Canada Uncomfortable truth: The mostly clicked link on Facebook Sote Vapil. But Facebook did not want us to know the

14:25  21 august  2021
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The Russian vaccine promoted by denigrating others, Facebook tries to stem the wave of infox

 The Russian vaccine promoted by denigrating others, Facebook tries to stem the wave of infox © Copyright 2021, O This new wave overwhelms the febrile dikes of social networks. Facebook dismantled a barely disguised Russian propaganda operation that sought to discredit AstraZeneca and Pfizer / Biontech vaccines against Cvid-19, including seeking to believe that the first "transformed people vaccinated into chimpanzees". The California group is regularly accused of contributing to the massive dissemination of misinformation.

with a transparency report to free Facebook from the image from the image this week, spreading Covid lies. But the Group has retained an earlier report - because he would have given the image right.

Der Transparenz-Bericht sollte Facebooks Image verbessern (Symbolbild) © Picture Alliance / Niall Carson The transparency report should improve Facebooks image (symbol image)

Covid conspiracy theories, election campaign lies and now the vaccination docket: Facebook had massively struggling with descriptment on the platform last year. In his transparency report presented for the first time on Wednesday, the Group wanted to prove that most users use the platform for private content. Now turns out: There was already a first version of the report. But they were deleted because they had undermined the Group's message.

Former Indiana basketball standout Ted Kitchel has Parkinson's: 'It just kind of stuns everybody that you tell'

  Former Indiana basketball standout Ted Kitchel has Parkinson's: 'It just kind of stuns everybody that you tell' Ted Kitchel, 1981 NCAA champion under coach Bob Knight, is fighting, raising awareness and money for Parkinson's through his golf outing this month.Kitchel had no idea why he felt so tired, why he was going to bed at 5 p.m., coming home and lying down on the couch. But the doctors did. A trip to the ER revealed blood clots in his lungs and legs.

This is apparent from a report of the "New York Times". The newspaper had been played a copy of the first report. While the published report includes the period from April to June of this year, the first version covered the first three months of the year. And drew a clearly different picture than the published report.

Vaccination docket as top article

While in the published report, actually harmless content such as cooking recipes or the site of UNICEF determine the most visited content, in the first quarter, there was a report in place 1, which fully complies with the cliché of Facebook as a broadening of vaccinations: It is a newspaper article that tries to put the death of a doctor from Florida directly with its Covid vaccination. Alone 54 million US citizens had shown the link from the network. In fact, it had been investigated whether the dying of the man could be related to his 14-day vaccine. The news about that there was no hints, but has been shown significantly fewer Facebook users.

Afghanistan. Facebook Account Banning Taliban Content

 Afghanistan. Facebook Account Banning Taliban Content © Dado RUVIC / Reuters A Facebook logo is displayed on a smartphone in this illustration taken on January 6, 2020. Facebook wants to ban Taliban related accounts on the social network but also prohibit "all Praise, any support and representation of the Taliban, "said a spokesperson at the BBC, Tuesday, August 17. While the Taliban are xed , Afghan Capital and last bastion of power, this Sunday, August 15, Facebook decided to limit the publication of content related to this movement.

Even with the most visited pages, the first quarterly report Facebook had a worse look. In place 19 of the list, according to the "Times", the page "Trending World", who actively widespread narrative of the Qanon conspiracy scene. With 81.4 million users who visited the site, she was only 300,000 visitors behind "Fox News" - after all, by far the most successful news channel in the US.

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fight for the image

According to the "Times", the company had Internal debate decided not to publish the report. The go from internal e-mails. This confronted, a group of the Group confirmed the decision. "We had considered to publish the report earlier," says the speaker. "However, we were aware of what attention he would get, just as it was this week, so we wanted to implement a change in the system." Which changes, he did not express himself. According to the speaker, Marketing Chief Alex Schultz wanted to publish the report, but ultimately approved the internal recommendation to do without it.

Home Office or Moving: Google employees could expect salary cuts

 Home Office or Moving: Google employees could expect salary cuts The Corona pandemic has surprised the world of work. Many companies enabled their employees to work from home during this time, but still gladly see it when their employees gradually return to the offices. © Provided by finanzen.net Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images • Facebook and Twitter employees who work remotely deserve less • even on Google salary cuts at work in home office • Payment differs from city City or from state to State at Facebook and Twitter is long reality: Anyone who returns

Facebook fights in recent times with massive counterwind. Again and again, the Group has to accuse allegations that are disseminated via the platform of the information. US President Joe Biden threw the Group even, indirectly responsible for the death of people. With the transparency reports, which are to be published regularly, the Group wants to counteract this image. Whether that's enough, critics doubt. "One can not trust a report that is compiled by a company itself and is designed to specify a specific narration direction. This transparency can only enforce the regulators," explains Brian Boldand of the Times. His criticism is likely to be particularly pain: He worked until last year as a vice-marketing chief of the Group - and announced because of the lack of transparency.

Source: "New York Times"

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