Canada The pandemic has changed the soundtrack of this election campaign

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The West Block – Episode 41, Season 10

  The West Block – Episode 41, Season 10 Watch the full episode of The West Block with host Mercedes Stephenson – August 22, 2021.Episode 41, Season 10

This current campaign has served up and exciting playlist of specially created tracks based on popular songs, by an impressive roster of artistes for a number of the candidates contesting the September 3 poll. In weighing in on the current situation, cultural commentator and head of the Institute of Caribbean Studies at The University of the West Indies, Mona, Dr Sonjah Stanley Niaah, noted that the use of popular music in a political campaign is by no means novel, but has become more pronounced given the constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic .

After the Fact Election Specials: Because of the raging pandemic , perhaps you would think: those positioning for the 2022 elections might slow down a bit and Back then, the channel served viewers the top stories of the day via two major newscasts - Dateline Philippines and Primetime News – while short news advisories aired throughout the day. Today, ANC has firmly established its reputation as an accurate and unbiased source of information, and the go-to station for breaking news, wall-to-wall live news coverage and analysis with context.

The campaign song is as important to an election event as the leader's stump speech.

Played by staff at high volume when the leader enters or exits the room, it blares out over and over and over again as the leader greets supporters and poses for photos.

In elections before the COVID-19 pandemic, these large rallies — with a pumped-up crowd, usually as big as can be managed — act as energizing events for campaign volunteers and serve as a backdrop for the TV cameras.

But today, big indoor rallies with people packed closely together aren't really possible. The pandemic continues to change how parties run an election, including eliminating most of those crowds.

FIRST READING: Tories leading among young people and the Battle of the Housing Plans

  FIRST READING: Tories leading among young people and the Battle of the Housing Plans From now until the bitter end of Election 44, the National Post is publishing a special daily edition of First Reading, our politics newsletter, to keep you posted on the ins and outs (and way outs) of the campaign. It’s all curated by the National Post’s own Tristin Hopper and published Monday to Friday at 6 p.m. ET and Sundays at 9 a.m. If you like our Aug. 24 edition below, sign up here. TOP STORIES In Hamilton today, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau introduced his party’s housing plan , which largely consisted of demand-side reforms such as a two-year ban on foreign ownership and measures to simplify saving for a down payment.

The pandemic has shown us more than ever what we really value - our health, the people we love, our communities. Our vision for a Green Recovery is about putting people and the planet at the heart of decision making. The Green Recovery will address the climate and ecological emergency with bold, decisive action from government, business and communities. Voters elected a record number of Green Councillors 2019 and 2021. Since then, they’ve been working hard in communities up and down the country to make change happen in a way that has real impact for residents’ lives day to day.

“The campaign has been most unusual this year in that it has been one carried on principally through literature,” declared the Nov. As TIME has previously reported, masks and social distancing saved lives back then, and can do so again this Election Day. And the fight to prevent future pandemics continued well after Election Day 1918, as it will this year too. Thousands of telegrams flooded that newly elected Congress in the summer of 1919, urging lawmakers to support a bill to fund an investigation to avoid a repeat of the pandemic —and reminding them that another Election Day

Similarly, the pandemic has hit the tradition of the campaign song hard — in fact, it's just an instrumental.

Ideally, a campaign song has to be quite long — no three-minute radio hits needed here —  to allow the leader to move slowly through the room, shaking hands, posing for selfies, exchanging short greetings.

The lyrics are preferably inspirational or reflect the campaign's key messages.

The song can also be used to drown out the the sounds of any potential hecklers, who can't compete with a large sound system.

Campaign songs going instrumental

This go-round, the Liberals appeared to be testing songs during the first two weeks of the campaign.

An instrumental track called Shine All Around by the French-American producer Gyom was played after a Liberal rally in Cornwall, P.E.I., on Aug. 22.

How interested outsiders use 'third party' status to promote causes, influence election

  How interested outsiders use 'third party' status to promote causes, influence election Third parties will be organizing and spending in order to get their issue prioritized or into the national conversation this election. But what are these groups, and what role do they play in campaigns?But political parties and candidates will not be the only groups spending big in the election campaign. "Third parties" are also in the mix and will be hoping to shape the political conversation, get their issue prioritized and build up or tear down other political actors.

