Canada In Iraq, children's work further increases with the CVIV-19

14:20  12 june  2021
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Iraq: a Turkish drone strike against a Kurdish refugee camp made several deaths

 Iraq: a Turkish drone strike against a Kurdish refugee camp made several deaths © Safin Hamed AFP / Archivos Implaced IDPs receive help from the Emirati Red Crescent in the Debaga camp east of Makhmur , in northern Iraq, May 25, 2021 (image of illustration). three civilians were killed this Saturday, June 5 in the bombing of a Turkish drone on a refugee camp in northern Iraq, that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had recently threatened to "clean" because of the presence of the presence of the presence of the presence of Party of Kurdistan workers (PKK).

Plus d’un million d’enfants travaillaient déjà en Irak avant la crise du coronavirus.

Crisis for more than one million children already worked in Iraq before the coronavirus crisis.

This Saturday, June 12 marks World Day Against Child Labor. According to the latest estimates, nearly 160 million children would work today in the world, an increase of 8.4 million over the last four years. In Iraq, the number of working children are increasing, because of conflicts, forced displacements, economic challenges and more recently, the pandemic.

with our correspondent in Baghdad,

Lucile Wassermann

on the outskirts of Baghdad, dozens of kids are to the maneuver: sale of handkerchiefs, windshield washing, fuel distribution ... they are 6 or 13 years old They are activated under a lead sun.

Iraq: two drones slaughtered over a base housing

 Iraq: two drones slaughtered over a base housing © supplied by the point d them drones were slaughtered on Sunday above an air base housing American soldiers in Iraq , a New attack technique for pro-Iranian armed groups that worries Iraqi and American officials. These two flying gear were intercepted by the C-RAM defense batteries, installed by the US military after the multiplication of rocket salvings and other projectiles on their troops and diplomats in Iraq.

Henrick, a 48-year-old Iraqi official, spends the majority of his free time here to financially help parents. And prevent them from sending their children to the street. Here, it is called "Papa Noël".

"How are you, my darling? Henrick asks a young boy. "It's okay," says he. "How old are you? - Uh ... 10 years old! - 10 years old and you're not going to school? - No, I pick up cans in the street. A widespread activity in children, which then resell the metal. The mother of the little boy, at his side, explains to have little choice: "I know they want to go back to school. But I do not even have money to buy clothes, pants, books ... Everyone here lives the same situation. »

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child labor:" They wear heavy bags ten hours a day "

" They treat with gangsters " Henrick does not blame it, but worries: little jobs can quickly become dangerous in Iraq. "There are children who work to bring back money to their parents, but there are also those who work for mafias, networks, which include very important people. These children, they take big risks, because they deal with gangsters, alcoholics, drug addicts. More than one million children were already working in Iraq before the coronavirus crisis. A figure that could increase well after rising poverty in the country.

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Iraq opens a hinge to identify victims of the Islamic State group (EI) .
© Zaid Al-Obeidi, AFP Bodies found in a huge hinker near Badouch Prison, not far from Mosul in the north of Iraq, photographed on June 13, 2021. The Iraqi authorities announced, Sunday, out of a hinge the remnants of 123 victims of one of the worst massacres of the Islamic State (EI) group, in the context of An identification work carried out with families. This is one of the worst massacres committed by the Islamic State (EI) group in Iraq.

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