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01:15  22 june  2021
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"Serenity and Strength": Greens discuss key questions and swear to choose an

 of the Green Party Congress has rejected several outlets for partly far-reaching tightening of the climate protection program with significant majorities. Thus, the delegates voted against a speed limit of 70 kilometers per hour on highways and one out for new vehicles with internal combustion engine 2025. In advance, fierce discussions had been expected in advance in the air conditioning area - the first day of the three-day online delegate conference ended even earlier than planned.The LAG Bu

After long deliberations, Ulrich was finally placed in first place on the list and received 95 votes in favor, 47 against, with two abstentions. Saarland regional association of the Greens completely torn – a burden also for Annalena Baerbock ? The party is now completely torn – but the struggle is apparently not over yet! As the Saarländischer Rundfunk reports, some delegates have already announced that they want to challenge this party congress result because the women’s statute of the Green Party actually stipulates that number one on the list must be occupied by a woman.

Annalena Baerbock , the leader of the Greens , delivers a speech at the conference in the German city of Bielefeld. The ruling amended the women's statue of the party's constitution, which previously stated: "If the list of female speakers is exhausted, the assembly should be asked if the debate should continue." The amendment means that in the event of a gender imbalance, male members will no longer have a say in whether a discussion continues, placing power firmly in the hands of female members.

in Saarland leads with ex-landlift Hubert Ulrich a man the election list of Greens - but that could be a sentence shift. Now Chancellor candidate An Annalena Baerbock turns on.

  Annalena Baerbock kritisiert Grünen-Liste im Saarland - Mann auf Platz eins © Bernd von Jutrczenka / DPA

The Green Chancellor Candidate Annalena Baerbock experienced significant criticism of the preparation of the Bundestag candidates of their party in the Saarland . After the election of the former state party Hubert Ulrich in place One of the Landeslist said Baerbock on Monday in Berlin : "We wished us differently."

Ulrich had prevailed on a Land Party Day on Sunday as the top candidate after the now prevails Country Chairman Tina Creator had failed several times. Ulrich finally won against the chairman of the green youth in Saarland, Jeanne Dillschneider. That a man now leads the state list, according to the view of many critics against the women's statute of the Greens. This actually writes a woman at the top.

The German Greens invest their candidate for the Chancery, weakened by "Errors"

 The German Greens invest their candidate for the Chancery, weakened by © provided by the German Green Point are officially invested Saturday in Berlin their candidate for the Chancery, Annalyna Baerbock, despite the "errors" It has admitted and weaken it in the race for the succession of Angela Merkel . The 688 ecologist delegates, gathered in Berlin for a party congress, voted 98.5% for the duet that Ms. Baerbock, officially invested candidate, form with Robert Habeck, co-chairman of the party. as a comparison, Ms. Baerbock had obtained 97.1% of the votes during

But Baerbock cannot hide her disappointment: “We hoped for more”. The Greens would have liked to have achieved a double-digit result in Saxony-Anhalt. In the meantime, in some surveys, it looked like this might work. But now they are just a little better off than in 2016, when they just moved into the Hans-Georg Maaßen, the former President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and a controversial CDU candidate in southern Thuringia, asked on Twitter whether it was a “coincidence or a cipher” that the initials Baerbocks – her three first names are Annalena Charlotte Alma – are ACAB

Annalena Baerbock is a person ‘like you and me ’, a 38-year-old woman who has been part of the Berlin Bundestag since 2013. Last year, she became chairperson of her party in a team of two, with her colleague Robert Habeck. So, if Baerbock becomes chancellor, would she take office as part of a team of two as well? No, there can only be one chancellor, but we are getting ahead of ourselves here. The Greens have come a long way. In the mid to late 1970s, left-wing groups in Western Germany opposed nuclear power plants and the rearmament implemented by the United States and NATO.

According to the defeat Creator had decided the party congress that a man may run on list court 1, reports Saarland broadcasting. Some delegates see in Ulrich's candidacy a violation of the party statute and therefore already announced to choose the election. A man could only compete for list square 1 if a woman falls through in the choice and no other choice.

The case reaches the federal level

The matter was discussed in accordance with Baerbocks on Monday also in the Federal Board. Concerning the Federal Building Guide Michael Kellner with the Saarland Landesverband still "be in intensive exchange," announced the Federal Chairman of the Greens.

is feared that the choice of Ulrichs could be challenged legally. "We're shocked about the way how the Greens's Women's statute has been passed away and see blatant sentence offenses here," it says in a statement of the green youth Saar. "Furthermore, it was possible to accept, may not be able to submit a valid list."

Ulrich has always been controversial at the Greens, because the Landesverband had pronounced under his leadership in 2009 for a Jamaica coalition at Saar, although mathematically At that time red-red-green would have been possible. After the election defeat of the Saarland Greens in 2017, Ulrich put his offices down.

destroyed Landesverband in Saarland: Green sinking in the chaos .
The Greens in the Saarland disassemble: The top candidate for the general election is highly controversial, the landlock came back shortly after his choice - the deputy should even have escaped from the party. © Oliver Dietze / DPA in the Landesverband Saarland of the Green Robt A power struggle ( read more here), which now has personnel consequences.

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