After the Fact Election Specials: They say that if you’re not happy with how this country is being run Pick the candidate who’ll bring about the change you want, not the politician who’ll give you more of For instance, if you think the current government has been incompetent in handling the pandemic In this episode, Christian Esguerra talks to campaign strategist Alan German and disinformation

As the pandemic has continued to upend life in the U.S., political reporters have also had to adjust their approach to covering one of the most pivotal presidential elections in recent history.TheWrap spoke with CBS White House correspondent Weijia Jiang, political correspondent Ed O’Keefe See part one here. The conversation has been edited for length and clarity. This isn’t necessarily unique to the conventions, but I think there’s always the question [for TV networks of] how much of this event do you play straight for viewers and how much do you cut in to fact-check. We’ve seen this with even the

The campaign played the song for more than 12 minutes straight as Justin Trudeau walked around to greet and chat with his supporters.

But the party told CBC News Friday that there will be no campaign song for the 2021 campaign.

Video: Sound Off: Election Edition - The final days of the campaign (cbc.ca)

Justin Trudeau holding a sign: Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau addresses a crowd of supporters in Cornwall, P.E.I., on Aug. 22. © CBC Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau addresses a crowd of supporters in Cornwall, P.E.I., on Aug. 22.

The Conservatives are using a guitar-heavy instrumental that is more of a brief introduction than a whole song.

Leader Erin O'Toole appears to enjoy it as he walks up to the podium at rallies and at events in his party's Ottawa media studio, where they have been holding virtual town halls.

One party official speaking on background described it as just a "stock music track" but couldn't offer any more details.

CBC News tried to identify the track using Siri and the Shazam app, but nothing came up.

Sorry B.C., but electorally speaking, you look like Ontario

  Sorry B.C., but electorally speaking, you look like Ontario The current federal election campaign is approaching the two-week point and Ipsos has completed two national polls. This is my seventh federal election in B.C. as a pollster for Ipsos.

Yes, there has been an impeccable change , the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything from how the campaign is conducted to how we vote to what we value. As per certain reports, at least 73 countries and territories across the globe have decided to postpone national and Climate change could kill millions by the end of this century if we don’t take drastic measures. Please read Jared Diamond's book, ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’ to get more insight into how dangerous these pathogens are which have destroyed millions of lives in the past. They wiped out 95% of the indigenous population.

Germany’s far-right populists have far fewer party supporters than their big-tent competitors. But they still manage to again dominate the discourse on social media — especially in election campaigns . But on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, it still dwarfs much bigger parties like the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) and outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel's center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU). In the context of a pandemic that makes online campaigning more important than ever, why can't the bigger parties catch up?

The NDP and the Greens, like the Liberals, have decided to forgo a campaign song altogether.

But the Bloc Québécois is sticking with tradition. The party has chosen a new song by Quebec musician Claude Pineault for this election.

Featuring a strong drum introduction followed by guitars, the song's lyrics are composed of just one word: Québécois. That's the party's chosen campaign slogan this year.

Most parties breaking with tradition

The lack of emphasis on the campaign songs by most parties stands in contrast to previous elections.

Back in the 2019 election, the Liberals chose the Canadian indie band The Strumbellas and their track One Hand Up as an official tune.

The French lyrics recorded by the band caused some confusion for francophone listeners and later needed to be rerecorded.

In 2015 the Liberals chose the atmospheric track The Veldt by Deadmau5. The track runs more than eight minutes, an important factor when the then third-party leader started drawing bigger and bigger crowds.

In 2019, Andrew Scheer's Conservatives chose award-winning songwriter and producer Jim Vallance for their campaign song Get Ahead. Vallance is best known for his work with Bryan Adams.

The song features a strong rock track with lyrics that match the campaign's slogan It's Time For You To Get Ahead. This song also featured a bilingual version.

In 2019 NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh chose a track by the Trinidadian soca music star Bunji Garlin.

His song Differentology (Ready Fi Di Road) was played at NDP rallies with Singh leading the crowd in jumping and singing along to the song's chorus.

The West Block – Episode 43, Season 10 .
Watch the full episode of The West Block with host Mercedes Stephenson – Sept. 5, 2021.Episode 43, Season 10

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