Canada Police has "lateral thinker" in the catastrophe in view

06:30  22 july  2021
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Two police watchdogs now mandated to probe domestic violence, experts say more needed

  Two police watchdogs now mandated to probe domestic violence, experts say more needed ST. JOHN'S, N.L. — Newfoundland and Labrador's new police oversight agency has become just the second in Canada with an explicit mandate to investigate allegations of domestic violence committed by officers, a crime that experts say is too often kept in the shadows. "It's a virtually unknown area, and the few stats or reports we can look at only really scratch the surface of this," said Erick Laming, a University of Toronto doctoral student who studies police accountability.

Koblenz. Among the many helpers, there are some of the "lateral thinkers" scene and the right spectrum accessible persons who introduce themselves here. The police warns before.

 Die zerstörten Dörfer brauchen viele Helfer. Darunter kann es auch einige geben, die die Situation ausnutzen möchten. © Philipp von ditfurth The destroyed villages need many helpers. It can also give some who want to exploit the situation.

in the catastrophe area on the AHR, the police have potential activities of right-wing extremists and the so-called "lateral thinker" scene. "We know about the presence from the social media and of course are also present on site," said a police spokesman on Wednesday. You do not look away. "If people from this spectrum publicly represent themselves, that does not pass us by. We evaluate the police. "On Tuesday, the police declared Koblenz on Twitter, she was aware that currently right-wing extremists as" on-site behavior ".

Arrest made after Muslim woman, daughter faced 'terrifying' threats Hamilton police believe was hate crime

  Arrest made after Muslim woman, daughter faced 'terrifying' threats Hamilton police believe was hate crime A 40-year-old man was arrested by Hamilton police Tuesday in what is being investigated as a hate crime after a Muslim mother and her daughter faced racial slurs and threats to their lives. Police say the two were walking through a parking lot in the Ancaster Meadowlands area around 9:30 p.m. ET on Monday. A vehicle pulled out of a parking spot, officers say, and almost hit one of them.

The spokesman continued on Wednesday, the authorities were known that in the Ahrweiler, particularly strongly affected by the flooding, a police-like car with the inscription "Peace Vehicle" move. "Such a paint is not forbidden as long as non-police is on top, there is no blue light or a sovereign police crest," said the speaker. According to the findings of the police, the false report was spread from this vehicle on Tuesday, the number of emergency services was reduced. The police may continue to be without interruption in the catastrophe area.

The political scientist Josef Holnburger said, among other things, it is about sowing mistrust against the state with this vehicle. That rights in Ahrweiler are on the way, do not surprise him. "They like to be a pecker himself." Rather new on this terrain people are from the "lateral thinker" scene. "That has become a complete shoulder," said Holnburger.

Police reject responsibility to Wembley storm from

 Police reject responsibility to Wembley storm from London. The London police do not want to make the criticism of their deployment around the Wembley Stadium on Sunday and rejects responsibility after the storm of the stadium in front of the EM final against Italy. © David Cliff is in criticism: the police after the Wembley storm. The police rejects responsibility for the stadium storm from the final of the Football Cheem between England and Italy (2: 3 I.e.) in London's Wembleystadion.

According to information from safety circles, the actions in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler have also involved prominent representatives of the "lateral thinker" movement, which had previously noticed at Corona protests. In the field of vision of authorities is also a retired colonel in the disaster area, which showed itself in uniform. However, the Bundeswehr himself has no handle against civilians who carry uniform.

The President of the Federal Office of Constitutional Protection, Thomas Haldenwang, had recently declared that Corona protests had declined. However, certain protagonists were not disappeared, but not least from the spectrum of "Reichsürgergeren and Self-Managers", which continued to spread various conspiracy theories. These rejected democratically made decisions and aim to "sustain confidence in government institutions and his representatives".

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