he diverted was spent on golf clubs, vacation homes, booze and lavish meals, fostering a culture of corruption within the United Auto Workers union. Now former UAW president Gary Jones will have to spend 28 months in a federal prison and repay thousands of dollars for his crimes. Jones, 64, was sentenced Thursday by U.S. District Judge Paul Borman in Detroit after pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy last year. Borman ordered that Jones surrender for his term in 90 days and recommended a federal prison in Texas so he would be close to his wife who now lives there.

Union benefits from success at the Corona control

in a direct election of the highest government office that does not exist in Germany would be the leading Chancellor candidate of the Greens at the moment in May at this question in Germany trend. She ends with 16 percent far away behind Armin Laschet (29) and the Social Democratic Chancellor Candidate Olaf Scholz (26).

Grünen-Kanzlerkandidatin Annalena Baerbock hat den Spitzenplatz im Deutschlandtrend an Armin Laschet verloren © Markus Schreiber / AFP / Getty Images Green Chancellor Candidate Annalena Baerbock has lost the top spot in Germany trend to Armin Laschet

The crumbling sympathy for Annalena Baerbock and its party were also watching the state election in Saxony-Anhalt last Sunday : The CDU triumphed while the Greens remained far behind the expectations.

Obviously, the Union camp benefits not only from mismatches of the Greens, but also from the relaxing situation on the Corona front. According to GermanyTrend, a clear majority of 61 percent now considers the measures of the Federal Government to curb pandemic appropriate. In the previous month, it was only 40 percent. The opinion researcher explains this turnaround with falling infection numbers and a "benevolent accompaniment approached Corona relaxations".

Lashet pokers on clear demarcation of the Union to AFD

 Lashet pokers on clear demarcation of the Union to AFD CDU boss and Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet pokers a clear demarcation of his party to AFD and at the same time at a distance of the conservative value union. "Any approach to the AFD can not be done with the CDU. Who does that, can leave the CDU," said the newspapers of the spark media group of Thursday. To the value union he said, this is "no part of the Union".

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positively noticeable Make progress in the Corona vaccination campaign for the Federal Government. The previously applicable vaccination rules feel seven out of ten personally as fairly. However, the abolition of the vaccination prioritization is controversial in the population.

as one of the great political problems see the climate and environmental protection surveyed by "Infratest Dimap". However, the opinions are far apart which measures could be the right ones. Absolute majorities are only available at the question of higher prices for air travel and a speed limit of 130 hour kilometers on highways. An increase in the gasoline price of the Greens in the sale of the gasoline price by 16 cents to 2023, however, hold 75 percent for the wrong direction.

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Wherever it turns the people living in Germany in the summer vacation when they want to travel over, even afterwards the opinion researchers have asked for Germany. After cooling and wet spring, the long-distance wicker is still very weak with now summery temperatures. Nearly 40 percent each want to vacation in Germany or do not travel. A nearest quarter attracts it into European countries and six percent beyond.

as the balance of the Germans often referred to as travel world champions will end up in the end, however, should also depend on the development of a topic that will last around the world for a while: Corona.

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Author: Marcel Fürstenau

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