Canada "One feels like criminals": In the United Kingdom, thousands of Europeans tossed by Brexit

22:47  23 june  2021
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Summit of NATO reunions but Crews on China

 Summit of NATO reunions but Crews on China © provided by the point R insured by the desire of President Joe Biden to "revitalize" alliances, NATO members participate in a " Reunion summit "Monday in Brussels, but the Europeans are suspicious and divided against the strategic reorientation desired by the Americans. Two Emerging Bruding Points: Defense Financing and China . "There are convergences and there are differences," recognizes the Secretary General of the Alliance, Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg .

Sans le settled status, les Européens qui vivent au Royaume-Uni pourraient se retrouver privés de droits. © Getty Images via AFP without the Settled Status, Europeans living in the UK could be deprived of rights.

In the United Kingdom, thousands of European nationals are likely to be deprived of rights following Brexit. They have until June 30 to solicit permanent resident status. A trail of the fighter.

A stack of documents in the hands, Giuliana and her husband Emilio seem to be nerves. The Italian couple, like all European nationals settled in the United Kingdom , A until June 30 to solicit the "settled status", a permanent resident title. 5.6 million people have already initiated the approaches, according to the Ministry of the Interior. Nearly 60,000 would have suffered a refusal. And 330,000 are still waiting for their response, according to the British media.

Saudi Arabia executes young Shiite man for violent rebellion

  Saudi Arabia executes young Shiite man for violent rebellion DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Saudi Arabia executed a young man Tuesday who was convicted on charges stemming from his participation in an anti-government rebellion by minority Shiites. A leading rights group said his trial, however, was “deeply flawed.” It was unclear whether Mustafa bin Hashim bin Isa al-Darwish, 26, was executed for crimes committed as a minor, according to Amnesty International. The rights group said he was detained in 2015 for alleged participation in riots between 2011 and 2012. The official charge sheet does not specify the dates his alleged crimes took place, meaning he could have been 17 at the time, or just turned 18.

for Giuliana and Emilio, the steps, accessible exclusively on the Internet, turn to the nightmare. It is very confused and one feels like criminals, is desolate Giuliana, come to take advice to the Inca association, in northern London. For her, everything is good: she already has two passports, Italian and British . But Emilio, Hairdresser in London for forty years, never wanted to ask for double nationality: he is too attached to his Italian passport.

"Why do not I ask all these documents?

With the help of Dimitri, counselor of the association, he finally fails to complete his file on time. A relief. Because without the Settled Status, European citizens will no longer be able to work, rent an apartment or access health care in the United Kingdom. And it will be the same for children born in the British territory of European parents.

Under the influence of conspiracies, a star is born

  Under the influence of conspiracies, a star is born Dozens of flags fluttered in the spring breeze above a crowd that spanned Sherbrooke St. and stretched far into the distance, past the Olympic Stadium. Thousands chanted, played drums, hit pots and pans, and carried signs and posters. “THE MEDIA IS THE VIRUS,” their messages read. “WAKE UP.” Through the mass of people walked a man in a white jacket, flanked by towering bodyguards and camera crews. The crowd noticed. “That’s Dan Pilon,” one woman told another. A man walked up and asked for a selfie. A ring of admirers soon assembled. “I love him,” said one woman who took a picture with Pilon. “Everything he’s done for a year now, he’s been fighting hard.

Gaetano Sue big drops by settling in turn to the office. In London for eighteen years, he manages a Sicilian restaurant in the Chelsea district. This is the second time he solicits the help of the association: complete this document on the Internet makes it crazy. The site is unendingly and I do not understand why I am asked all these documents. All the more hardworking he has lost some papers, during a water leak in his apartment.

"I feel like a stranger at home"

According to the Times, on the 820,000 Europeans who receive British social benefits (family allowances, income aid, etc.), nearly 130,000 have not filed their request. In 70% of cases, these are isolated, elderly or suffering from mental disorders. Without help, they will find themselves deprived of their rights, on July 1st.

That's what happened in Adélia without the support of his granddaughter. Retired for several years, this 70-year-old Brazilian, with an Italian passport, lives alone. She tried to register, but she does not speak English: I did not understand anything!

Hannah, she speaks English perfectly. And for good reason, this 33-year-old Belgian arrived in England at the age of 5. But she had the wrong idea of ​​studying in Europe. Revenue less than five years ago, she lost her seniority on the territory. The Settled Status has been refused. It will have to be content with a temporary status, valid for five years. I feel like a stranger at home, said. My rights have been removed me, I can not apply for unemployment benefits.

Gibraltar votes in favor of relaxing the abortion legislation .
© AFP - Jorge Guerrero A referendum voted in favor of relaxing the abortion legislation in Gibraltar. The inhabitants of the little British territory of Gibraltar voted to a large majority for a relaxation of the legislation on abortion, one of the harshest in the world, a great progress for this small territory attached to Spain and depending on The British Crown, Gibraltar had a significant delay in Spanish or British law on the right to abortion.

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