Canada Opinion: The "Ten Commandments" by Annalena Baerbock and the Greens

19:55  16 june  2021
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Preliminary Result: CDU in Saxony-Anhalt wins Landtag election with 37.1 percent

 Preliminary Result: CDU in Saxony-Anhalt wins Landtag election with 37.1 percent The CDU has become clear in the state election in Saxony-Anhalt, according to the provisional official end result, 37.1 percent clearly strongest strength. As the country electoral leadership announced in the night of Monday in Magdeburg, the AfD reached 20.8 percent in second place. It followed the left with 11.0 percent, the SPD with 8.4 percent and the Greens at 5.9 percent, while the FDP returned to the state parental with 6.4 percent after ten years.

are the Greens really an economic party? No, they are market economists like most other parties - despite poisonous campaigns of business lobbyists, Jens Thurau says.

Die grüne Kanzlerkandidatin Annalena Baerbock karikiert als der neue Moses mit göttlichen Geboten © Insm.de The Green Chancellor Candidate Annalena Baerbock cariced as the new Moses with divine programs

the Greens, the enemies of the economy? Really? An ad campaign of the Nightcut Lobby Group "Initiative New Social Market Economy" at the end of Yast week is suggested. Since the Chancellor candidate of the party, Annalena Baerbock , as the biblical Moses is presented, with completely new websites on the panels.

To name only a few of the commandments, the Baerbock allegedly proclaimed the people: "You can not fly. You can not participate in the free trade." And, quite perfect: "You must not hope that the state is reasonable with your taxes." The ad seemed punctually to the beginning of the party days of the Greens last weekend in several major German daily newspapers.

children's rights in the Basic Law: Disappointment on all pages

 children's rights in the Basic Law: Disappointment on all pages disappointment on all pages The big coalition wanted to explicitly anchor the rights of children in the constitution. However, Union and SPD did not succeed in a common formulation with Greens and FDP. © Imago Images / Thomas Eisenhuth Many are disappointed: children's rights are not anchored in the Basic Law for the time being. The plans of the Federal Government to anchor children's rights explicitly in the Basic Law have failed.

top green in business

but is really true? Actually, the campaign only shows the panic of certain parts of the German economy, that with a possible government participation of the Greens after the federal election in the fall, the plan economy in Germany could hold. The Greens have long since made their peace with market economy and growth.

DW-Hauptstadtkorrespondent Jens Thurau © Provided by Deutsche Wave DW Capital Correspondent Jens Thurau

In wide areas of SMEs, for example, have good contacts between the Greens and the companies. Not a few top green ones are changed to the economy in recent years. The former Economic Expert of the Bundestag Faction of the Greens, for example, Kerstin Andreae, has been the main manager of the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management since November 2019. And that since the takeover of government responsibility by the Green Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann in the car country Baden-Württemberg 2011 had held the ecological socialism, is also not traded.

"Very sloppy": Baerbock does not want to make any further corrections on the resume

 Green Chief Annalena Baerbock will not need to do details of your resume according to your own information. The question of whether the corrections are completed with it, she asked her on Thursday evening in the ARD broadcast "color confess". © dpa annalena baerbock The question "Why are you talking great as you are?" The designated Chancellor candidate of the Greens replaced. "I did not do that." She had important professional stages and their connections to unite and present organizations in

Video: Merkel to MPKS since 2005: "Never have a problem not mastered" (Reuters)

What's the campaign? The Greens offer classical methods of economic and economic promotion - only focused on economic sectors that really help to reach the ambitious German climate goals. Objectives, which were recently underpinned by the groundbreaking ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court. Karlsruhe had assessed that German climate policy must be drastically intensified in order not to impair the freedom rights of future generations.

A greeting from past times

500 billion euros want the Greens to pour in the people over the next ten years, it is in their program. For a sustainable building renovation, for new forms of mobility, for a path away from the gasoline and diesel engine. So for all the things that also demand all other democratic parties in Germany. Only that the Greens call a sum, unlike the Union.

"Serenity and Strength": Greens discuss key questions and swear to choose an

 of the Green Party Congress has rejected several outlets for partly far-reaching tightening of the climate protection program with significant majorities. Thus, the delegates voted against a speed limit of 70 kilometers per hour on highways and one out for new vehicles with internal combustion engine 2025. In advance, fierce discussions had been expected in advance in the air conditioning area - the first day of the three-day online delegate conference ended even earlier than planned.The LAG Bu

and therefore the campaign of the "New Social Market Management Initiative" mutates like a greeting from last times. Nobody has to worry about the foundations of the constitution of the Federal Republic under a possible Chancellor Annalena Baerbock, also the entrepreneurs. Safe: The Greens are one for a strong, creative state. But whether after the pandemic really can really raise all the many billion euros seriously that you demand in your program is another topic.

All parties are bound to the specification from Karlsruhe

when asked how the Greens keep it with the economy, it is about the core to finally make in Germany seriously with a sustainable, climate-friendly production. In the energy sector, in the food industry, traffic, buildings. Much is already achieved. But not always the winners of the past will also be the winners of the future. The lobbyists of the "new social market economy" initiative should not be fooled: also the other parties, also CDU, CSU, FDP and SPD are bound to the specification from Karlsruhe.

sure the Greens have hard to fight with the stigma of the prohibition party. But If the Chancellor candidate is open to it, whether all the short-haul flights in the future are still useful , then it only outlines, which also the other parties must face. All in all, the campaign of the "new social market economy initiative" is difficult of yesterday. And not yet.

Author: Jens Thurau

destroyed Landesverband in Saarland: Green sinking in the chaos .
The Greens in the Saarland disassemble: The top candidate for the general election is highly controversial, the landlock came back shortly after his choice - the deputy should even have escaped from the party. © Oliver Dietze / DPA in the Landesverband Saarland of the Green Robt A power struggle ( read more here), which now has personnel consequences.

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