Canada He now falls from the False Rain on Dubai

13:35  29 july  2021
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'Off the chart': Wildfire smoke chokes sky once again as air quality alerts blanket Manitoba

  'Off the chart': Wildfire smoke chokes sky once again as air quality alerts blanket Manitoba The smoke that has blurred the horizon, eclipsed the sun and turned the blue skies of southern Manitoba into a winter-like grey is going to linger for at least another day with levels rarely seen in the region.The conditions, caused by hundreds of forest fires in northwestern Ontario and east-central Manitoba, have prompted air quality advisories for parts of Manitoba and even forced the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League to cancel their Tuesday practice.

  Il tombe désormais de la fausse pluie sur Dubaï © Paula Bronstein

In the next IPCEC report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, published on August 9, we learn that two regions of the world are now Almost convivable because of their climate, qualified as "wet guns". The air is so humid and warm that it becomes irregular, and the usual evaporation of the perspiration by the air in a dry climate becomes impossible. This brings our "internal thermometer" fixed at 37 degrees and can thus cause convulsions, comas or heart complications. One of these two hostile regions, Ras Al Khaimah (the second is in Pakistan), is less than an hour and a half of Dubai car, which recently decided to take drastic measures as to the climate problem . The German Institute Max Planck announced that by 2050, the Middle East and North Africa will experience nocturnal temperatures fixed above the 30 degrees, and diurnal temperatures rising to 46 degrees on average.

Ottawa to give Newfoundland billions of dollars to offset Muskrat Falls costs

  Ottawa to give Newfoundland billions of dollars to offset Muskrat Falls costs The federal government is finalizing a multi-billion-dollar agreement with Newfoundland and Labrador to financially restructure the over-budget and behind-schedule Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project, CBC News has learned. Sources with knowledge of the agreement say Ottawa will buy an equity stake in the project and guarantee more of its debt to reduce borrowing costs and help keep electricity prices low. The precise dollar amounts weren't shared with CBC News.

with its False Rain project, Dubai wishes to contain three major problems related to the climate crisis: the drying of the aquifer soils (the groundwater), the faremous cost of the desalination plants of the seawater , and so the phases of extreme heat. With researchers from the British University of Reading, the United Arab Emirates have developed drones sent to the sky to unload electricity in the clouds, in order to condense between themselves the smallest droplets of water and change them Thus, in a rain, in a country where annual rainfall never exceed the 10 centimeters on average.

Video: Faced with strong heat, Dubai drops from the false rain (dailymotion)

Seeding clouds is not a young idea. On January 5, 1923, the chemist Wilder Bancroft, aboard an plane, broadcast chemical components in the clouds to cause rainfall in Ohio, United States . The process was then used in some countries to generate snow on some mountain peaks or regulate air pollution. But the idea includes a lot of limits, including a particularly worrying: by artificially creating too much rain in one place X, it is canceled at a place Y. This is what the Hungarian diplomat is reminiscent János Pásztor in a given interview. A US High-Tech Gizmodo Blog, as a senior member of the Carnegie Council and Executive Director of Carnegie Climate GEOENGINEING GOVERNANCE Initiative, who both work for the regulation of climate change. "Such a change in the climate does not create rain as such. It generates rain somewhere, so it wants to say that it will not fall over where it was supposed to fall naturally. The ecosystems and populations that were supposed to benefit from this rain will be deprived of it, "he said. The problem is not settled, it is simply moved, and the situation remains inextricable.


Rain forecast brings hope to forest fire suppression efforts in northwestern Ontario .
Rain is expected in some parts of northwestern Ontario, including this weekend, offering hope to crews fighting forest fires that have plagued the region for weeks. However, Environment Canada said Thursday, rainfall would likely also include thunderstorms in some areas, which could cause more fire starts. Steven Flisfeder, a warning preparedness meteorologist with the agency, said rain is expected to begin later Thursday.

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