Canada The artistic career of the son biden embarrasses the white house

20:43  24 july  2021
20:43  24 july  2021 Source:   leparisien.fr

biden in the parliamentary arena to defend her gigantic economic and social project

 biden in the parliamentary arena to defend her gigantic economic and social project © Saul Loeb joe biden, during a visit on June 30 in Wisconsin, to talk about her infrastructure plan President Joe Biden Wednesday a rare visit to the Congress, at the moment when the discussions around a gigantic plan of infrastructure spending and social spending, of which he has made a pivot of his mandate, enter the hard. There is a lunger with Democratian senators.

La Maison Blanche a assuré prendre les précautions déontologiques nécessaires autour de toute exposition et vente des peintures du fils de Joe Biden. Capture d’écran YouTube/ABC News © YouTube screenshot / abc News The White House has ensured taking the ethical precautions necessary around any exhibition and sale of the paintings of the son of Joe Biden. YouTube / ABC News Screenshot

The Biden administration, who wishes to appear as an ethical irreproachable, has been arrested several times on the artistic career of Joe Biden's son, lawyer and businessman became a painter.

American media point in particular the risk that industrialists or financiers buy its works for the sole purpose of attracting the good graces of the White House. According to the press, the amount of the tables would be between $ 75,000 to $ 500,000.

Social networks "kill" by letting disinformation on vaccines, according to Biden

 Social networks © Brendan Smialowski The American President Joe Biden answers journalists on July 16, 2021 on the lawns of the White House. The US President Joe Biden has charged the major social networking operators on Friday "killing people" by letting the false information on vaccines circulate, when the United States is trying to revive a vaccination campaign that patina. "They kill people. The only pandemic we have affected people who are not vaccinated.

Actual Hunter Biden Art. His Method of Painting is Blowing Paint through Straw.

HUNTER KNOWS IN LOT ABOUT STRAWS, HUH? pic.twitter.com/vbz6hpkmfl

- Steve (@oldguy_steve) July 16, 2021

Hunter biden was one of the favorite targets of former President Donald Trump . The Trump camp regularly criticized the fact that Hunter Biden had economic interests in Ukraine and China at the time his father was Vice President of Barack Obama (2009-2017).

"Any abnormal offer will be rejected"

to try to silence the critics, the White House has ensured taking the necessary ethical precautions around any exhibition and sale of the paintings. Asked about upcoming exhibitions of Hunter Biden's paintings by the New York Gallery Georges Bergès, the spokesman for the Presidency, Jen Psaki, said Joe Biden's son was "attending events" to meet potentials Buyers.

Except that the White House had announced on 9 July the establishment of a "system allowing Hunter Biden to practice its profession with reasonable safeguards", including the confidentiality of any transaction and the absence of contact with the buyers.

"All exchanges concerning the sale of works and their amount will be conducted by a professional gallerist, who follows the most stringent rules. Any abnormal offer will be rejected, "said Jen Psaki. But according to her, "The gallerist will not deliver any information on buyers or potential buyers, including their identity, whether in Hunter Biden or the administration, which ensures a significant level of protection and transparency. »

COVID-19: Joe Biden changes your and call to pour 100 dollars to any new vaccinated .
© Copyright 2021, did the Obs Joe Biden shouted too soon against the pandemic of Covid-19? The US President, who promised a "summer of freedom" to his compatriots, had to take on Thursday, July 29 a series of measures to revive vaccination. "We are not completely out of the wood," said the American president in a speech at the White House, while the country faces a soaring of contaminations due to the rapid spread of the delta variant.

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